Domestic Terrorism in the U.S.

“He’s in custody!” That was the 3-word phrase that lifted the spirits of the people in the Boston area last night. The town of Waterford Mass at last were able to unlock their doors and step outside into the warm April evening air. Four days of terror finally at an end. This, the most recent act of domestic terrorism will now be added to the Google list under’ domestic terrorism.’ It already has been added.

They are listed alphabetically by organization from the Animal Liberation Front to the Weathermen. Each group had a belief and an agenda. Each group thought its agenda important enough to risk public death. Really? THAT important? I doubt it.

The perpetrators, as we all know, are nearly exclusively males. What’s with that? What is it about males that they are the ones who end up on these historic lists? Is it the y-Chromosome? Is it the testosterone? Is it nature?  Or is it nurture?

Well, gentlemen, have you any guesses?


9 thoughts on “Domestic Terrorism in the U.S.

  1. However, having said that, lol, let me add that I don’t think that it is the
    reasons you have listed in the last paragraph. Unfortunately, I dont have the soc or psych background to go into it any deeper. It’s the WHY question that everyone wants to know from this young bomber. Besides following
    his older brother, what was the deeper reason for becoming a killer which
    his past history demonstrated a realtiely happy and acceptable life.

    What went wrong in his gestation and early life that could have had an impat? Seems like the discipline at play are not in my area of history.

  2. Fox just ran a criticism of Holter and Obama over whether they will seek
    the death penalty. It is a federal case, not state, and a federal justice attorney said no decision had been reached yet on calling for the death
    penalty. Fox is all over that and calling Obama and Holter weak on defending
    Americans…Fox is all in support of Graham and McCain calling for him
    to be tgried in military court and not federal court. Another commentator said that anyu means should be used to get information out of him as the safety of the United States is paramount. Finally, Fox has discussion on increasing safety for citizens, which means less freedom to attend such events.

    1. Fox, eh? Sigh. What else can you expect from that network? Your brain and mine, my friend, are not wired like those who plug into that network. Luckily, the number of viewers of that network diminishes with each new obituary.

  3. M_R, are you aware that 35% of white children live in a single parent home
    or with the mother and boyfriends? And, the figure for black American
    children is 70%?

    My friend, we are becoming a fatherless society.

  4. Here is an interesting quote from Marcus Brauhli, a Washington Post
    VP and a former editor of the Wall Street Journal:

    “There was a time in Washington when it was common for politicians, pundits and the bloviating classes to warn of the burdens being imposed on “our children and grandchildren” by profligate government, feckless regulation and cosseted corporations. Few of us realized they were talking about us.”

    My high school english teacher would have enjoined this as he was always
    critical of our mundane vocabulary. I am referring to the four descriptive
    words in the quote: bloviating, profligate, feckless, and cosseted.

    My dictionary does not even carry the first word, bloviating;

    profligate government: interprets as recekless wasteful or wildly
    feckless regulation: meeble or ineffective regulation;
    cosseted corporations: means pampered or to be treated as a pet lamb.

    First, how effected is this type of vocabulary on an opinion page, and secondly do those terms summarized what has happened in the last 40 years?

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