Cost of Arctic Methane Release Could Be ‘Size of Global Economy’

July 24, 2013 — Researchers have warned of an “economic time-bomb” in the Arctic, following a ground-breaking analysis of the likely cost of methane emissions in the region. Economic modelling shows that the methane emissions caused by shrinking sea ice from just one area of the Arctic could come with a global price tag of 60 trillion dollars — the size of the world economy in 2012.

The imminent disappearance of the summer sea ice in the Arctic will have enormous implications for both the acceleration of climate change, and the release of methane from off-shore waters which are now able to warm up in the summer. This massive methane boost will have major implications for global economies and societies.



I wonder if, when we start talking real money, those climate-change denying right-wingers might pay attention.  You know, the ones who laughed and jeered at Al Gore? Those dolts!



4 thoughts on “Cost of Arctic Methane Release Could Be ‘Size of Global Economy’

  1. A 2009 study attributes 51% of global greenhouse methane emission
    to the life-cycle of livestock belching of methane gas. Cattle, pigs, and
    chickens are more responsible for the release of methane gas than any other source. Just maybe we ought to be more concerned about what
    is on land and maybe a little more controllable than what is under the
    Artic ice…..

    1. …therefore should we stick methane-collecting tubes up the colons of cows and pigs? Or, for that matter, we humans as well?

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