The Right Aims to Keep America Stupid!

I return to a common theme and I know that it is redundant and that I’m preaching to the choir, but idiocy appears to be everlasting and, as a result, it must be bashed in the head once again although it surely will not be a mortal blow. What aggravates me most is that the ‘common man’ is continually hoodwinked by the Right; it is as if they are preprogrammed for deception. Why is this so? Is it truly all about money and race? I’m beginning to think so.

On the editorial page of today’s Toledo Blade is an op ed titled, War on Common Core: The right aims to keep America stupid written by NYT columnist Bill Keller.  I have not read the article. I don’t need to. I experience it every day in conversations and news stories. The theme of keeping America stupid is everywhere from school to the marketplace, from finance to church.


The only thing I am not sure of is how much more time we have until The People are completely and irrevocably sucked into the giant black hole known as Right Wing idiocy. How much time do we have?


11 thoughts on “The Right Aims to Keep America Stupid!

  1. It might very well be already over. The dark side seems to be gaining the
    upper hand, don’t they?

    The question is what can we do to reverse it?

  2. 1) The US has always had an anti-intellectual streak.`
    2) I was going to make a post about this article:

    That raises the same issue as this does when it points out:

    “IN 1982, polls showed that 44 percent of Americans believed God had created human beings in their present form. Thirty years later, the fraction of the population who are creationists is 46 percent.

    In 1989, when “climate change” had just entered the public lexicon, 63 percent of Americans understood it was a problem. Almost 25 years later, that proportion is actually a bit lower, at 58 percent. ”

    I would say those are only two examples.

    The question is how can misinformation be taken as correct in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Is the American use of propaganda so strong that critical thinking is short circuited?

    1. Is the American use of propaganda so strong that critical thinking is short circuited?

      Sadly, yes. For some odd reason, the American mind seems to be quite prone to the absorption of propaganda- not unlike an ink blotter. If it is said by an authority figure [that’s an altogether separate posting!] then it must be true. My right-wing brother-in-law believes that if it was said on radio, it must be true. Seriously! And he’s no moron.

      Fortunately, his sister’s brain is non-absorbent.

  3. The Obama WH supports the core-curriculum, therefore, the tea parties
    and the reactionary GOP can’t have it. Now, they have Obama-Core to
    go with ObamaCare! In many places “critical thinking” is liberalism for
    federal take over of state control of education….

    1. And WHY is this MINDSET thriving, my friend? What feeds it? What inspires it? Why do so many Americans get sucked into it?

      Those questions need to be addressed!

  4. “Those questions” are not new it seems to me. The form of government,
    the role of government, and who should participate have been written about and debated for centuries. It’s the same conflicts. Socrates and Plato,
    Cicero, Pliny and the Gracchi brothers, Burke-Hobbs-Locke, Rousseau-
    Voltaire-Montesquieu, Jefferson/Madison-Adams/Hamilton, Lincoln-Douglas,
    Wilson-Debs, Hoover-FDR, Eisenhower-Taft, LBJ-Goldwater, Buckley-Vidal,
    Gore-Bush, and Romney-Obama. One can add and subtract, but the conflict
    has always been there……

    1. Yes, but what are the elements of conflict here in the U.S.A. In 2013? What does the Right want/need/desire in this democracy in the 21st century? This isn’t Greece, Rome or France. My question for you is simply what do they want?

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