Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down This Wall!

As I listened to the joint news conference between President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel, there were references by Mr. Obama to both the Berlin Wall and the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

The President noted that ‘walls should not be built,’ then he referenced the tearing-down of the Berlin Wall after President Reagan challenged the Soviet Leader to do so.

Odd that he did not challenge Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to do the same. Odd is a kind word; pitiful may be better. Why didn’t our president have the courage to do so?  After all, he no longer needs the ‘Jewish vote.’

Any suggestions?



5 thoughts on “Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down This Wall!

  1. You ask, M_R, “why didn’t our president have the courage to do so?”
    Bismarking philoosohy od Otto von Bismarck of seeing the “Real Politik.”
    Obama doesn’t know what he is talking about in the Middle East,
    sadly. It’s all about religion. That area is the home grounds of the
    three major western religions: hebrew, christianity, and Islam.
    They have fought from time immemorial over religion.

    Here comes Obama yesterday in the news conference with German
    PM Merkel saying he wants “to see a Syria that is unified, democratic,
    and at peace.” Totallt out of touch with the

    1. [our 4th grade teacher rolls over in her grave due to your spelling, my friend.]

      Nonetheless, yes, he is out-of-touch with all of that nonsense. He sounds like Bush and his folly re the democratization of Iraq.

      I’m glad that you, uncharacteristically, brought up religion. Religion!

      I wonder,Dr. History, how the history of mankind would have been different if ‘religion’ had not been invented. Have you ever thought about that? Seems like it would have made a great masters thesis or dissertation topic.

  2. I find the concept of wall-building to be a reversion to Medieval times. Yet, perhaps, the mindset of the Israelis has not moved too far beyond that period in our history. [Yes I know that the U.S. has a border wall on the Mexican border, but that is a national border, not a ‘regional’ one.]

    And why should the Israelis not be ensnared in medieval times? After all, their holy book is consumed with late Iron Age thinking. It is all about ‘them v. us,’ the good, chosen people v the pagans. To me it is like the American Bible Belt on steroids!

    Of course, speaking of the Bible Belt, those biblical ignoramuses are dry sponges soaking up whatever bilge the Sunday School teachers and preachers spew out. And don’t get me started with the serious flaws in the reading of the New Testament that are ‘believed’ by these people. Ohio too, lest you accuse me of parochialism.

    I’m thinking of creating another blog devoted to religion. What do you think?

  3. As to my “spelling”, our nuns would never put my spelling test papers up
    on the hall, but they did yours.

    As to creating a blog on religion, fine with me as long as you don’t have to
    give this one up.

    As to the other cosmetic problems, it’s the fault of my computers or wordpress. I can type about three lines, then I’m typing in the blind
    as wordpress covers it all up, as has happened now. I figure that you would be able to interpret,lol

    Speaking of religion, have you offered how a person is saved and how they know if they have accepted the holy ghost?

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