The Grand Emptiness

There’s nothing there, there. Well, that’s not entirely true, yet for the Masses living today in these United States there is Grand Emptiness. The furor on Wall Street of the Dow at +15000 is meaningless to most; their lives are worse than a decade ago. They are the 21st century version of serfs and peasants eeking out subsistence while the lords and ladies party and gad-about.

The big difference between Medieval Europe and today is that ‘they’ didn’t know any difference. Today’s communication systems remind modern serfs and peasants that life in the manor house is only a Quicken Loan away. Or a Mega Millions lottery ticket.

There was a pitiful display of all of this on PBS Sunday evening on Independent Lens  as it presented a look at the city of Detroit- a film they titled, Detropia.

For people like me who lived in Detroit it was more than pathetic and more than sad. It was gut-wrenching. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Detroit who I would visit often in my youth. I attended two universities in the city and lived in the center of Detroit in an area that erupted in violence during the riots of ’67. I knew those streets, businesses and houses. Today it is a grand empty place where weeds have replaced the neatly trimmed lawns. Large empty lots appear like islands of green among the rubble.

There is nothing there, there.

Only despair.


5 thoughts on “The Grand Emptiness

  1. The so-called “American Dream” has become non-existent for most and is rapidly becoming an American NIFGTMARE courtesy of the greedy corporatists and far-right elements who nurture it. We are becoming a third world nation.

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