Two More Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Plants Explode.

Well two more ammonium nitrate fertilizer plants exploded in Louisiana this week. Just more evidence of, “We don’t need those pesky environmental & OSHA regulations, because there are too many “Business Unfriendly” regulations causing problems.”

The results are that “Working Middle Class” people die….just the cost of doing business….Right? When is the South going to wake up and realize they are just being exploited?

To pass on some information for those who may not know, “Ammonium Nitrate” is what Tim McVeigh used when he blew up the Federal“FBI”Building in Oklahoma.

Maybe the Corporation’s “Decision Maker Heads” and Tim McVeigh could be viewed as one in the same…..the results are.


5 thoughts on “Two More Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Plants Explode.

  1. So much for laissez-faire capitalism — people DIE.

    I still haven’t seen anyone held accountable, much less prosecuted, for the big explosion in Texas near Waco.

    Not where I really wanted to post this — but happy father’s day! Those still living should hug the rest of those still living, both Dad’s and Kids.

  2. Thank you, Engineer, for this important posting. You ask, When is the South going to wake up and realize they are just being exploited?

    When? When they stop ‘believing’ in mysteries, myth and magic, aka fundamentalist religious beliefs. In my humble opinion, that deeply-bred faith/set of unnatural beliefs, distorts their entire view of reality. They can be easily led into believing lots of stuff, especially if it is from an authority figure. An authority figure like big oil, big pharm, big chem or any other exploitational companies rooted in a place where ‘the people’ don’t ask questions- they just nod and say, Amen!

  3. “When is the South going to wake up and realize they are just being exploited?”

    Living in the South, I take a different tact than M_R and you, Engineer.
    My historical background shows how the South was explointed from pre-
    revolutionary times to the recent present. This is evident in the creation of the Articles of Confederation and then the much stronger 1787 Constitution.
    Need to remembe that there was a higeria from the South until recently. Now, the Northern population is moving South. The new South rises as the North collapses.

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