Take on Your Local, Dimwitted GOP Congressman

Is your GOP congressman as dimwitted as mine? Mine, Bob Latta, is about as worthless as a soiled diaper. He got elected on his daddy’s name and shames him with each asinine vote he registers in the House. Sadly many of his constituents haven’t figured out that the son is not the father.

Bob’s major contributors are in the fossil fuel business even though many of his constituents are farmers and small businessmen. Eighty-two percent of his contributions come from PACS rather than individual donations. His district runs through the heartland of northern Ohio, dotted by farms, yet his major corporate donors were FirstEnergy [electric] followed by Lobbyists and Forestry Products. Forestry in the rolling farmland? Lobbyists? Electric companies? International paper was right up there too. A pharmaceutical company based in PA and Canada gave him a chunk of money as did the American Hospitals Association.

Do his constituents actually believe that Bob is working for them? Seems like Bob is tethered to big industry. Here is a LINK to Bob’s top campaign contributors. Faegre Baker Daniels is an international law firm with no offices in Ohio yet they gave Bob $1000. Why is Deutsche Telekom supplying donations to Bob when the headquarters is in Germany and the U.S. office is in the state of Washington? Dominion Resources, Inc is a natural gas supply company headquartered in Virginia.  The ‘Ohio’ sector is headquartered in Atlanta. Way to go, Bob! Another donor, Lowe’s, has its corporate facilities located in Mooresville and Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Hmm. International Paper is headquartered in Tennessee.

One of the bills Bob sponsored in 2011 was a bill  To prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating coal combustion byproducts as hazardous waste under subtitle C of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, and for other purposes. Spew baby, spew! Dominion Resources, Inc liked that bill.

To get more money from the Telecom industry for his campaign, Bob sponsored a bill Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that in order to continue aggressive growth in the Nation’s telecommunications and technology industries, the United States Government should “”Get Out of the Way and Stay Out of the Way””.

A bill Bob sponsored, the TEA Act, was legislation to repeal the provision in law that requires employers to deduct or withhold federal taxes from an employee’s paycheck, therefore requiring individuals to pay their own tax liability on a quarterly basis. What were you thinking, Bob?  By the way, that legislation ended up in the dustbin.

Pathetic stuff?  You bet, but the voters in the 5th Congressional District gave Bob another 2 years in the House last November.

Why, you ask?

clueless gopBests me.


11 thoughts on “Take on Your Local, Dimwitted GOP Congressman

  1. As you know, I’ve joined my county Democratic Party. A member is the woman who organized the defeat of the personhood amendment a couple years back. We are hearing so much about Davis from TX who filibustered
    the temporary death of anti-abortion legislation in the Tx legislature. Well,
    my friend here had no power base to begin from. She is in State government, think deals with info services.

  2. HelloMuddy,
    Is it any wonder that most citizens of this country see the Republican Party as nothing more than a pathetic grouping of dysfunctional cartoon characters.

    The Party of my parents is no longer even a small reminance of what it use to be. Instead it has become a magnet for every reactionary, racist, socially disfunctional, embracing ignorance, aspect currently in the country today.

    This is why I am putting forth my personal efforts to bring to light this fact and purge this element from my family’s 150 year legacy of being members of our Republican Party.

    1. Engineer- I know about THAT Republican Party. My parents proudly were members. That party is essentially gone and, as you point out, now consumed by every miscreant screwball who is looking to ‘belong.’

  3. Your comments have me thinking about politics here in Mississippi. I am wondering what the Party politics were here say prior to 1965. I wonder about the make up of the GOP back then. Of course, we know the Democratic Party was segregationist, but was the Republican Party? Now, the Dem Party is the progressive all inclusive Party, while the GOP is the pre-1965 Dem Party. But, what was the lay of the land before 1965 for the
    MS GOP?

    By the way, M_R and Engineer, In 1965 6% of African Americans voted in MS; in 2012 over 80% of African-Americans voted in
    Mississippi. So much for section 5 of the Voting Rights Act…..

  4. Re Section 5: the reason the black vote was so heavy was BECAUSE they knew that the VRA was going to be messed with by the GOP. That fact brought out the voters. The question is whether these folks need to come out EVERY voting cycle. How does one get across that message? You especially, UtF, need to tackle that conundrum to insure your Dem candidates an even chance in the next election.

    Up here we have the same lethargy, but due to union support, the black vote is not as critical for Dems as it is in MS.

  5. M_R, please don’t give me the verbage about unions turning out the vote. Where is the protest to what your popular GOP governor and your GOP
    Dominated Ohio Legislature just did to women’s rights and the poor too.
    They put all these restrictive measures in the budget, was it, that cannot be amended out.

    On this fourth of July, my friends, why is not Columbus, Ohio, Jackson, MS,
    and Washington DC not filled with a million demonstrators against these repressive and reactionary GOP policies? Instead, what do we see on our tv screens this morning, and well for the last couple of days? Million protestors to begin with and now a million celebrating a peaceful revolution
    of the overthrow of the Moslem brotherhood and its push toward an Islamic
    nation under Islamic laws and the mullahs. What the hell is the matter with this scenario?

    Happy Fourth all! It is too bad that Americans of the U.S. have forgotten our
    revolutionary tradition. It’s all over the networks! Namely, we are GREAT
    because of our military. It’s the military that keeps us free. What STUPID thinking, my friends. Tell me, who today in these United States is putting
    personal lives, their immense wealth, the lives of their families all on the line
    with NO military? All the Founders would have been hung and their property and wealth confiscated. Are the Egyptians asking for anything more than our
    Founding Fathers did?

    1. Maybe we all are too busy firing up the grill, making baked beans and placing lots of Bud Lite in the cooler.

      That ‘revolution’ thing is so yesterday!

  6. Aint that the truth!

    How about this M_R…..Let’s meet in D.C. in late August for the Sharpton march on Washington, the anniversary of King’s speech and his unfinished agenda? This is important. The streets of D.C. need to be filled with a million….as they were in jan. 2009 in the cold….

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