The Ignorant Masses

After I titled this piece, and before I began typing this, I googled ‘ignorant masses’ and found many hits as well as a dot com with that title.  Apparently I’m not alone in chiding the public on their collective ignorance.

Just this AM I found a post on my wife’s Facebook page that said, “Just saw an ‘Impeach Obama’ sign on the overpass.” Then, yesterday, I was in a conversation with a friend  who told me of a client of hers who denigrates Obama Care at every visit. Further, I got an email in my box this AM from a progressive friend who received an email from her conservative friend titled, ‘There is a State With No Republicans.’ Can you image the validity of the contents? By the way, the state is Illinois and the point was, again, the denigration of the President who is, of course, from Illinois.

Hatred, fed by professionally paid right-wing media pundits, knows no sanity. Oh, by the way, did you know that he’s black?

Then there are the goons in the House of Representatives who speak with more authority but not more intelligence. Consider Obama Care as it is widely known. A recent survey of  ‘the masses’ discloses that over half of Americans look unfavorably at the new healthcare law. Two reasons.  First, the Obama Administration and the powers that supported the bill have left it to the wolves to devour.  Secondly, the right-wing media, supported by the insurance and health industries, pound away 24/7 at the act, naturally connecting it to the President who the audience despises. It’s not to difficult to figure out.

Yet what about the masses? What about the Fox viewers and the Limbaugh/Hannity listeners? Where are their brains? Seriously, do these people really think that the insurance industry is on their side? Truthfully? Do they believe that the hospital corporations, insurance industry and the large pharmaceutical companies care about The People, act in the best interest of The People? Just how gullible are the masses? Is naivety that wide-spread across our nation? Does hate attract blindness?

Forty times the House of Representatives has voted to overturn the Affordable Care Act; forty times it failed to move to the Senate.  These representatives are now back home, in their districts.  Most will hold town hall meetings with their constituents. Picture this: at one of these meetings, a constituent asks, “Congressman, why did you vote 40 times to kill the Affordable Care act.” [insert the typical right-wing reply]. But what if there is a follow-up and this is asked, “Are there any parts of the act that could help me with my health care problems?”

Sadly, my congressman, Bob Latta, held a ‘town hall’ last week. I wasn’t invited nor was I notified of the event. Apparently his GOP voters were notified and attended. One Democrat found out quite by accident and went there.  She got there at 9 AM and found that it was not a town hall at all, but rather a meet-and-greet, one-on-one encounter with Mr. Latta. She needed to sign in and was put on a list.  She was called in at 1 PM! The meeting lasted 10 minutes [with a staffer at the congressman’s side] and she got nothing of any importance from the congressman. There were all packaged answers.

It is no wonder that our citizens remain ignorant of what is going on in this nation?

“A Shining City on a Hill.”


12 thoughts on “The Ignorant Masses

  1. A couple comments:

    First, “a shining city on a hill” is not the actual quote of Jonathan Edwards.
    Edwards wrote “a city on a hill”; It was President Reagan who added
    “shining” to it.

    Now, my other comment concerns “the ignorant masses”. Besides “ignorant, the masses are inferred to be brainless(“where are
    their brains?) and there is a collective ignorance of the masses. Really now!

    If the masses are ignorant and brainless, explain how Obama is sitting
    in the White House and Sherrod Brown is U.S. Senator from Ohio?

    1. I intended to quote Reagan.

      I’m not referring to those citizens who made smart choices, but rather to the mindless ‘others’ whose brain is controlled by outside interests. Right-wing media is foremost among the sources of influence.

      Today’s situation is not unlike that of Germany in the mid-30s when both newspapers (Der Stürmer) as well as fascist radio broadcasts seized the brains of naive, yet angry Germans. Today newspapers are replaced by the Internet, radio is augmented by Fox TV. Same general idea.

      By the way, I aam aware that I made reference to Nazis.

      Right-wingers here in 2013 in the U.S. may be compared to those German citizens of that other time period, although the Germans were better educated and were more agitated, but equally frustrated with the ‘future’ as they saw it.

      Both needed and found scapegoats for their perceived problems. Actually today’s right-wingers have three: blacks, browns and illegals (of all types). Additionally they have a black president who is both ‘foreign-born and Muslim.’

      They see the skin tone of America becoming more brown with every passing year. Many see their economic future as bleak and, like Germany, blamed”those people” for it.

      They have their personal arsenal, unlike the Germans, and many see “Second Amendment remedies” for problems that may arise. They also see a Democrat in the White House for 8 + 3 = 11 more years.

      Frustration! Anger!

  2. Well, my point from above is that I don’t necessarily accept your premise that the masses are “ignorant”. Both Obama and Brown
    received sizeable majority votes of the “masses”. Rather, M_R,
    it is the system of elitism that is rigged against the majority of
    the populace. It’s the gerrymandered nature of the elections for
    the House of Representatives. That is the problem. It seems you even admit that when you write in response that “They also see a Democrat in the White House for 8 + 3 = 11 more years.”. The masses voice is heard in national , or state wide elections, but gerrymandering cuts the voice of the masses. That is the problem…

    1. Of course gerrymandering is a problem. I’ve written about that before and often.
      The Presidency is, however, out of reach for them and that bothers them terribly, because the veto pen rests there ascwell as thevappointments to the SCOTUS rests there.


  3. Yes, and that, gerrymandering, is the main problem…It has been written about for years…However, while we can’t change the electoral system, well, I guess it can, huh? I mean the states are thinking of giving electoral college votes on the basis of Congressional districts…That is why ending gerrymandering is the main issue, and something we might just be able to work on

    1. How does one end gerrymandering? Sadly, I believe that ‘system’ is a fixture for decades to come. Grump!

      It’s only the presidency and the Senate that remains in play which means gridlock as far as one can forsee.

      You are correct about worrying about dividing up electoral votes yet I don’t think many states (ie the electorate) find that idea wholesome. Fiddling around with elections raises red flags for most people.

        1. You and I are not on the same page on my phrase, ‘ignorant masses.’

          I refer to that 30-35% who always vote right-wing simply because they are sponges for propaganda.

          UPDATE 10:00 PM

          I just read a great phrase in the book I cited that helps make it more clear to whom I refer.

          The author regards fundamentalist Christians as a pious herd of obedient sheep.. This is akin to the “herd” who follows the dictates of the right-wing talking heads: obedient sheep.

  4. Yes, I was; thanks for the clarification!

    Btw, is it correct “king’s language” to use “more clear” or ”

    Sheep headed to the slaughter, and just like the poor sheep, these
    masses don’t see it coming. But, even if it is 35%, 65% is a landslide
    the other way…..

    1. Re the King’s English- we don’t use his English much these days- especially if you refer to King James as in the English translation of the Bible. ‘Thou’ and ‘thy’ are relics.

      Speaking of language, Luke in his fantasy called Pentecost, has a small gathering of the disciples of Jesus sitting in a room when tongues of fire descend on them. Not only that, but suddenly their ‘talk’ is a foreign language, yet everyone there understood it.

      Hmm. I thought that Aramaic was the language of both Jesus, his apostles and the disciples who followed him for those three years. Odd stuff unless it’s all a fairy tale, albeit a pious fairy tale.

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