While I was Away

I’ve been away from all of the topics that we muse about here on MMR for nearly a week, child-sitting for my grandchildren in eastern Ohio. My wife and I were able to take some day trips while the kids were in school.  I’d highly recommend the underrated Cuyahoga Valley National Park which runs from Cleveland to Akron through quite scenic and geologically diverse landscapes. As a resident of the Flatlands of western Ohio, the park area is stunningly varied and interesting. Hiking and biking trails wind through the valley along side of a passenger train with easy hop on/off stops for serious bicyclists. Additionally, one can explore history as the former Ohio & erie Canal locks are extant along the valley floor.

As a result. I’ve missed the world. Did I miss much? By the way, what happened with that diminutive two-bit dictator of Korea who was planning to have a fireworks show? What about Syria?  Have we figured out the ‘good guys from the bad guys’ yet and are Graham and McCain still crying for us to get involved? No need to ask about Congress.  I assume that everything is deadlocked with lots of bluster on both sides. I suppose that climate change is progressing as predicted.  No doubt gun control is still dead in the water [of melting glaciers].Religious fundamentalists, I presume, are still as nuts as ever. And I take for granted that the rich of the world are growing richer and the poor continue to eat the crumbs from the table.

What did I miss?


5 thoughts on “While I was Away

  1. Pardon the comment above it was a test word to see if i was getting through.
    I had written a reply to your Post and it evaporated into electronic air
    someplace. So six hours later I will try again.

    Not much changed during your absence from Toledo. Hopefully the adventures with the children and one another has quieted your emotions and the bp has come down some. With the changes happening here my bp is probably off the chart. Might need a road trip to relax myself, lol.

  2. Continuing, Korea doesnt really concern me. It’s in the Chinese sphere
    of interest and will be up to them to deal with the North. As for Syria, it is
    ripe for neo-con fishing for another war. Have to say though Obama helped
    it along with his misguided statement of a year ago about drawing a red
    line that Assad could not cross. The question now is has Assad crosed or
    not. NBC this morning was sayhing that the it might have been the rebels who used the chemicals, probably to lure Obama to announce that the red line had been crossed. Moreover, the UN is questioning who and how of the chemical release.

    Yes the Congress and the President are still dysfunctional…The latest evidence of that is the exemption of the FAA from the sequester funds because of flight delays and inconveniences of the rich and the powerful.
    A bill passed by overwhelming majorites without mark up hearings by
    appropriate House and Senate Committees. Again the DEMS were
    Republicans for a Day, lol, as they voted for the 1%. The real disappoint
    ment is that we even had a Republican President for a Day as he signed
    this misguided legislation, instead of vetoing it. We just had an election
    in which the President actively sought out the 99% for their work, their
    money, and their vote and he turns his back on us by signing legislation
    for the wealthy and the powerful. In my thinking, he should have
    veoted the legislation with a stinging rebuke and told Congress and the
    American people he will sign no legislation passed in favor of the rich and
    one percenters. So, you see, M_R, you didnt miss much in that it is still
    Congress and the President in the pocket of the special interests, the rich,
    and the elite. This is another instant of the winner- take- all greed and
    arrogant power of the rich and our congressmen and women…..

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