Look! Up in the Sky!

Yes, Superman, a strange visitor from another planet who…  As a kid in the 50’s I knew the entire prologue of the show and to this day, I can do it with the correct emphasis. Why my mind stored that hunk of meaningless tripe and not the name of the person I’m trying to recall is beyond me. I suppose it is because we all longed to be Superman- at least we longed for his cape. I believe I fashioned one from an old bed sheet onto which I painted an ‘S.’ Actually, I’m not sure that it was an old sheet.

I read a report this AM of an ‘appearance’ of an angel – ‘Angel’ priest visits Missouri accident scene. He ‘vanished’ after doing his angel thing, no doubt up into the sky. The clouds in the sky hide quite a lot of activity up there.

UFO’s are seemingly always in vogue at least here in the Home of the Brave. Earlier today I was channel-surfing and there were 3 channels with UFO programs. Three! Simultaneously. Later there was the story of H. G. Wells and his novel, War of the Worlds and how the radio broadcast scared the dickens out of thousands of Americans.

Bible-thumpers, fortunately, in their readings,  are treated with gobs of angels and heavenly doings- people descending and ascending out of and back to the sky. The Catholic church has even categorized them into, not surprisingly, hierarchies. Not all angels are created equal. I should have asked Sr. Paulissa back in the 3rd grade whether a lower-class angel could ever rise up to a higher level. The reason I didn’t is because she loved to pull on the hair of your temple when you did ‘foolish and naughty’ things.

Then there is that New York Times bestselling novel, Proof of Heaven, which is actually classified as ‘non-fiction.’ Gulp.

Author Uta Ranke-Heinemann wonders in her book, Putting Away Childish Things, about the so-called Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. By the way, she was forbidden by the Catholic Church from further teaching theology because of her ‘radical’ views.  She notes that the purported ascension took place during a meal with his apostles.  Luckily, she noted, it was an out-of-doors barbecue, as he rose while still chewing and did not have to negotiate any ceilings on the way up. Lucky for the apostles, too, because they could watch him all of the way up to the clouds. Ranke-Heinemann wonders if the ascension was smooth and steady or did it increase in speed like rockets lifting into space. Further, she notes that the lift-off took place at the so-called Mount of Olives, a small hill, but, nonetheless, closer to heaven.

Ranke-Heinemann also wonders why Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not at the really-last supper. Didn’t she want to wave good bye to her ‘first born son?’ she asks. Rather, Luke tells us that she was with the ‘other women’ a half mile from the launch site.

As the men were gawking heavenward, two [male] angels appear and ask, “WTF! Why are you looking up at the sky?” Clearly, this was a stupid question which deserved no response and none was given. After this rebuke, they, too, flew upward.  Trifecta.

As Ranke-Heinemann dared to question such obviously stupid fantasy, she was muzzled by the church. Gosh, who could have imagined? Undaunted, the feisty author merely transferred to a professorship in the History of Religion at the University of Essen, Germany.

The author, noting her ‘silencing’ by the church, says that ‘simple believers’ don’t want any in-depth thinking or analyzing of things in the Bible.  “They don’t want to look at it, after having been misinformed, deformed and infantilized by 2000 years of the Church’s fairytale preaching.”

And so it is and so it shall be forever and ever.




13 thoughts on “Look! Up in the Sky!

  1. Hello Muddy,
    Just came across this.
    New reconstructions of ancient proteins have provided clues to the habitat and origins of life on Earth.

    The resurrected protein is thought to have existed almost four billion years ago in single-celled organisms linked to the earliest ancestor of all life.

    The protein survives in the extreme environments of high acidity and temperature expected on early Earth.

    Could this be God?

    1. Hmm. Never thought of God as a protein, but, what the hell?? I note your phrase, RESURRECTED protein. Nice tie-in with Luke.


      The article also includes this nod to H.G. Wells: “Four billion years ago Mars was a much a safer place than Earth. Maybe we have resurrected Martian proteins. Maybe the last universal common ancestor (the first life) formed on Mars and transferred to Earth,” commented Prof Sanchez-Ruiz.

  2. Well, I for one am having fun. I find it a cathartic to pick apart religious nonsense.

    Just this evening we were with friends who we hadn’t seen in quite a long time and shortly into the conversation one of them said, “One of the biggest problems of our country is the religious nuts who try to screw everything up for us.” We spent quite a few hours on that topic.

    That’s why I like to expose the idiocy of it all. To you it appears pointless, but not to me.

  3. Who am I to judge?

    But, why worry about these 35 percenters? They have the faith and are the
    beievers. Nothing will bring them back to the center. I mean, who are you
    “exposing the idiocy” to? Probably, most of your followers here already
    accept it. We only have a short time left on this side of the grass, so why
    not begin a movement either by joining actively in an existing organization
    or creating a new one to affect systemic political change. Sometimes our
    intellectual interests have to share time with the practical and
    achievable. That’s my point.

    1. Point taken, but I still enjoy using this site for that purpose.

      I’m already tangentially ‘involved’ in the current OFA movement which is quite enough for me for now.

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  5. I spent the last few evenings “looking up in the sky”….Friday was a French tradition, The Night of The Stars…where all over the country, professional and amateur astronomers set up telescopes in parks and spectacular locations so the public can stay up late and “look at the sky”…I have a nice little reflector telescope which we had set up here. We are so lucky, the sky is incredibly clear and here there is virtually no light or air pollution…the real show stopper last night and again tonight is the Perseid Meteor shower. Last night we had a barbecue with some friends. My neighbor brought over his much more powerful telescope, but who needed a telescope? Once it got really dark, everyone was oohing and awing at the cosmic display. Tonight is supposed to be the peak of the shower. Even the dogs like it, because they get to stay out late!

  6. Thank you, MD. When I looked at this Post the first time, Just the title, I thought that was exactly what our science friend was going to be calling our attention too…I was momentarily stunned when it was another of his critiques re religion….

    1. Following up on that, UtF, don’t you wonder what the god-fearing people of biblical times imagined those meteors to be? Perhaps fallen angels? Maybe sparks from the giant cogs turning the ‘dome’ that switches from day to night? Lightening from Lucifer’s sword?

      And today, 2013, gobs of Americans believe the stuff written by people with the same mentality. Why? because it is their ‘holy book!’

      Tragically, they vote, too!

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