The State Texas is In

There is a saying about South Carolina that is apt for Texas except for the size of the state: South Carolina is too small to be a republic and too large to be an insane asylum. The latter part fits the Lone Star state. Many progressives hope that Texas goes through with its threat of secession.  After all, it was stolen from Mexico in the first place. Give it back!

Two days ago Texas state senator Wendy Davis attempted a filibuster of an extremely onerous abortion bill which the
Wendy DAvis
 Republicans were ramming through the chamber. ‘Rules’ were invented to stop the filibuster that did not exist prior to her appearance at the microphone. Then ‘strike 3′ was announced and she was cut off.

Odd?  Well, not for Texas. That state stands out as little more than a good old boys’ club wrapped in the Christian flag. Texans see things much differently than the other 49.

Last night the state marked the 500th execution [a woman] since Texas resumed carrying out capital punishment in 1982. How barbaric.  Of course Texas is not alone in the barbaric process- 32 states permit it.  Texas, however, stands out as the supreme leader in U.S. executions. Did I mention that the newly executed woman was black?

In comparison, no nation is permitted to join the EU if it uses capital punishment.  CNN contributor Thomas Cahill in his article, Why do we keep executing people? notes that ‘under the leadership of Gov. Rick Perry, the state is expected — if all appeals fail — to celebrate its 500th judicial killing. He adds, ‘The United States, however, joins such paragons as North Korea, China, Yemen and Iran in the club of those who attempt to administer the death penalty as a form of “justice.”‘

Celebrates he said. Imagine that.

Perry, by the way, is pushing the state legislature to bring up the same strict abortion bill again. Its odd, isn’t it, that the same governor who celebrates executions abhors abortion. Pro-lifer, to be sure.

By the way, you know that Texas is a strong Christian state. As is #2 in executions, Virginia, led by Lynchburg [interesting name!] home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty College. Number 3 is another strong Christian state, Oklahoma, with Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. The next four are all in the Bible Belt. Damn.  Those Christians sure love execution. Makes you wonder if some political lunatic in one of those state houses might be considering bring back the one of those Medieval torture /death procedures.

Of course, they don’t like non-whites all that much in Texas either. The pipeline from school to prison is getting a boost in Texas where, the New York Times reports in an article,With Police in Schools, More Children in Court:

Police officers based in schools write more than 100,000 misdemeanor tickets each year in the state. Tickets which, of course, lead to suspension, unemployment and eventually jail. Deborah Fowler, the deputy director of Texas Appleseed, a legal advocacy center in Austin, notes that the students seldom get legal aid and they may face hundreds of dollars in fines, community service and, in some cases, a lasting record that could affect applications for jobs or the military.

Further, the Times article notes that black students in the school district in Bryan, TX receive criminal misdemeanor citations at four times the rate of white students which prompted the local NAACP to file a complaint with the federal Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.

Additionally, school officers in Texas are authorized to issue Class C misdemeanor citations, which require students to appear before a justice of the peace or in municipal court, with public records.

On a personal note, I have no desire to set foot in the state of Texas. Or South Carolina, for that matter.

Insane asylum indeed.


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  1. The three years that I was in England ,I never heard of anyone coming in a store with a GUN.    JUST TO BAD THE PEOPLE THAT FEELTHIS IS The Way to go get to be the leaders…Which create Violence and suffering….

    That’s It For Now..Gordon

  2. I was waiting for you to finish your title…the state of Texas is in…inane…insane…incontinent…inhuman…indigestible…inebriated…indisposed?

  3. Living here in another country, in France, in the EU, in post war Europe, where all of the above concepts that the Texans are sure are going to destroy their world are pretty much a reality just emphasizes the immature bubble of insecure unreality that the Conservative world clings to. Since 1960, France has given women the right to vote…legalized abortion with out any qualifications, abolished the death penalty, and just this month, legalized marriage equality…the Conservatives here fought each one of these ideas with the same logic…it would be the end of civilization…every squealing protest you hear in Texas was argued and voted on and lost..
    Heck, we have a medical system that blows Obama Care into the ocean and even now, France is trying to lower the cost of prescription drugs…

  4. I am no Francophile, MD and M_R, as I have about much use for French civilization as I have for wet toilet paper. However, Texas has given us LBJ,
    Ralph Yarborough, Lloyd Bentsen, and a host of other progressive individuals. Ross Perot warned us in 1992 that a crash was coming as all the money was being sucked out of the country as corporations moved off shore and left Americans broke. France gave a failed Revolution, failed empire whose collapse enabled us to gain all of the Louisiana territory with land in the future Texas, a second failed empire, a loser in both WWI and WWII, DeGulle and his grandiose designs and his attempts to make Canada French(what a joke that was), and one ineffective government after another to now include Hollande.

    As to Texas I have lived there and gone to graduate school in the Dallas-
    Ft, Worth area of the State, and I’m not ignorant of affairs in Texas. I have had one son graduate with a Master’s from the University of Texas, and another son who is a licensed plumber. Both have successful careers!
    People like Perry and his ilk are being seen for what they are. Instead of
    worrying about Texas, M_R, don’t you think you should “caste your bucket down where you are in Lucas County Ohio and deal with your reactionary
    congressman Latta, then there is Boehner from Cincy, and on the State level
    is your now popular governor, Kasich. Yep, you have your hands full right there in your backyard, so don’t worry all that much about other states. Clean up your mess in Ohio, and “don’t mess with texas”, lol……

  5. That’s really tragic, because your republic evolved from the spasms that created modern France. French history is your history, whether you like it or not. Your comments on French modern political history are anecdotal, verging on repetitious ignorance, cliche and quite flippant. I’m sorry if my comments made you over react and lose your cool. Hey I have friends who live in Texas and have successful lives. You seem pretty narrowly focused, as if you have a kind of tunnel vision that prevents you from seeing past the few issues you seemed to be obsessed with. I really have a lot of respect for you and your knowledge and background and look forward to reading your comments. The problems being discussed here are not particularly endemic to just TEXAS! This is what we deal with here in Europe, this is what you deal with in the USA. France is country that is smaller geographically than all of Texas, but the complex history and the political reality is quite interesting at the present time. We are you in a microcosm.
    Tea Party, Corruption, Neo Nazi Nationalism, all the major political parties are kind of melting down right now, but you have to keep singing the Max Romeo and The Upsetters Reggae anthem…One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards….I hope we are all fighting the same War In-A Babylon!

  6. My “republic”? Your no longer a U.S. citizen?
    “French history is your history….” Really now! The national laws of the U.S.
    are based on English common laws, our courts are modeled after English court organization, our political philosophies are taken overwhelmingly from
    English writers as Locke and Hobbs, not the French philosophs, our language is English, French wasn’t even in the running(when a national language was chosen it was between English and German, not French, and
    English won by one vote in the first congress). Our “mother country” is Great Britain, hands down. Did the U.S. rush to France’s aid against German aggression in 1915 or 1940? Of course not, but we did move to
    protect “mother”, what child does not protect mother? At the end of WWI it
    was Clemmanceau of France who set the stage for WWII. It was then the French who sold out to Hitler Germany and gave Germany the bases to inflect such carnage on American troops at Normandy in 1944.

    Thanks for letting me vent more fully, but I’m coming from facts and not from emotional outlandish remarks!!!

  7. Isn’t it interesting that some one who dares to offer a different point of view
    on a topic is accused, without facts and with innuendos, of being parochial,
    petty, anecdotal, ignorant, cliché user, and flippant. And at the same time M_R and MD pose as god’s gift to progressivism and the liberal way of life.
    Think that they need is to go study Joseph McCarthy and his way of stifling contrary thinking. Yes, I’m so “parochial and petty” that we traveled 2000 miles and spent $1500.00 to work four days with the Obama campaign
    in Toledo, Ohio

  8. Yes it is interesting, and I believe I m the person who dares to deliver another point of view here. I have told you, UTF, that I respect and admire your point of view, experience and knowledge on many occasions. And your arguments regarding the history of France in regards to the French selling out to Germany avant WW2 only buttress my position, which, is totally, militantly, with my entire soul, anti fascist. let us try to focus our outrage on the real problems…not the symptoms, not the obsessive itch…It is WE THE PEOPLE! not we the corporate entity…and may I dare to say the corporate version of religion being shoved down your your throats as a last ditch means to manipulate your sense of religious guilt!

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