Some Men are Created More Equal than Others

Thomas Jefferson comes to mind on this 4th of July, although John Adams is responsible for my lack of sleep last evening. Another special day here in the U.S.A. of hot dogs, Bud Lite and fireworks. Flag waving too. How interesting.

How far  we 21st century Americans are removed from that day in 1776. Just imagine: the men who signed that document rode horses to the signing. They were all white men of some degree of affluence, landowners, many owning slaves. They had no intention of designing a nation where ‘all are equal.’ Equality as  principle would begin to develop years after the obituaries of the 56 signers were written. Women, non-landowners, blacks and teens were placed on a waiting list until the theme of equality would develop.


Happy Independence Day.

Addendum: A recent poll on ‘patriotism’ found that white evangelicals report stronger feelings of pride than other religious groups. More than two-thirds (68%) of white evangelicals say they are extremely proud to be American, compared to 56% of white mainline Protestants, 49% of minority Christians, 48% of Catholics, and 39% of religiously unaffiliated Americans.

What does this purport? I find it odd.



7 thoughts on “Some Men are Created More Equal than Others

  1. Bud Lite? As Australians would say:
    AAYE Mayte? Whay’s makin love inna canoe like drinking American beer?
    Well, it’s fuckin close to water!

    Your post seriously makes my point that the operating system of America is totally outdated, corrupt, and hacked full of viruses…First, with the constitution of America being used as the operating manual, I don’t see a real future for this country. How can you run something like America in the 21st century using theories that haven’t really been updated for almost 300 years? Seriously! Nobody really reads it, and those who do twist it to fit their desires. Like the bible.

    1. Re Bud Lite, I agree with the Aussies- water! Curiously, it is America’s most popular beer. What does this fact say about the USA?

      Re the outdated governance formula, your comparison with the Bible is correct- much ado about nothing, just like Bud Lite.

  2. You guys! LOL……

    Always running the U.S down, but that Constitution did you well. It seems to
    me the Constitution is a blue-print, with the key being the Preamble and its beginning, as you often quote, M_R, “We the People”. What did Jefferson say, “the Constitution belongs to the living” and “don’t treat what we did
    as the ark of the covenant, too sacred to touch.”

    A couple of other of his quotes I like too: “the tree of liberty needs to be watered with blood” and “a revolution from time to time is a good thing.”

    Three examples are appropriate: the Civil War “water the tree of liberty”
    with over 800,000 deaths, including the President of the United States,
    the labor movement in the 1930s with the death of many strikers even in Toledo at the old Electric Auto Lite Company, and third the civil rights era of the 1960s which resulted in the deaths of children attending church, the murder of three white ‘freedom workers’ in Philadelphia, Ms, Medgar Evers,
    and Dr.King.

    Any revolutions since then? Certainly not VietNam, In 1968 we voted
    against a people person and elected a corporate, military-industrial complex
    President, a person Ike really did not want and a person Truman called “manure” . Obama has not been a revolution.

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the liberal news media is portraying the removal of Morsi as a violation of the Egyptian Constitution and a coup? Did this country not force a President to be removed from Office? Was he not duly
    elected for four years? Indeed, wasn’t our Constitution an illegal act? Why
    was it done In secret in a boarded up house and note taking was forbidden?

  3. BTW, UTF I’m not running the Constitution down, if that’ how you would like to portray my comments, then again, that is your problem. I am all for the original intent of the American Constitution, but as I stated earlier, the only people who seem to be reading it are those who want to “hack” it and make it say what they want it to say. Every jack ass tea brain republican congressman wants to hang a new amendment on it to limit your freedom in the name of expanding the rights of every paranoid jerk to arm themselves to the teeth to protect themselves from the vague array of menaces that are threatening their “freedoms” . You lost me babe, when you defended the Texans wanting to ram their anti abortion bill down the throats of their perceived chattel, namely women. It doesn’t stop there, this is about the right to vote…there is a real revolution and you have to decide which side you are on. The very way of how we define the entity The United States has to be redefined or you are doomed as doomed can truly be.

  4. UtF- re the Constitution. It’s old, hackneyed and in disrepair.
    It was written for an agrarian society that used slave labor. It was written for white, land-owning males. It was written for a specific culture and a specific time in history. The U.S. has moved on, way-farther than that document was ever intended to dictate. It is hard to imagine that a document written two hundred twenty-four years ago still has meaning for today’s society.

    Just look at all of the amendments that it has required. Look at all of the challenges to the laws it mandates. Look at how arbitrary it appears as the Justices of the Supreme Court dicker over wording and intent.

    The 2nd Amendment is terribly useless and confusing here in the 21st century as is the 9th Amendment which, for all practical purposes, says nothing. Then there is the 10th Amendment that conflates Federal and States’ rights; we’ve seen how states’ rights has caused enormous problems for WE, the People.

    Then there is that totally useless section dealing with governance, specifically the part specifying the number of senators/state as well as the idiotic Electoral College.

    Other than that, it’s great!

  5. Other than that, it’s great!
    If you want to live in a “balkanized” reality….and what”s this about Scott Walker applying his christian version of sharia law to Wisconsin? hey, if this was a really equal country, then ultra sound probing would apply to everyone equally. Christians Conservatives , if they were real Americans as they define it, would want to invasively not only know what was going on up the vaginas of Americans women, but hey buddy, what’s been happening up your ass lately? Just in the name of non intrusive government, mind you.

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