Quiz on the Old Testament

The readers did an excellent job with this quiz!

Congratulations on knowing the Bible so well.

ANSWERS are in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “Quiz on the Old Testament

  1. 1. When was the Bible first penned? [800 BC]
    2. How many Creations stories are in the Bible? [2]
    3. Which culture had a ‘creation myth’ similar to that found in the Bible [Sumerian]
    4. The flood referred to in Noah…may have been a reference to a real but local flood
    5. The snake in the Adam and Eve story…was inserted to denigrate snake worship
    6. The authors of the Old Testament knew that their readers… would
    know parts were fictionalized
    7. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew
    8. What happened to the first set of The Ten Commandments? [Moses broke them.]
    9. For what reason would a Jewish woman need to bring to the temple a lamb of the first year for a burnt offering, and a young pigeon, or a turtledove? [She had had a baby]
    10. According to the Law of Moses, the crime for blasphemy brought a sentence of what? [stoning]
    11. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written in all but one of these languages [Latin]
    12. Which fact below is true of the Book of Obadiah? [21 verses long]

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