Life, American Style

Life, American Style

This refers to Facebook, but fits nicely everywhere.


8 thoughts on “Life, American Style

  1. I love these.
    Seriously though – I think part of the value in social media is that it doesn’t have to be serious politics and current events ALL the time.
    I’m sick of the dumbing down of America, but I’ve found facebook a great medium for reversing that on occasion.
    But then……..I DO enjoy my little rants now and again, particularly if they can be combined with humor. Humor is power, incredible power.

    1. Dog Gone- I agree. We have a ‘friend’ on Facebook [an actual friend from our early years as a couple] who is a Tea Partier. I enjoy reading her political posts, although I gag on most of them. It is good to find out that they are, indeed, whackos.

  2. What? You’re not on facebook? That’s the peer pressure I endured for a few years…just like I don’t own a cell phone, I grudgingly started to use email…My wife doesn’t believe in facebook, she is totally frightened of it and the implications…I have had a lot of fun with it, rediscovering friends…Sometimes I post political stuff on it…but, it has allowed my dog to become an international superstar in his own right. I guess it fulfills my need for family…I stopped worrying about who I might offend long ago…the whackos ignore me and I ignore them.

  3. btw…it is a pretty useful tool for ideas and spreading information. A lot of the web sites I depend on for news and info post updates on facebook. It’s not all bad!

  4. I’m not on facebook! I have enough problems just emailing and surfing for
    news and being criticized by a blog owner about my spelling and our poor
    deceased nuns turning over in their graves wanting to escape and pull my
    hair or hit my hand with their ruler as they held my hand on the desk to
    increase the pain effect…..Do you remember your favorite sadistic nun, M_R, who could left a kid out otheir seat by pulling his hair?

  5. UpThe Flag…was that nun a certain Sister Mary Noreen? We may have more in common than you might like to admit!

    1. Not Sr. Noreen, but I’m quite sure that we could have inserted MANY names to qualify for the sadistic woman in black robes!

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