Question Authority.

One needs to start fact checking given the amount of rubbish coming from the right wing (left field? twilight zone?) in the US.  Case in point, this fourth grade science test:


This has been verified by Snopes


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  1. As I wrote below to M_R, Laci, I don’t see religion as the real issue with the
    problems in the United States. Religion is a tool, but not the end in itself.

  2. We need to police the party of stupid, otherwise we will end up with a nation of fools and ignorant bigots

    We need to question everything with the important question asked first, is it true of what we are told in the media. I just saw a Salon article this morning, correcting all of the supposedly accurate things we were told – some of them by the authorities. For example, the two bombers had one hand gun between them; not a lot of firearms. They did not in fact rob a convenience store either. The younger of the two was unarmed when taken into custody – and a perfectly good boat was shot to hell not because he fired a single shot but because some trigger happy goof among the LEOs did.

    And just when you thought the right couldn’t get more stupid than they already are – they are trying to claim that the word caucasian, referring to the Caucuses mountains – which includes where the two bombers(alleged) came from – should not be used to define or describe the category for white people, because they’re not white they’re asians, and because the word sounds like Cock-asians.

    I am smart, I have a good education and a good imagination, but I could never make up something this stupid – but it is embraced by the right.

  3. Laci- the ‘test’ you posted surely came from a christian fundamentalist school or Sunday school. Of course, they are right because….well because the Bible says…

    Question authority indeed applies to this idiocy just as it does to Muslim fundamentalism. Their ‘authority’ is usurped and counterfeit, but is highly regarded by the flock of believers under their feet. Reminds me of medieval serfdom in its idiocy.

  4. I am staging the official 2013 BrainPolice Creationist Anti Science Fair. In the announcement on my blog, I linked to the 4th grade test pages that Laci published here. I even checked with Snopes to see if they were real. They are.
    I don’t condemn the concept of religious belief, because that encompasses a wide range of the interface between human emotion and intellect. But, western religion denies intellect. Western religion is the problem in America and in Europe. It is the enabling factor that allows bigotry, ignorance and hate and creates a blanket of justification to hide behind.
    Anti-intellectualism has become epidemic in America. Almost every right wing noise machine tea brain talking head does not have a college degree. O’Reilly, Beck, Limbaugh are all failed college students. Reagan started the trend of bashing intellectuals, but even he could pronounce the word. Bush couldn’t. Can you say Nu-cu-lar? (Of course, if you listen to Jimmy Carter speak, he mis pronounces Nuclear as well, but to be fair, the man was actually a Nu-cu-lar Engineer) Reagan started the trend of linking anti liberal intellectual bashing to religion as a political ploy in this modern cycle.
    Religion is the “gateway drug” to ignorance.

    1. But, religion is not the reason why we have a dysfunctional government…

      It is one of the contributors- just think how many state legislatures around our nation have fundamentalist affiliations and thereby fundamentalist agendas.

    1. “But, religion is not the reason why we have a dysfunctional government
      unable to deal with the issues.”
      “Can we look at this way, perhaps? Religion is the red-herring….”

      Hi UTF. Religion can’t be a red herring because religion is the central issue in most stupidity, especially in government. It is also my opinion that religion is a very big reason for a dysfunctional government. We need to look no further than abortion and marriage equality. Take N. Dakota’s recent legislature. Life begins at six weeks old. It’s been brought to my attention that most Mothers don’t even realize they’re pregnant after six weeks. The original bill asked for a fetus to be considered a person after the moment of being conceived. Of course this is all a belief system based off of religion.

      1. The problem is that it is the religious, or should I say fundamentalist, mindset that causes the problems. It is because the “righteous” person says “I am correct and you are wrong-thus, I refuse to accept what you say: no matter how well you present facts that refute my position.”

        Also, I am under the impression that this is a public school–although, no one has revealed the school where this test was taken.

        1. If this story is based off of a public school Laci, America is in trouble. Not to mention Church/State ramifications.

          1. Well, given that North Carolina (which is where this test came from) actually proposed making Christianity (which sect?) the State religion…


  5. Hello everyone. This is a decent post Laci, but I checked out the snopes report, and I still question the validity of this quiz. It doesn’t seem like there is any hard evidence of this being legitimate. Even the Administrator states that the Father refuses to give the name of the school. But he will in June when school ends? The other thing that strikes me as odd is the last question.
    “The next time someone says the Earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?” The supposed answer being “Were you there?”

    Now I’ll admit, I’m quite removed from fourth grade, but I can’t remember a test or quiz question ever being phrased in that manner. Of course the answer is very familiar to me. That’s my usual answer when someone reminds me that a man named Jesus Christ died for my sins.

          1. To answer your first question, the ACLU has fought in court in defense of gay marriage and abortion rights. The ACLU was involved with Roe v. Wade as well as Doe v. Bolton.
            In 2003, the ACLU helped persuade the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas to expand upon the privacy rights established in Roe when it struck down a Texas law making sexual intimacy between same-sex couples a crime. And The ACLU was very instrumental in the Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear arguments regarding the DOMA, and California’s Prop 8. So in short, the ACLU does challenge the courts in regards to those two issues.

            To answer your second question, shortly my friend. I am currently going through newspaper archives for the next post. Patience is a virtue my good man……… :-)

  6. Oh, I can understand what you mean, but I am talking not about cases
    along that long. I am referring to having the courts rule on whether
    there is a “wall separating religion and the State (government)” as
    Jefferson and Madison maintained. John Adams writing on the Treaty
    that ended the war with the Bribery Coast pirates in late 1790s said that
    the United States was not a christian nation. He obviously meant in enacting laws it was a secular country, but that the citizens were predominantly christian. Religion can be practiced freely, but not to influence our legislation.

  7. I knew that, but thought we could have a discussion on why they intermingle.
    When Adams’ says that the United States is not a “christian nation” circa 1797, when and where and how did religion get into the public arena? These
    are not trick questions either, I don’t know the answers. It would be interesting to see if there is a date and reason when it occurred. Did it
    begin with Washington swearing on the bible and adding the words, “so help me god?”

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