KY Governor Smacks Down Creationists

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear plans to implement the new Kentucky Next Generation Science Standards under his own authority, after a legislative review panel rejected them as deficient during a meeting Wednesday. Terry Sebastian, Beshear’s deputy press secretary, said in a statement that the governor “views these standards as a critical component in preparing Kentuckians for college and the work force. Therefore, as provided by law, he will implement the regulations notwithstanding the finding of deficiency.” link


Imagine that! Kentucky- the state where thousands of Bible-believing Christians go to see blonde-haired children playing with baby dinosaurs. Yes, THAT Kentucky.

Further in the story, however, we are reminded that not all Creationists are dead; several will raise their ugly heads when the state legislature reconvenes in January. No doubt with bibles in their hands, they will rise, raise the Bible high into the air, and declare that the only valid science is found between the covers of that book. For the Bible says…

When will it end? When will normal people at last push these biblical literalists out the doors of our state houses and out of Congress? When? How about 230 years ago? When will the citizens stand up to these myth-believers and demand that real people, with real ideas based on empirical data represent them in government? When?

I’m delaying my hope for ‘recovery’ for some time further into the future.  Why? Did you read the latest set of data that tells us that the 1% have sliced an even larger slice of the economic pie for their personal plate? That corporate profits continue to soar because of the manipulation of the workforce worldwide? That employee benefits continue to dwindle? That employment opportunities continue to spiral downward? That the dream of entering and staying in the middle class has been deferred for millions of our fellow citizens?

So why do I connect this poor economic news with the Bible? Surely you know that answer. I need not elaborate.

Science, nonetheless, moves forward, despite the arrows launched at it by the myth-ians. Just today there was a fascinating photo of an animate set of cogged wheels discovered functioning in an insect.  Here is the amazing photo:


Note that each gear tooth is asymmetrical and curved towards the point where the cogs interlock to give the ‘gear’ bi-rotational functions necessary for proper leg movement. Oh, by the way, God did not fashion these cogs; evolutionary experimentation did.
Yesterday ScienceDaily presented an outstanding photo of a small section of our universe captured by Hubble.  Here it is:
This is not a photograph of individual stars; rather, they are globular star clusters.  It is the largest known population of globular star clusters, an estimated 160,000, ‘swarming like bees’ inside the crowded core of the giant grouping of galaxies Abell 1689. By comparison, our Milky Way galaxy hosts about 150 such clusters.
Say, what does the Bible ‘tell us’ about astrophysics? The Bible- the science book for fundamentalist Christians. What a nightmare. Or is this the Middle Ages in retro? Do you remember your history, too, as well as your public school science classes? Recall the trials, imprisonment and death sentences of those brave scientists who dared to disagree with the Bible? Was that 600 years ago…or is it today?

4 thoughts on “KY Governor Smacks Down Creationists

    1. …yes the ‘heavens,’ stars, sun and moon painted on the large dome above the earth, encapsulating it. But Heaven [capital letter H] is just beyond the dome where God and His angels dwell and spy on all of us sinners.

      Thus one must distinguish between the hebrew concept of Heaven as opposed to ‘the heavens.’

      Of course for modern-day astrophysicists, there is no heaven, only space.

    1. Voyager’smashed through’and is headed into deep space. I wonder who will repair the hole?? Perhaps there is a ‘guardian’ angel with a glue gun.

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