It Must be [ ] to Live With Me

Those of you who are in a relationship- have you ever stopped to consider how that other person [or people] who live with you actually thinks of you? Would they admit that it is wonderful living with you? Or heaven? Or Hell! Or grand? Fun? Tiresome? Boring? Scary? [add your own descriptor]?

Has their image of you changed through the years?  For the better or worse?

I came across this random thought while pouring my cup of coffee this AM. Random for sure. My spouse was reading the newspaper and sipping her coffee when the thought popped into my brain. I didn’t have the courage to ask her that question because, most probably, I feared her answer.

What if she answered ‘hell’ or ‘boring?’  Hmm. Maybe I’d rather not know. Perhaps I am.

Do we ever stop and access our appearances to those close to us? Or, rather, is it all about me?



7 thoughts on “It Must be [ ] to Live With Me

  1. Frequent commenter and long-time friend, UptheFlag, is in the hospital and could use some Positive Energy sent his way.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear that. I could do that if I knew where to send my positive energy. I’m sure he knows that I really respect him, but, I think he likes to mess with me as much as I like to mess with him…and that’s good therapy all around! As far as the subject of this post goes…I’m so happy that my wife doesn’t read my blog and is allergic to the internet…That’s a big part of how we keep our relationship fresh and healthy and why we love each other so very much! Hi, honey…if you’re reading this…I LUV YOUUUUU!

    2. Update. Mr. Flag has no blockage but did have a heart attack. He is doing OK. He wanted me to share the end of his visit with a cardiologist at the hospital. Just before the doctor left, he stood over Mr. FLag and prayed over him.

      That’s why they call it the Bible Belt.

  2. I realize you are writing this blog from Northwestern Ohio, so to be politically correct, you could have said H, E, double hockey sticks….Any update on Mr. Flag?

  3. Mr. Flag is to undergo a heart catherization this (Monday ) AM. On Saturday he experienced 4 ‘signs’ of a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.

    The positive piece here is that on the phone yesterday he was as ornery as ever!

    Thanks for your concern.

  4. What’s all this “Mr. Flag stuff? LOL!

    Thanks for all the positive thoughts. I felt them. I believe there was more
    positivism from ya’ll than any one else. I had to “fight” my own battles in the
    hospital, and believe me there was one at every turn. Had no one to “run
    interference” for me. Seems like dad is needed to take care of them but not
    the reverse. Oh, well, such is life!

    In three days they had me in 4 different rooms, not exactly a happy camper,
    and because of so much movement my food was always lost, no coordination betwwen floor and food service.

    Had a heart cath lab procedure that I told “god” I didn’t need, but who was I
    to tell him that. Yeah, the same one who came in and “prayed over me”.
    I was clean as a whistle, but have a very hurtful hemotoma bruise from my
    wrist the length of my under arm to the crook of the elbow. He just shrugged
    his shoulders and said I was the first patient he had to have such a reaction
    and said he would give me meds for pain. It was my CCU room nurse who helped. She tightly held my arm and standing there for 15 mins massaged my arm above the hemotoma and greatly reduced the swelling. He walks
    and prescribes a pain pill, and she gives the hands on relief. Such is the
    state of U.S. medicine!

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