Happy Birthday

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Let’s all take a little time to wish a special and Happy Birthday for our dear friend Microdot. Have a wonderful day Buddy…….. joyeux anniversaire mon ami


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I did have a great day. It was like summer here. I got to go bike riding and cranked up the barbecue for my favorite dinner. My wife’s sauted potatoes and a grilled duck breast! Today is cludy and it’s goning to get cooler and rain, but the wisteria ia blooming on the road! Thanks for thinking of me. As my mother in law, Didi would say, and she lived to be 94, “I got away with it again!”

  2. And the beat goes on…We have to make the most of it for as long as we
    can, MD. Keep up all the good work. Glad you had a favorite meal for
    your celebration.

    1. May I chime in to offer you, Microdot, my best wishes for continued health and steadfast tenacity of moral character. Hope that you enjoyed the day and the special meal.

  3. Hah, I can’t believe how old we are getting to be! When I was much younger and much more irresponsible, I was cultivated an artstic asthmatic aura, which I callously used as a seductive ploy with great success.
    Now, I’m 64 and fairly healthy, pretty fit and actually much more happy. I surprised even myself.

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