GW Bush Approval on the Rise

Incredibly, the approval rating of GW Bush is rising.  His numbers are up 14 points since he left the Oval Office according to the latest poll. Further, approval for his handling of the economy is 19 points higher. Imagine that.

On a talk show this morning the question was asked, ‘Why?’ Why indeed.  My take is America’s perennially plagued short memory. As a society, we resemble more of an adolescent rather than a mature adult. Compared to Western Europe we are inattentive and rash.

Yet how can Americans forget a major economic crash at the end of his presidency and the two wars, one of which still endures? Or don’t we give a damn? Maybe we, as a culture, are stuck in the pioneer stage with a frontiersman ethos? Our lust for guns says so. So does our willingness to engage in military adventures or misadventures.

Today the GW Bush library opens. I wonder how much propaganda is on display. And will the visitors gobble it up as they did during his presidency?


6 thoughts on “GW Bush Approval on the Rise

  1. ” My take is America’s perennially plagued short memory. ”

    Right on, my friend. And, your right again in asking “Why?”

    Now, we can subscribe it to what Frank says in “What’s the Matter
    with Kansas”, but that is too simplistic, it seems to me.

    1. Too simplistic? But maybe that’s exactly the point. We ARE a simplistic culture grounded in ‘faith’ and ‘belief.’ You realize that Frank’s hypothesis in that book you cited is that there is a major undertow current running [rushing] through society which is based upon the assumption that fundamentalism is the rock of our society and its principles are the foundation of our nation.

      Fundamentalism, he theorizes, is what is splitting us and keeping us from working on the ‘common welfare.’ Religion, my friend, once again.

      By the way here far from the Bible Belt we read that through the efforts of Christian fundamentalists a woman’s health clinic in Cleveland which offers abortion services was shut down last week. Even more- the University of Toledo, because of pressure from the same fundamentalists, are no longer offering abortion services to its employees. Yes, a STATE university way up here in northern Ohio.

      Their ugly tentacles are spreading everywhere, my friend.

  2. Yes, I read that in my local paper…Interesting. A judge here just ordered
    an injunction from the State closing the only abortion clinic in the State
    located in Jackson.

    I do not disagree about fundamentalist religion and its impact. However,
    I do not think that it is the prime cause of the problem.

    1. No, not the prime cause but one of a handful of problems. How about distribution of wealth and general educational failure as two others?

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