Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star: Oh My!

Science Daily posted an article today on the discovery of not one or two, but three Goldilocks Zone planets. Not only that, but they are surrounding a relatively close star group. In other words, we may really not be alone in the neighborhood.  What does this news purport?

For the scientist, it is a bonanza.  In the case of this star system, Gliese 667c, a much dimmer star than our own, it means that habitable planets can exist much closer to them and therefore increase the odds for earth-like planets. On hotter planets, like our own, planets with flowing water need to be, well, 93 million miles distant. That ‘dead’ zone between Earth and Sun could contain earth-friendly environments which, previously, have been overlooked by astronomers.

One author of the study said,

“The number of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy is much greater if we can expect to find several of them around each low-mass star — instead of looking at ten stars to look for a single potentially habitable planet, we now know we can look at just one star and find several of them.”

Two questions arise on this recent discovery. First, do we and how do we attempt to confirm life outside of the Solar System? Secondly, an important religious question is raised: If intelligent life does exist elsewhere in our galaxy, do these ‘folks’ need to have a blood sacrifice like the one that we homo sapiens ‘needed?’ [UptheFlag groans].

Well, it could be a major issue with the fundamentalists throughout the world. What would happen to their so-called holy books and doctrines if new intelligent life forms were discovered outside of our own planet?





12 thoughts on “Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star: Oh My!

  1. I am humble enough to hopefully state that I would like to think that there are other places in the universe that life exists…We humans have been here for a few millions years evolving and trashing this poor little planet at an incrementally more rapid rate. If we don’t change our ways, we are going to have to pay the piper one way or another. Maybe, as the esteemed Sci-Fi author and philosopher, Kilgore Trout speculated, there is really much more ancient highly developed race of cosmic intelligent cockroaches whose role in the big plan is a sort of janitorial service and they got off schedule eons ago and missed their big mop up on this messy little orb. Evolution could be compared to the progression of fungus that sprouts on a neglected tile bathroom wall….Some cosmic piknicker left a little debris here billions of years ago and it just sort of evolved…. Kilgore’s giant cockroaches also brew the best beer in the universe…but I digress.
    If there is life out there, we could learn…but one thing we as humans have to learn and profit from is the real knowledge that we can alter and modify environments. We’ve done it here, if not for the better…but now that we have trashed this world, we are ready to trash another one. I really believe in the vision of Elon Musk, the inventor who created the Tesla Motors Corporation, who now insists that the future of the human specie is to transplant it to another green world.

    1. Microdot- if we do “transplant to a new another green world,” what’s to keep us from doing “it” there, too? It’s all about money and its unequal distribution here on this planet, isn’t it? Rich and poor, exploitation and power. This human malady needs to be quelled before heading off elsewhere in the cosmos.

      1. mudrake, if we don’t clean up our own house and do it damn fast, we will be our own intergalactic janitorial service. We’ll never get off the ground and earth will just have to evolve it’s own race of giant intelligent cockroaches in another few million years, after the toxicity levels abate.
        You might have hit the nail on the head as far as tagging the fatal genetic flaw in our evolution….were we meant to self destruct?
        …do we have a genetic shelf life? Just another batch of protoplasm whose due date has expired and are going to be consigned to that big cosmic dumpster out in the parking lot of reality?

  2. …perhaps UptheFlag,it is because these fundamentalist knot heads, who are a cancer on our society, thwart scientific discoveries at every opportunity in order to preserve their Medieval beliefs.

    1. Is your emotion getting the better part? Seems like you have reported
      recently about the decline in religion. At the same time belief in sciences
      has been increasing……..

      1. …yet just yesterday in the state house of Texas, the fundamentalists attempted to push through an extremely restrictive anti-abortion measure. It made the news because of a filibuster and a very angry group of protesters.

        Now, what were you saying about the “decline in religion?”

        1. Wasn’t it you who posted a recent Pew poll on the decline of religion in
          the U.S. Sure, divisive issues will come up which affects the moral person
          as t.he killing of a viable fetus, not so? Didn’t the Texas legislation call for an end to abortions after the 20th week, or at the end of five months? In the 21st century, M_R, six month fetus survival is common. In the 1930s and 1940s my mother had seven pregnancies, and only one full term. She lost an eight month pregnancy in 1939 to the same birth defect that killed
          President Kennedy’s premie in 1962-3, something called lung incapacity, and the babies slowly suffocated. My brother was born at St. Vincents and lived for three days. Most, if not all of those fetuses, survive today. Her other miscarriages came in early gestation and were just thrown out after the clots were baptized. Where do we draw the line on killing?

  3. btw, Kilgore Trout is a fictional author invented by Kurt Vonnegut. He pops up as an escapist obsession with some of Vonneguts characters. The author Phillip K Farmer took it upon ihimself to actually write a Kilgore Trout book that incorporates some of these appropriately trashy little sci fi novel called Venus On The Half Shell……

  4. That is a redundant question. Where do we draw the line on killing? Who are we? Who decides who gets killed? Infant mortality in the USA approaches and exceeds many third world countries because of the attitude our society has regarding health care in general. Abortion, the termination of pregnancy is not your business. It is the right and the concern of a woman who life you are not living. Your tender sensibilities will not impinge on the freedom of a woman not be considered a breeding machine. Read what the Texas legislation really proposed. It would have placed the possibility of obtaining an abortion for any reason out of the realm of possibility for all but those who could afford it and that has been the way it was back when abortion was totally illegal. The Texas legislation would have closed all but 5 clinics in the state.
    If we were a truly moral society, we would be concentrating on the quality of life for living children instead of wasting time on ridiculous fetal masturbation fantasies….Now this is where religion, business, male power trips and politics collide and have caused a real social train wreck. This is the kind of BS that is destroying America. This is why Mudrakes focus on the death trip of western religion and what effect it has on your society and the future of our planet is so right on!

  5. the social train wreck is France. The United States still bails France out!
    I have had no inclination to visit France. Now, M_R is much more the foreign
    traveler than I, maybe he has traveled France more than just changing planes. I was just thinking the other day, now that I’m free lol, of suggesting
    to M_R than we come visit you and have some good wine and some of that
    good French cooking.

    1. My distant ancestors were French, although those genes have been altered by several generations of German spouses.

      UptheFlag, Microdot, is essentially jealous of you and your life in the countryside of France, so don’t take anything he writes as personal. In that he lives in the heart of the Bible Belt, his parochial views are understandably petty.

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