A recent post on MMR centered on the fact that, no matter how hard we try, we all end up dead. Tombstones record name, birth and death dates. Little more. Legacy- anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. Naturally, our genetic material is passed down, but what else? And, is that important? The sports world is full of legacy as is the entertainment world. So are history books. Yet, few of the billions of people who once trod the earth are recorded in any of these. Will we?

Thus arises the question, What’s it all about, Alfie? Of what effect are the 70 or 80 years of our lives? Are we of no more import than the tortoise in the zoo?

Recently I read an obituary in my local newspaper that saddened me. The man, in his forties, was named along with his survivors. That’s all. He lived and died according to the obituary. Surely there was more to his life than that. Or was there?

Jesus said, ‘Love one another.’ Nothing about legacy-building. Simple. Should that phrase appear on a tombstone?

He Loved.


14 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. I am not concerned or obsessed with my legacy. I do what I do, I did what I did…In the words of my mentor, Sun Ra, “Hey Some Universes are way cooler than others…” I have two wishes that I would be happy to know that they might be accomplished after I leave this one…I would like a nasty little lawn dwarf to contain my ashes….I have a friend who is a sculptor who said he’d be interested in making it…it would be very cool if it had some kind of solar powered sensor that would trigger a sound when someone came by, so you could hear the lawn dwarf mutter, “Hey, pssst, lady, over here, C’mere, I wanna show you somethin,,,”The other one is to have a rose named after me, but it has to be pronounced correctly with a true Toledo accent….The Pee-yahtrick Rose….I don’t care what it looks like, just say my name right!

  2. “Surely there was more to his life than that. Or was there?”

    Sounds like a question from our Jesuit university Philosophy
    introductory course which was if a ttree falls and no one is around
    was there a noise?

  3. I agree that people have done what they did. But, it seems that a few of them had a “purpose” from the beginning. They have been tagged as good or bad over the centuries. The others have only occupied space
    it seems.

  4. Hello Muddy,
    This maybe the best posting you have done. I also want to complement microdot and uptheflag for there thoughtful comments. Where the person you spoke of may not have elaborated as too much, I would have to refer to you of thet”Butterfly Effect.” His physical presence definitely had an influence on our natural world.

  5. You say, M_R, that “Jesus said, Nothing about “.

    Seems to me he was all about legacy. And, western civilization has been
    plaughed by it for over 2000 years.

  6. UTF, the constitution was already sliced, diced and made into julienne fries long before Obama came along. It started under Reagan. I guess I could make a stupid joke about the Ronco Reagan Constitutional Matic but perhaps that’s just a little too obscure? (Remember the Ronco Vegematic commercials on TV?_ …we have to pick up the pieces and get a new operating system. Your computer was hacked, that’s what happens when you don’t do the upgrades.

    1. Nah, have to disagree with you, MD. It seems we have a President who is more intrerested in increasing the power of the Executive rather than
      protecting “we the people” from Executive power

  7. Nah, Obama doesn’t have the Delusions of Grandeur syndrome. Perhaps you are tipping slowly to the right side cesspool of life.

  8. Even though you are tenaciously attempting to equate these two men, it is pure folly (or a brain fart). Consider, for example their unique world view- the view that was established during their late adolescence. They couldn’t be more different!

    How did each ‘see’ their world at that stage of development, my friend? Further, how does that impact their adult perception of the world?

    ‘What you are is what you were when.’

  9. that was a Huffington Post my friend from Ohio. I believe that is a
    rercognized liberal site. It.s time to take off “rose colored glasses and
    see what is happening to our freedoms.

    And this morning what do we awake to, but U.S. escalation in the
    Middle East. For what reason? Two Bushes in Iraq, a Bush and an
    Obama in Afghanistan, an Obama in Syria = you got that picture =

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