Stand Your Ground Laws: Vestiges of the Confederacy

I was stunned to find that there are 21 states with laws similar to the Florida ‘Stand your Ground Law.’ Twenty-one! Fortunately for me, Ohio has not yet attempted to fashion such a law. Arthur Hayhoe, executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said, “You want to know how you can kill somebody legally in Florida? Make sure you have no witnesses, hunt the person down and then say you feared for your life.”

Frequent commenter, Microdot, recently wondered, “Does this mean that every unstable paranoid racist unstable idiot in America is going to feel empowered to act out their fantasies?”

Good question, but the answer is frighteningly simple: yes!

I find it quite interesting that the majority of the 21 states with the law which helped George Zimmerman escape murder or manslaughter laws are in the Old South.  Even more chilling, all but 1 are so-called red states. Further, the Bible Belt loves this law.  ‘Eye for an eye.’

SYG States

What is it about the folks who live in the Old South? Are they still afraid of the emancipated Negro? Is there some meme in their genetic makeup that fears ‘the other?’ Do they still worry about reprisal for the many decades of slavery that they enjoyed?

Seems to me that something is different in their thought pattern. Different from the 10’s of  millions of people who live in New York, Illinois and California. Or, for that matter, the entire North East. How do the 8 million people who live the boroughs of NYC, or the 4 million in LA or the 3 million in Chicago get by each day without the need for a Stand Your Ground Law? Amazing.

Red states- Republican states- find it necessary to ‘keep their citizens safe.’

Shoot now, dodge questions later.


24 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground Laws: Vestiges of the Confederacy

  1. Well, here we go again, M_R and MD attacking me, lol!
    In writing below about young black people being killed on our streets, I
    believe that I wrote it was not racism “per se”. And, it seems both of you
    validate that statement as M_R points out economic issues and MD refers
    to the societal problem of gangs and turf. It seems to me guys that we are
    on the same page.

    Now let me move on. What did President Obama say about what his grand-
    mother would do if a black man approached her on the street where she was walking? Racism or prudence(self-defense)?

    Why does a progressive mayor of NYC initiate a “stop and frisk” policy against Black people? Could it just possible be that the fact is 78% of the
    crime in NYC is by Blacks. And now Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, a Black
    Democrat, is doing the same thing. Black on Black racism, is it?

    Finally, let me point out that our American character is described as kindly but violent, generous but bigoted. This dualism Is who we are as a nation, TR said may have enunciated it best, we “walk softly but carry a big stick.”

    1. let me point out that our American character is described as kindly but violent, generous but bigoted. This dualism Is who we are as a nation.

      What the hell? Generous but bigoted? In other words, generous to “our kind” but awful to “those other people?”

      Sounds like racial/ethnic profiling to me.

      God Bless America.

      1. C,mon, M_R, get off it, lol! You know very well what that means…We help people in disasters of every kind…We reach our hand out to our neighbor…..
        But, we are violent..Just look at our numerous wars and the only country to ever use an Atomic Bomb or firebomb Dresden and Tokyo just to
        see hom many innocent men women and children the war machine could kill. How many children has Obama killed with his drones? That’s not violence?

  2. I believe there is something very wrong with the Southern States. Not all the people who live there have it, but most do. It’s bad news especially for women, gays, minorities, or like you said, anyone who might be perceived as “the other.”

    1. Think again, mike. It seems to me there is much of a dimes worth of
      difference in the Governors of Mississippi and Ohio and the GOP
      controlled legislatures of both States. They both are reactionary and
      controlled by rural ideology…

        1. …how about just the southern half of Ohio? That was the area settled by the Virginia Military as a gift to the soldiers who helped out in the Revolutionary War. Thus the Virginia influence on a large section of Ohio from Columbus to the KY line.

            1. Interesting. By the way, I need to dig up that quite interesting map of ‘cultural USA’ which I posted some years ago. When asked about your ancestry, folks in ‘those areas’ called their ancestry, American. No, they were not Native American. Perhaps ‘hillbilly’ would be more proper.

  3. I’m attacking you? UTF? Actually, I would only hope that our collective vision of America, who we are and the society we aspire to be has evolved just a bit in over 100 years since Teddy…

  4. BTW, in the context of his times and America at the turn of the 19th century, I truly admire Theodore Roosevelt. He has so many qualities that I find heroic and would only wish I could emulate. But Teddy lived a century ago, tht was then, this is now and we ain’t ever goin’ back there

      1. Exactly, but! He shows the symtoms of the problem, but he offers no cure, except possible organizing. The situation is become some one sided that it may just not be possible to
        change it…The Plutarchy is here, and they are not about to
        give it up!

  5. Six States not highlighted on this map. Montana, Nevada, N.Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and to my amazement, Illinois.

    Years ago the stand your ground law affected me, and it could have been negatively if it weren’t for me being a bigger person. Or at least being human.

    Most of you may not know, with the exception of EOK. But I have been visiting the U.P.(Upper Peninsula Michigan) for the last 14 years. I even bought a house up there last year. Anyway, about 12 years ago I was up there fishing. There was 4 of us and we went to Cable Lake. The lake is good fishing, but what makes it great is that it is somewhat attached to Porter Lake which has an abundance of keeper walleye. There is a paved gravel walkway on the Northwest side of Cable that you can jump over to Porter. One day we did. Mind you this is a public walk way. After hours and hours of fishing we went to the walk way to get back onto Cable. As we were getting the boats and all the gear over the walk way, an old man appeared about 50 yards from us. He owned the house that was 100 yards up the walk way. To the best of my knowledge he still lives in that house. Anyway, he accused the 4 of us of moving his raft, which we did. But only because his little boat was in the middle of a public walk way. We had to move it in order to “Jump lakes”. He explained that we weren’t suppose to do that. He tried explaining that the walk way was private property which it was/is not. But the best part is that this old Motherfu##er was explaining this with an m/15 pointed downward. An obvious showing of aggression and “Standing his Ground” Looking back, the incident could have been ugly. We rushed to get the boats over the walk way and all the gear in. I remember my buddy Donnie saying to me, “Don’t do nothing stupid, let’s just get out of here!” What Donnie knew was that my first year there, I had a negative incident with a bear. So I started carrying my .45 everywhere we went.

    So as I’m looking at this old man, throwing gear into the boat, the only thing I can think of is, how many rounds can I pump into this mans skull. Fortunately, I was in my early 20’s. I was somewhat mature. Mature enough to know that this beat-off wasn’t worth a manslaughter charge.

    This was the first and only time in my life that I felt compelled to draw my weapon on another human being. Looking back I often wonder what would have happen under the same circumstances but my age being 18. Would Stand your ground have saved this asshole’s life? Or help end it? What did this guy see that made him feel threatened. 4 guys moving John Boats and gear from one lake to another? Was it that we were white.

    I think these laws give the glorified beer muscles.In my opinion, this man’s weapon gave him the courage to confront us for crossing public property. What he’ll never know, is that if it weren’t for my clear thinking, he may have received two to the chest, and a head shot, before a single blink. Stand your ground laws are ugly. In my opinion, it leads to only ugliness. It gives a man not the right, but the idea, that they can fire a weapon without any ramifications. But after the Zimmerman verdict, it’s obvious that man now has the right. The idea has become a right. A right to take another’s life. No proper training to access a situation needed. You have the right to defend your life, against four duded fishing.

    Stupid F##king law

  6. I do believe in self-defense. While I have never owned a gun and don’t
    accept the proposition that the Second Amendment grants gun ownership,
    I can support a regulated law permitting reasonable gun ownership. Self-
    defense does not include stalking some one that law enforcement has said
    to “cease and desist” because the stalker has in his mind profiled some one.

    1. I agree 100% UTF. If you add the right to carry a firearm to the right to stand your ground. It’s just a recipe for disaster, and bad things happening. The thing I’m most curious about in regards to this case is Zimmerman’s post incident thoughts. He was found not guilty. But I wonder how he feels in regards to taking the life of an unarmed teenager.

      1. What if Martin had been 18 and got a permit to carry? I suspect that he’d be alive and Zimmerman would be 6 feet under. What might be the jury’s decision be in HIS case?? Of course it is all speculation.

        By the way, can an 18-year-old black kid get a permit in Fla?

  7. “Stand your ground” , the title of this Post, seems to maintain that the settling
    of affairs with guns is Southern. The author of the Post seems to forget that Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton with a gun in NY, long before there was a Confederacy. The resort to violence is an American trait, not just sectional.

    1. …note that all of the southern states except AK have the law; note that none of the Northeastern states do. What else would one conclude except that the south loves this law?

  8. I am so turned off by the constant racist inferences on MSNBC that I have cut back much of my viewing time. Sharpton has gone beyond my limits,
    and, therefore, I have changed my mind about joining his march in D.C.

      1. President Carter agrees with the jury decision. Because of the lack of evidence, all that was needed was reasonable doubt. The racism is in
        the actions of Zimmerman, the stalking of a black guy wearing a hoodie.
        That’s the way President Obama put it on Friday; he didn’t put the racism
        on the jury……

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