Our Father Ain’t in Heaven

On this Sunday morning, I’d estimate that tens of millions of our fellow citizens said the first six words of the Lord’s Prayer either mindless of what they were saying or believing in what they said. This in late July 2013. Heaven.  A place in the sky. But where? On a comet, an asteroid, another planet? On a galaxy far away? Giant spaceship?

John Morreall from the Religion Department of The College of William and Mary wrote a short essay on this topic and his thesis follows these five points:

1. Heaven is a place.
2. Only what is physical is located in a place.
3. God is not physical.
4. So God is not located in a place.
5. So God is not located in heaven.

Bingo. But then, is it comforting to believe that there is a place called Heaven and that Our Father lives there and one day we will be joined with him [if we are good little children]? Streets paved with gold.  Milk and honey flowing from fountains. Oh, the rapture!

Then again, He isn’t a he as point #3 above notes. Further, ‘he’ isn’t our father. And who is our mother?

…on Earth as it is in Heaven. There it is again.

No doubt this prayer was comforting to believers before the telescope peered ‘through’ Heaven and found stuff out there. Whoa! Back up.  Through Heaven? Yes, sadly, through.

Voyager I and Voyager II are currently at the edge of our Solar System and, so far, have not found Heaven. Sadly, those alive 2000 years ago believed [thought] that Heaven was just up there, just on the other side of the dome onto which the stars, sun and moon were attached.

“Earth calling Heaven!  Come in, Heaven!”



4 thoughts on “Our Father Ain’t in Heaven

  1. What is Heaven? Heaven is Paradise? Where is Paradise? It is in the land of milk and honey. Where is the land of Milk and Honey?
    The Holy Land. Who merits Paradise? Christians! What happens
    to the Jews living in the Holy Land? Either they are converted to
    christianity or they are killed. So Heaven is not out of this world,
    but in this world…In the Holy Land, and that is whthe House of the Lord, which has many mansions. All else is destroyed in the great war to end all wars, but the Holy Land is there and accepts the return of the Lord, and the few truly saved will merit Paradise.

  2. …Amen, brother!

    Therefore one ought to invest in some shop in the so-called Holy Land, empty it out and set up a Rapture Store of some sort.

    Ah , yes, the foolishness of it all.

    Oh, and by the way, these folks vote!

  3. Just listen to the Pope in Rio, and 3 million come to honor him.

    Just last night maybe you caught 60 minutes with tne interview of the nun
    whose organization represents about 80% of all sisters. Their liberal views
    have been rebuked by Vatican, and she was hauled to the Vatican before
    the successor panel of the old Inquisition Court and told to recant. She was
    told to obey the priests. On the program she said that her oath of obedience
    is to her god.

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