Everlasting Argon

Argon, as I recall from my chemistry classes, is an inert gas which is present in our atmosphere. Along with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, we breathe in Argon with each of our breaths. It is exhaled exactly as it was inhaled; no changes whatsoever. Its outer electron shell is ‘full’ and therefore inert. Curious stuff, Argon, and what is it doing in earth’s atmosphere? What’s its purpose?


For many millennia, that Argon has been breathed in by Neanderthals, Cro Magnon man, pharaohs, barbarians, kings, slaves, Henry Ford, his workers in Detroit, slaves on ships bound for the Americas, conquistadores, toreadors, and people who mop the floors.  Lincoln respired the same Argon molecules as Booth; so did the Klansmen who hung the negroes on Saturday night. I may have inhaled the same Argon as Jesus or bin Laden. Or Genghis Khan, Jackie Robinson or, for that matter, Robert E. Lee’s horse.

So, that’s up with all of that? What’s the point of these inert gas molecules floating around our planet which we and everyone on earth continue to recycle in our lungs with every breath we take?  Is there some message here? Does it show our interconnectedness on planet Earth? Or what?


4 thoughts on “Everlasting Argon

  1. I absolutely love this post….thank you mudrake man…I am breathing your argon now as I type…

  2. I’m on my lap-top at McDs this Sunday morning and observing people. Table directly in front of me has a Hispanic family of mother, father, toddler boy, and infant girl. Speaking Spanish, having family conversation. Now,
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    Another table is a black mother with two girls and a boy dressed and well groomed, on way to church. The older girl is very attentive and helpful
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    A snap shot of life this morning in Jackson, MS……

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