Elderly White Man Arrested in Sit-in in Mississippi

Jackson, MS   Yesterday Ben Moore, 72, was arrested in a McDonald’s restaurant in Jackson for refusing to leave the restaurant. Police were called and hauled Mr. Moore from the restaurant in handcuffs. Moore was asked to leave the restaurant several times but refused, the manager told police.

According to police, Mr. Moore returned to the restaurant after being told never to return two days earlier. Moore told reporters that he had asked workers there if they were satisfied with receiving minimum wage when he was confronted by the story manager. “He wanted to know if I was a union organizer,” said Moore, “and I told him that I wasn’t but that his employees deserved more than minimum pay for their work.” At that point Moore was told to leave and ‘never return to the store.’

Mr. Moore told reporters that his sit-in was inspired by watching the recent film, The Butler, where groups of black students sat in the ‘white’ section of lunch counters to protest segregation. “I felt that it was my right too to sit down here to protest against the tactics of business owners to pay their employees bare minimum wages.”  Moore continued, “Then we citizens have to pick up the cost of their health care and the food stamps that they need to help feed their families through our taxes.” Moore, white, said that he wanted to draw attention to this situation through this demonstration.

Judge Eaton Beans will decide on the bond for Mr. Moore at a hearing this afternoon. One of the workers at the restaurant, who asked not to be identified, said that they were proud of the man’s courage and that most of the employees there are afraid to ask for a raise because they would be fired for doing so. The worker said that she has 4 kids at home and cannot make ends meet with what she gets at McDonalds and that ‘she gets food stamps to get through to the end of the month.’


note: Just as in the film, Scrooge, this story is from the future- of what might be if our friend, UptheFlag takes my advice and uses action rather than rhetoric to help this cause.



22 thoughts on “Elderly White Man Arrested in Sit-in in Mississippi

  1. I love it! But the people with the rhetoric don’t go to jail, it’s the people who
    actively protest, But, then they need some one to bail them out!

    Where is JOB, when needed? Maybe I should become a union organizer?

  2. Hello All,
    I loved the story. I will pass on that I whole heart my support this type of action. I have had conversations with support to J.O.B. on this. We need more of this today.

  3. And Debs spent a lot of time in jail/prisons!

    As to union organizer, that seems to be a thing of the past. There may be
    more opportunity in political organization. What you think?

  4. Some where down below it was stated that you viewed “The Butler”. Do you see it as a liberal Hollywood fantasy and a misrepresentation of the

    1. Political organizing is a fairly broad term. What about spearheading the GOTV (get out the vote) committee in your county? Up here in my county as you know, blacks tend to stay home on non-presidential years, leaving the door wide open for right-wingers to win.

      What is the pattern there?

        1. Sad state of affairs. That’s why the Right manages to hang onto control. The hard lesson is that when a group of citizens fails to participate in elections, they have no right to seek redress of greviences. Harsh yet true!

    2. The story was slightly embellished to make it more interesting but the content mirrored history as I remember it. Our daughter saw it and was aghast and commented that she never knew the details of Jim Crow.

      I wonder if that is true for most of the generations beyond ours? After all, history teachers bring both their own biases as well as their ignorance into the classroom.

  5. I understand your comment about history teachers. This is why I suggested
    that we write a new text on recent US history, say from 1945 to the present.
    Would we be biased or “fair and balanced”?

    1. Hmm, would we be? Rather than penning a book, we ought to inform (educate) people on recent political history- the kind that is so often hidden in the muck. Like muckrakers for example.

  6. Have to remember that the original muckrakers of the early 20th century
    penned long investigative articles in widely read popular weekly and
    monthly magazines or books and read by hundreds of thousands.

    What is the platform for us “to inform (educate) people on recent political
    history…”? Would we need our own .com site?
    What is the niche that could be developed?
    What would draw massive attention to the site/blog? Would a picture on
    Labor Day of an elderly citizen being arrested at a McDonald’s protesting
    the low wages of the workers? Isn’t the word “viral”?
    How do we attract writers to the site?

    One idea that comes to mind is a debate formt. You on the Left and I
    at the Center, we make it “fair and balanced”, lol. Then, this debate
    format is opened to other liberal thinkers . It seems to me it has to be
    something different than what is already available. Not another Huffington
    Post, you know.


    1. “Video gone wild!” Is the way to get attention, so you’ll have to work hard to plan your arrest scene at McDonald’s. Lots of ‘staging’ to optimize the performance. Maybe I can write a short script for you.

  7. Or how about you and the Mrs. come down, and she and I do the sit down with you videoing it, she and I get arrested, and you come bail
    us out?

  8. Now, a little more on point about increasing progressive political information, how about a site that lists daily liberal articles
    from newspapers, tv talk shows, magazines, journals, etc?
    The format could be varied as just a listing, or by topic as in politics,
    sscience, religion, new books, economics, environment/energy,
    categoies in other words. Or it could be a combination of the two.
    It becomes a place for people to come and get information about politics per se, and how politics can deal with these other categories.

  9. If it’s our site, to begin it would be us. But, before we get caught up
    in the division of labor, lets get the plan. Obviously we can’t “scour
    the web.” However, we do know or can find progressive publications
    and writers.

    Perhaps, we should go stealth, and go to e-mails so as not to take away
    space on your blog…..

  10. Is your memory short? I seem to recall that there was a vote. Senator
    Clinton voted “aye” and that vote cost her in 2008.

    Johnson and Clinton, Democrats, must be “numskull” too, as they used the
    War Powers Act for Viet Nam and Kosovo. Did Truman get Congressional
    declaration for Korea? Did Ike for Lebanon? Did Reagan for Lebanon again
    or Granada or Panama? Bush I for Kuwait?

    What we have with Obama is possibly preforma, that is, “asking”, but not
    accepting. Kerry said as much yesterday!

  11. Johnson, like GWBush were numbskulls because they got us into unwinnable wars. There is a clear difference between what Obama wants to do than his predecessor.

  12. Loved the story Muddy. In my opinion maybe UTF would be better off not thinking of it as Union organizing. Maybe he should look at it as Human organizing. I have had altercations at the local Walmart. You really don’t get arrested. You do get led out in handcuffs, but you don’t get booked. You get a ticket, usually $100. Then you’re on your way.
    Union/Human organizing gets a bad rap. Most Americans view it as thugs trying to line there own pockets. Men like Debs and many other organizers tried to educate and bring the concept of unity to the working American. I don’t see how anyone can view this as bad. They helped establish a strong middle class.

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