Southern Pride

This Sunday morning, frequent commenter UptheFlag was sitting in a fast food restaurant in Jackson, MS and observed that  three bus loads of Young Life Christians from Lubbock, TX on their way to Atlanta to join a Young Life crusade just unloaded. He wrote, “Another boy has a shirt on that reads, Preach Southern Pride.” One black kid, the rest white, he reported. No Hispanics. He found out that there were 158 youth in the group. One hundred fifty-seven white, one black.

On there is a tab for high school which reads:

 the high school years are still a time when most teenagers make important life choices, including what they believe about God. And so Young Life is there in the world of high school — learning kids’ names, hearing their stories, having fun and sharing with them the great news of a God who loves them.

Hearing their stories, it says. What will the sole black teen have to say? How will it impact the others at the conference? We’ll never know.

I googled the phrase, Southern Pride, and found no t-shirt, but I did find lots of Confederate flags.  This icon was an especially interesting hit:


It seems to fit with the Zimmerman case quite nicely. There was a letter to the editor in our Toledo newspaper this morning that said, “I wonder about my fellow residents: Who might be carrying a loaded gun, and who might make impulsive, lethal decisions? Rather than being safer, we’re in much more danger than ever before in my lifetime.”

Are guns a large part of Southern Pride? Further, what else beyond firearms is cherished in this culture? I don’t know.  Perhaps UptheFlag can fill us in.


5 thoughts on “Southern Pride

  1. Today there is a guy with a tee shirt that says Atlanta Pride.

    Now, how did I know that you would pick up on the negative to “vent”
    about, rather than the positive multi-cultural aspects of America demonstrated here?

  2. Well, well! Interesting news this morning, M_R……..

    In 2004, then State Senator of Illinois Obama sponsored and voted for the
    Illinois Stand-Your-Ground legislation. It was signed into law by another
    Democrat, the convicted Gov. Bogdovich(sp)…..

    So much for your Post below about these laws as a vestige of the
    Confederacy. Obama championed the very law that he now attacks.
    Just another politician, speaking out of both sides of his mouth!

    1. Are you, my friend, the same as you were in your youth? Do you hold the same beliefs now as then? What’s that thing about age and wisdom?

  3. Obama in 2004, a youth? Now that’s stretching it! He was giving his Keynote
    Speech at the Dem Nat Convention that year.

    One of the major criticisms of Obama from the Black community during his
    first term is his neglect of Black issues, and his avoidance of Black conventions. Obviously, he did this so whites would not see him as a
    President for Black people, and vote against him in 2012. Now, he is free
    of any re-election, and he can now, as it is said, “play the race card.”

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