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Lots of often disconnected stuff is floating around in my brain on this hot June day. The forecast is for 90 degrees for the next 5 days. I dislike hot weather the older I get. How did I survive all of those years as a kid without AC? Youth, I suppose.  My right-wing brother-in-law visited us yesterday and, in his usual punitive manner, dropped the line, ‘You know that this was one of the coldest Springs on record.” Luckily he refrained from the couplet, ‘So much for global warming.’ Apparently the 90 degree heat wave in central Alaska last week escaped his ears as did the 5-day forecast for Toledo.

•  I got an email from a friend on the political left last night with the title, “Tell me it ain’t so.”  The body of the email said this:

“Deja vu.
Chemical weapons….?
Are we doing Iraq all over again.
Curve ball?

Well, who knows.  We do love foreign intrusion and have, as one of our nationalistic mottoes, Might makes Right!  Will the President refrain from doing what so many of his predecessors have done, especially in their 2nd term?

I replied, ‘Who knows?’

• I have 2 bookmarks sitting side-by-side on my computer and the sites to with they direct the computer could not be more divergent. One is Science Daily and the neighbor is a local religion-discussion site. They are two of my favorite sites yet I cannot read them one after the other. I cannot. The disparity is too great for my aging brain to manage.

On the science site I read of black holes, quantum physics, new medical discoveries, magnificent discoveries in technology, genetic research, archaeological finds and human brain functions.  All fascinate me! Then, on the religion site, I am confronted by church doctrine, biblical nonsense, sin, righteousness, and Hell. Sigh. Gag.

•   Then there is the laughable world of U.S. politics. Seriously, it is hilarious.  Darkly funny and pathetic. Our citizens, appropriately, have switched the channel to summer. And why not? DC has become an outrageous burlesque show, seedy theatrics, a mockery of what our Founding Fathers had in mind.  It is time to pull the plug on this entire cesspool, drain and sanitize it. Just end the misery.

• What are you reading this summer, if anything? I hate to confess, but you probably know the theme of my latest book- and it is an actual book this time. The title is The Five Gospels. Yes five as Thomas gets a nod from the authors. The book purports to find the actual words of Jesus in those gospels and is the work of a group of scholars referred to as The Jesus Seminar. About 150 biblical scholars took part in the venture and, as a result of their work, this book color-codes the words put onto the lips of Jesus in these gospels. Words in black indicate a fabrication by the evangelists; the vast majority of his words are black. Equally common is the color gray that indicates that he may have spoken something like this but the actual words are lost in oral tradition. Less common is pink. Scholars use this color for phrases probably attributable to Jesus. I am already on page 135 and have yet to encounter the color red, the words that these scholars think came directly from his mouth.

If anyone wants more information about this project, let me know and I’ll do an entire post on the results of the Jesus Seminar.



14 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. As to the real words of christ, I read an article which said that anything that
    can be attributed to christ is minute…very little has survived that can actually be his words….I suppose we could do a google search on that…

    1. …then for 2000 years we’ve been duped! Is that what you are saying? Thus, when one reads these Gospels, the words are mostly fiction?

  2. If you understand how weather really works, you can understand climate change. America has had a cold spring, here in Europe, we are having one of the coldest spring/summers since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.I truly believe I am solar powered and life in this eternal chilly rainy season has gotten me just a little? a little depressed! We are experiencing catastrophic flooding all over France. I have the luxury of living on a hill top…but I look at my vegetable garden and just sigh…
    I would venture to say that I believe that there was person who is now mythologized as the christ. I believe memes and mythology are more powerful and real than words, obviously. I believe mythology is more powerful than reality, because it exists in the mind of the person who controls it. To control the interpretation of cultural myths is how we control reality. This is the most powerful force in the course of our intellectual evolution as a specie. This didn’t start yesterday…how did you get thousands of happy egyptians to build pyramids?
    The topic of terrorism, exposes and how we cope with political manipulative paranoia is worth a few thousand words in another post….
    But the books I am reading this summer? I just finished You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe, I am now reading Any Old Iron by Anthony Burgess and have a novel by the other Tom Wolfe….A Man In Full sitting on my table staring at me! Tonight, though, I am watching the 1965 Movie adapted from the novel by Evelyn Waugh by Terry Southern starring Jonathon Winters, Liberace, Rod Steiger, Milton Berle among others…The Loved `One…they don’t make ’em like that any more!

    1. I put that film on our Netflix queue. Thanks, Microdot.

      Regarding weather/climate, I often wonder if northern Europeans worry about the possibility that the North Atlantic Current might change its direction and leave your continent in a permanently cooler climate like that of Quebec?

      Surely that is why the EU is much more dedicated to climate studies than the U.S. which, it seems, never can get enough fossil fuels to burn.

      1. Speaking of the above film with Liberace in it, have you seen Behind the
        Candlebra? A behind the scenes account of Liberace and his male partner.
        It’s bee showing on HBO. At my house my mother would declare herself
        early in the day that she had dibs on the on;y tv in house to watch the Liberace show. My dad would fume!

  3. Rome kept fairly extensive records of births and deaths for taxation. The same is true of legal proceedings. Jesus is a real historical person. Where it goes historically from there is any one’s guess it seems.

    I am only saying, M_R, that I read about how many words that can be attributed to Jesus a number of years ago. As I recall, it is relatively few!
    I await your report from the “Five Gospels”.

  4. Rome kept fairly extensive records of births and deaths for taxation. The same is true of legal proceedings
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! I wanna see notarized copy on my desk pronto! Or I’m starting a brand new “birther” movement!

  5. Well, I know the scriptural answer…he had to see the actual wounds of Christ to be convinced that it was the really him…ergo, doubting Thomas…but, you know, Missouri is the “Show Me” State…

  6. I got the geographic reference, my friend, as well as the joke. Yet, I await the correct biblical answer. Surely you, who absorb the respiration of all of those righteous Bible Belt folks 24/7, ought to be able to answer the question.

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