Batty Secession Schemes

The state of North Colorado, the state of Western Maryland and the state of Jefferson. That’ would make 53 states; try that star arrangement on the flag!

Bill Moyers posted an article titled, Batty Secession Schemes Gain a Foothold Among Rural Conservatives. Tea Party nuts. Anarchists posing as patriots. They don’t like living in blue states.  Imagine that! Think about all the dems living in the south and western states.

There is a solution: change the electoral college, but forget that as the small states would never agree to that.

Moyers writes:

But it’s also another sign of the difficulty that a group which dominated American politics just a generation ago – a group political scientist Alan Abramowitz narrowed down to married white people who identify as Christians – are having adapting to a country that’s becoming more diverse and embracing a different, more liberal set of cultural values.

Then there is this myth:

Or consider the belief, widespread on the right, that the nation’s founders would be modern conservatives were they alive today, and that the Constitution codified “small government principles.” It’s a myth – the founders agreed on very little, and during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, it was the Federalists, who favored a strong central government, that prevailed over the anti-Federalists who championed states’ rights and wanted to give only limited power to the central government.

Of course myth is very wide-spread and very deep among these right-of-center people. In fact, myth guides their whole life from politics to religion.  And they are, according to my theory, sponges for propaganda.  As a result, these ‘batty secessionists’ don’t have a clue about American history nor American governance. Let them throw their temper tantrums and the rest of us will get along with real life out here in the real world.


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  1. I continue to think, M_R, that in our limited time left on this side
    of the grass that we are not getting anywhere constructively, but
    I will play along….What you post is reasonable.

    Just this morning, Ron Paul was on Morning Joe giving his
    standard limited government speech and following the
    Constitution. He added something else that I had not heard
    him say, but it fits with his thinking. He wants 20% of children home schooled. He wants them educated “educated” in the real meaning of the Constitution and the limited government it brought
    into existence. He wents this to be the leader class in the United
    States. HIs scorn was specifically levied at Wilson because of being an interventionist in foreign affairs and the Federal Reserve Act.
    Paul figures Wilson to be one of the worst Presidents, and the textbooks need to be changed to the real heroes who champion
    limited government. That would be the “right” course, and, of course
    we know what he means by “the right.”

    1. …if he ‘wants textbooks changed’ and HOME SCHOOLING then he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. But then, what’s new?

      Of course, textbooks are on their way out, but Paul doesn’t know that because his brain operates in the 20th century!

      BTW, how is he going to force 20% of the children to be home schooled? I thought that he was a hands-off government proponent. Again, double speak.

      Further, he wants these to be the ‘leader class?’ Surely he jokes! Home-schooled children v. public school children? How terribly naive of the man. What a cornball!

  2. To reach Paul’s projected wish for home schooling, women would have to become stay at home parents. I read an interview with Paul on this and when this point was brought up and the connection made to household income, Paul glibly replied that a mother who was really committed to her children could live in a homeless shelter and work 2 jobs if she had to.
    This is ridiculous, the conservatives are actively promoting the dumbing down and indoctrination of America. I read that now almost 30 states have legislation to lower educational standards so that children are not required to learn handwriting…right…it’s a waste of time because we all text and type, donchaknow….But, regard a country like Thailand, which recently invested a few billion dollars so that every child, even in the poorest regions, could have a computer tablet. Americans would be whipped into a frothy libertarian outrage at the very idea of their precious tax dollars being used for the socialistic horror of giving children in Detroit free computers.
    Paul’s just selling another book now that he’s unemployed and he blew through all the donations he got from his idiot followers in his quixotic political scams. You know, Libertarianism and the idea of small government is so infantile. If they want to experience a truly “small” government reality, then why not move to Somalia and try to set yourself up as a warlord militia leader? America is already heading rapidly to a form of Balkanization. I wrote a few speculative fiction stories about the creation of The Christian Heartland Commonwealth….This was the “news release” that was part of the series of stories I wrote back in 2008 (2013 seemed so far in the future back then):

    “from the New York Times, April 7, 2013)

    Christian Heartland Commonwealth Declared

    Governor Budley Releases Statement

    In a message today from the newly created Commonwealth Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
    Governor Jason Budley, Rep. OK, proclaimed the official establishment of the Christian Heartland Commonwealth. In his statement, Governor Budley stated that in no way would the Commonwealth affect the unity of America, but that it established a zone of economic and moral protection that reflected the will and the wishes of the 4 state area that have voted to join in the project.
    “In light of the recent economic upheavals and social unrest that have affected certain areas of The Great United States, we are forming a Commonwealth to protect the pure ideals and the special economic bond we have formed and sealed with our faith”, the governor stated.
    Governor Budley emphasized that while freedom of the press was one of the cornerstones of American greatness, he would be compelled to respect the will of the people who elected him. The Commonwealth has created a corps of editorial overseers to enforce their standards in the papers and media within the region.
    The governor also authorized the standardization of internet resources and access within the Christian Heartland Commonwealth. There will be one server for the time being and they recommend that anyone who wants to conduct business by internet or have unhampered communication with anyone residing within the boundaries of the Commonwealth to subscribe to the newly created “Dovenet” and “Dovemail” services.
    The Commonwealths internet service is totally filtered and spam free.
    President Palin, who in the past voiced opposition to the plan, today, released a statement praising the Commonwealth and stated that in her opinion it in no way threatened the future unity of the United States.
    Her husband and Chief of Staff, General Todd Palin is rumored to have been engaged in talks to head up a committee to investigate the possibility of granting a Commonwealth Status to his home state, Alaska”.

    1. Great stuff, Microdot! It would be even more humorous were it total fiction, but it doesn’t qualify. One wonders how many millions of lives here in the US that accurately reflects! And it doesn’t seem to be getting much better as the decades roll by. The bitter, righteous old farts keep living on and limping to the voting booth each election cycle.

  3. Now, what is happening with your ACA group? Will Obama blink on the
    debt ceiling impasse? Will he accept the supposed GOP plan to either
    delay implementation for a year or allow states to opt out in exchange
    to having the debt ceiling raised?

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