Will the Idiocy Ever End?

We are a remarkably moronic nation and I’m not talking about the math, science and reading scores of our students. It’s the adults.  The ones who ‘believe’ lots of idiocy. Yesterday my wife found the photo below on her Facebook page posted by a right-wing ‘friend.’



It truly is amazing what we Americans ‘believe.’ I wonder, though, if it is universal, cutting across national borders? Are Europeans and Canadians as gullible as we Americans? Or do they have a built-in ‘sensibility’ filter that many Americans lack?

Take religion for example. I’ve been playing around on a religious website lately observing the ‘beliefs’ of a group of fundamentalist Christians. When I throw in my agnostic thoughts I’m attacked like a rabid dog. Seriously. These people are sold on Creationism, the young earth hypothesis,  blood atonement, literalism of the Bible, and anything else you can imagine. It doesn’t take too much effort to ‘imagine’ what else is in their box of beliefs.

What else could account for the odd and skewed ‘beliefs’ demonstrated by those on the right-edge of the political spectrum?  After all, most are God-fearing, born-again, Bible-thumping Christians. You know, those who answer any question of morality with, “For the Bible says…”

I’m not talking a small group by any means. The Pew Forum’s U.S. Religious Landscape survey found that 26.3% of U.S. Protestants refer to themselves as evangelical. One fourth! Another Pew survey found that about 27% of the U.S. Catholic population consider themselves as old-style, literalist, charismatic Catholics. Together, this is a huge number of people across this nation.

Given this, why would we wonder why so many Americans hold odd ‘beliefs’ on other, non-religious issues? If this group can hold on to  incredible religious beliefs that defy history and science, it is easy to understand that this group may be quite vulnerable to accept propaganda of a political nature.

In a Fairleigh Dickinson University survey released January 2013, 75 percent of Republicans say that at least one political conspiracy theory [of 4 given to them] is likely true. This includes 64 percent who think that President Obama is hiding information about his background and early life and 19 percent who think the 2012 Presidential election was stolen. Yes, that stuff!

My unproven theory is this: a religiously marinated mind is a sponge for conniving politicos. What do you think?


13 thoughts on “Will the Idiocy Ever End?

  1. Forget about them…

    Wish we could, my friend, but they do vote and in a high percentage. What I hope to achieve from posts like this is an awareness of the danger this group puts upon our democratic government. And you know this too. Yet it bears repeating lest we fall into some false malaise and become inattentive to this major threat to democracy.

    1. I was discussing climate change with an activist relation. She pointed out that we cannot change the opinions of the closed minded.

      We can influence the opinions of the undecided.

      And give ourselves support.

  2. Exactly, Laci.. M_R says that we who visit this blog continually need to
    be constantly warned about the evangelical christians. He’s venting to
    the choir, as we already are in agreement. The hand of religion is just
    not the first cause of all that is wrong with this country.

    In sales, there is a saying that when you can’t convince a person of the
    benefit of what your selling, move on and let combustion come upon them,
    lol. Otherwise, you just get bogged down with people whose mind is
    closed and you will never convince.

    As you say, Laci, we need to move to the people whose mind is not
    totally closed,”the undecided.” M_R makes much parody that I live in
    the bible belt. Yes, Mississippi is christian, yet in this last election Obama
    came within 5% points of being 50-50. That means a lot of christians
    voted for a progressive, and an African-American. What needs to be
    “preached” is the social gospel and win the undecideds and the fence
    sitters and the back benchers over to following the precepts and earning
    the grace of their savior. We should not be lumping them all together and therby writing them off. We need to divide and conquer

    1. …yet shouldn’t we tell these undecideds and fence-sitters how dangerous it would be to elect a Republican to the presidency? Seems to me that this message is more convincing than talking tax policies or some other strictly-political idiocy that may not resonate with The People.

  3. And, what about the present Democratic President who acts as a Republican for a Day? Obama is appealing the judge’s decision not to
    limit the morning after pill to girls under 18 over the counter. Here is what
    the the judge wrote: ““I did so because the Secretary’s action was politically motivated, scientifically unjustified, and contrary to agency precedent,” Korman says.”

    What a scathing rebuke to President Obama. Obama is siding with the
    fundies anti-birth control stands….More of the “idiocy” my friend.

    1. The Associated Press
      President Barack Obama says he’s comfortable with his administration’s decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anyone 15 and older.

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