The Tea Party’s Greatest Nightmare

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    I need everyone’s suggestions of what to put into a letter to the
    editor about being thrown out of a local McDonald’s for bringing
    up the issue of a living wage and the walk out demonstrations
    across the U.S. Today, this McDonald’s was being
    visited by upper management to check out this restaurant, this is their second day there.

    When I approached for my cup of coffee, the clerk said good morning, and i said thank you and you mean your not on strike today..We all laughed. This visiting honcho said not to bring that up. I said, why not, they are entitled to a living wage…he said we dont have that problem here and he would not tolerate any discussion with his employees. He then asked how would I like paying $15 for a big Mac…I said that’s not true, it would increase
    about .03 cents. Then i pulled out USA Today that had a lead
    article on page 1 about the demonstreations today…And, a maager came over and asked to see it…He then said i told you not to talk to my employees and you need to go now…he then added and dont every come back, and went to the store manager and said that guy is not to come back in here again….

    If any one can help me with appropriate verbage or points to make
    in my letter to the editor, it would help to ascert the anti-living
    wage position of McDonald’s…..Oh, when I asked for his name, he said that was none of my business…..

      1. But, I need one of your pointed flowery closings with alliterations and
        similes. He and the local owner of many McDs, who is black, want to
        continue to have their workers not have a living wage and remain ignorant
        about unionism. I’m sure that he looked on me as a possible union
        organizer and had to run me off. Was my freedom of speech violated?
        Was my entrance into an eatry open to the public violated as the sit-ins
        for equal rights in the ’60s?

  2. Regarding that period of history, we saw The Butler yesterday. The black owner represents the segment of blacks from that historic times who didn’t want to ’cause trouble.’

    Besides, he’s making good profits off.of his low wage employees.

    Recall that you charged me with taking action rather than rhetoric? As the history of the Civil Rights movement demonstrated, ACTION is what brought attention to Jim Crow.

    I think that you should alert the local media that you will be engaging in a sit-in at that McDonalds and that you might be arrested because you refuse to leave. Be sure at least one rep from the media is there, though, otherwise your time (jail) will be for naught.


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