What’s Another Word for Ignorant?

I suppose I could get out my tattered Roget’s Thesaurus to find a synonym for the word ignorant. I realize that I use this word often in my posts and comments as I refer to what I see as a gross lack of knowledge and interest in the governance of our nation. The word could refer to both a lack of capacity or a willful denial of facts; I most often refer to the latter.

This was brought home to me again within the past 12 hours. I attended a meeting yesterday sponsored by the organization, Get Covered America. We were training for a public event this weekend and, during the session, we were cautioned about public reaction to our mission. We were told that we may run into people who dislike the president so intently that they will argue the validity of the Affordable Care Law with us. You know who they would be, of course. By the way, Get Covered America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which neither promotes the law nor works to repeal it.

The thrust of Get Covered America is not to debate or judge the ACL but rather to inform The People what the law requires and offers. It is law, no matter what one’s personal or political beliefs are. Open enrollment begins in 3 weeks, yet millions of Americans are unaware of this or, in some cases, choose to ignore that fact. Get Covered America focusses on the unawareness aspect.  According to Get Covered America,  there are 40 million Americans living without insurance mainly because they cannot afford it. The Affordable Care Law, beginning in January 2014, offers these people [and those with crappy insurance] an opportunity to purchase from the marketplace decent, low-cost insurance.  Many can receive assistance in purchasing this insurance.

The point is, many Americans don’t know this. I fault the Obama Administration for not presenting clear-cut facts regarding this law. Surely there are funds accompanying the law for public service messages. Where are they?

This AM I received an email from a friend who was present outside of the Toledo Mud Hens stadium last week.  She was working for Get Covered America, offering information about the new mandates. She told me that the crowd was ‘cold and hostile.’ One woman remarked, “I  didn’t know that the Affordable Care Act was already voted and passed and I was surprised when watching tv to see that it had been.”  Maybe she was confused by the 40 House votes to defund it. Another woman ” who looked at the paper said she already knew that she didn’t like it.” The volunteer said in the email,  “I directed her to at least look up the website given and her response was that the only source of information she trusts is the Heritage Foundation.”  Well, well, imagine that.

Tomorrow is my turn. Gosh, who will I meet and what ‘discussions’ will I report to you when I return home?



3 thoughts on “What’s Another Word for Ignorant?

  1. So there was this woman today that paused to listen to the insurance lead-in at the Farmers’ Market. “Is this about Obamacare?” she brusquely asked? “If it is, I want nothing to do with him!”

    Another lady told of her mother, 77, who loves the Tea Party and is convinced, she said, that ‘Obama wants to euthanize all seniors!’ Yes, that is what her mother thinks.

    One other person said that she ‘hates Medicare.’ What’s up with that?? She’s looking to kill the golden goose.

    It was not an inviting crowd, all 4 of us concluded at the end. There was something odd in the air- a restlessness or frustration felt by the few people who we encountered. Maybe it’s the talk about war. The economy? Whatever, it was quite strange this morning; quite odd.

  2. But, you must have talked that’s the choir. You must have talked to more than these. Moreover, your not looking to preach to the choir. The person that said she didn’t like social security, just stop and move on. You know, next! I was at my Democratic Party county monthly meeting yesterday and when I asked who supprts Obamacare every hand went up, but when I asked
    about Syria only two supported the President’s plan, not a single Black member raised a hand.

  3. Recently there was a front page article in the local newspaper about the Pentagon recognizing sex marriages and extension of benefits to
    spouses. The article was concerned with The Southern Baptist Convention
    refusal to allow its ministers to take part in weddings, counseling
    sessions, and couples retreats. The statement says, “Our chaplains
    want to uphold the authority and relevancy of Scripture…” But that they
    are “sharing the love and the hope of Christ with everyone.” The “Military
    Association of Atheists & Freethinkers” says the Baptist are trying to circumvent the decision of the Pentagon and end up having the Defense Department “to restrict chaplains to only faith based duties.”

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