Ex-Marine Gets 20 Years in Mosque Arson

TOLEDO BLADE. Randolph Linn, 52, of St. Joe, Ind., was sent to prison for 20 years and ordered to pay restitution of more than $1.4 million for setting fire to the prayer room of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo on Sept. 30, 2012. Linn drove from northeast Indiana to Ohio that day, filled gasoline cans he’d brought along, and walked through the Perrysburg Township mosque holding a gun before pouring gasoline on the second-floor prayer room’s large rug and igniting it.

“We don’t feel anger as much as we feel hurt that someone hated us that much — someone who’s never met us, someone who knows nothing about us,” Ms. Kadri, president of the center, said before the sentence was imposed in U.S. District Court in Toledo.


“…that someone hated us that much- someone who’s never met us, someone who knows nothing about us.”

Well he DID know something about you; he knew that you were Muslim.

He said in his pre-trial hearing that he watched a story on FoxNews about a U.S. soldier who was killed.  Apparently this was the spark that lit his fuse.

After the sentencing his wife said, ” He’s not remorseful. When Randy would be drinking, whatever political was going on, he would rant and rave about it and then the next day…”

The judge in the trial compared his actions with the terrorist[s] of the Boston Marathon. “What you did also was an assault — as was the Boston Marathon bombing — an assault on what I call the American spirit, on our unique and founding principles of freedom, tolerance, and respect.”

Tolerance?  Respect?  Freedom? Did Linn learn any of these virtues on Fox?  On AM radio?  I doubt it.  Rather, he learned that it was OK to hate ‘our enemies.’

He is an ex-Marine.  Why do I mention this? Maybe because of the recruiting slogan, “The few, the proud, the Marines.”  Really?

Hopefully ‘the few’ characterize this ex-Marine.

Propaganda- the bane of society.


14 thoughts on “Ex-Marine Gets 20 Years in Mosque Arson

  1. The question is violence. It would be interesting to see statistics on the amount of violence per capita in the rest of the industrialized nations and
    how they compare to violence per capita in the United States…

  2. Why would the question be “violence”? And your request to see stats on per capita violence in the USA compared to the rest of the world is puzzling as well. I can find stats easily enough, but it is interpreting them, breaking them down and realistic comparison that might make them interesting. If you look at the per capita rate of violence compared to other industrialized nations, then the USA is in the top 10, I just checked out the rates for 2010 and the number one country is Honduras, the USA is number 5, right after El Salvador, Venezuela and Russia. But how would this be significant here?

  3. The perp tried to weasel out of his crime by saying that he was drunk. He claimed 45 beers. Sure! And he drove 60 miles after 45 beers?


  4. I can’t help but think of the nut case,” the good christian man” as the big broad referred to him, who threatened to report me to the Department of Homeland Security to have me put on a “no fly list” because of my political opinions. I remember checking out his blog back then and reading his entries detailing his surveillance activities of the Perrysburg Mosque. He wanted to make sure that the children who went to the day care there weren’t being trained as terrorists. When this story first broke, I thought that the perp might really have been this guy…. Hate is a disease and it is infectious. Here in France, where most of the country support the legislation which will be enacted this week legalizing Marriage Equality, a small minority of radical catholics have allied themselves with the most violent ultra nationalist branch of the far right Front National, the GUD party. They have promised and have started a campaign of violence to try to intimidate the government into backing down on enacting the law.
    Last night they burnt cars in Paris. They have beaten people and attacked gay bars in Lille and Nice. I think that once they publicly started to speak and act violently, they lost what ever wavering support they had been been garnering. Even their main figurehead personalities are beginning to back off…
    45 Beers? Maybe the dude didn’t have to actually drive, he just had to take advantage of the tidal charts…

  5. btw, his wife didn’t seem to be very upset about his conviction….maybe she will finally be able to hose down the couch…..

  6. The question is violence, because this country is a violent country by nature.
    Violence seems to have been, if I can use a term, “bred” into the pysche of
    the country. The history of the United States is one act of violence after
    another. The first black slaves were imported into this country, what wuld
    be Virginia, in 1619. The Pilgrims were guilty of violent acts against
    themselves and the Native Americans. Generation after generation tried thei dmnest to exterminate the Native American. Alexander Hamilton was killed by Burr in a violent confrontation. We had brother killing brother inthe Civil War. People were blown up in the Cicago HayMarket affair. We had women chained to their machines and forced to deliver thir children on the job, and then get up and continue to operate their machine.. We have had Presidents and important reformers assassinated. We had three civil
    rights students murdered in Mississippi. There were church bombings
    that killed innocent children. Just recently there was the act of violence
    in Boston. I dare say that in our youth we played cops and robbers or cowboys and indians with our make shift cars and horses and guns. We
    watched every week the “Untouchables” show. We all wanted to be like
    Gene, Roy, and Hopalong. How did they settle everything, but with
    fights and shoot outs. When a new house was being built in the
    neighborhood and two big mounds of earth had been created in front
    and behind where the basement would be, we claimed a hill as our
    fortress and the game was to attack each other and capture that enemy hill as John Wayne did in Iwo Jima.

    I am just saying that violence is part of who we are, and your quick look
    at world figures on violence, comfirms it, MD. I knew it would! Just
    yesterday the U.S. Senate confirmed it by championing gun use. “you will
    have to pry my dead cold hand from my gun to take it away'” philosophy.
    Violence is part of our culture. Obama uses it with his stupid drone policy.
    It permeates everything: social, economic, religious, and political.

  7. Very good answer! Thank you UTF…I agree with you 100%. The Per Capita Violence Stats are very interesting because they reveal so about the nature of the culture of an “industrialized” country. The USA is pretty high on the list of all countries, industrialized or undeveloped, to put that into perspective, the USA is right behind Russia….FYI, France is pretty high up there too. It ranked 9th and to our disgrace, the rate of domestic violence is just about the top of European countries. It’s also interesting to look at how we regard violence in other countries. Drug Cartel and gang violence makes the headlines and is sensationalized in the American press when it occurs in Mexico or Colombia, but the numbers when examined are dwarfed by the stats for the same kind of crimes in America. Remember, we make the guns, the gun makers make the profits and it keeps a lot of Americans employed…Politicians make big bucks from the arm manufacturing lobbies…the bottom line….when gun rights maniacs start whining that if we do background checks and limit the kinds of guns and ammo that an honest god fearing citizen can buy, because if they can’t get legally, the criminals can get it illegally, who really bears the onus of the guilt for this?
    The guns that are for sale on in the street markets of Mogadishu are mostly of American origin. Most of the arms that the Malian Islamists obtained to terrorize Mali, came from Libya…we sold them to Ghadaffi. We make our own nightmares, we soiled our nest and refuse to be responsible for the mess and keep on doing it because of sheer greed.

  8. You know the meme of the day that I have read over and over again by gun rights advocates is that if we do background checks for guns, then when are we going to do background checks for pressure cookers and other potentially dangerous kitchen appliances.

  9. For this and other reasons we have all discussed on here is why I believe our
    future is bleak. M_R likes the psychological side of affairs and was hoping
    to see him weigh in on this violence issue.

  10. UtF- Violence seems to have been, if I can use a term, “bred” into the pysche of the country.

    Yes it has and, even deeper, think of the type of person who decided to immigrate to America. He was unhappy or unsatisfied [or a criminal] with his homeland and wanted a place to begin again. Reminds me of Australia too.

    Yes we are violent and the fact that we can’t get gun legislation proves it.

    The psychological side, as UtF teases, is looking more dim than ever. We are an unhappy, drunken/drugged lot, and becoming ever-more narcissistic as the years pass by. Did I mention ignorant, too?

    Put that in a blender, my friend, and see what you get!

  11. And, how M_R, does a school system deal with this blenderized student, or 30 students in a class room? Is the public school system per se deysfunctional or is it made so by the blenderized students that come there?
    I guess my point here would be that if it’s the school systems that are broke and failing the students that can be fixed, but if it is all these blenderized
    30 “students” sitting in each and every classroom is thaere failure the result of the school system and/or the teachers?

    1. The ‘product’ coming into the school these days is nothing like we saw in our school days. As you know, my wife and I tutor at our local p.s. and the students assigned to us are not necessarily ‘ignorant’ or ‘unable to learn.’ Rather their lives are so complicated that ‘playing school’ is far removed from their agenda.

      Just a day ago my wife told me about a 6th grader she had in the tutor room- a girl whose brother was arrested the night before for breaking into his mother’s house [he lives with Dad]. Dad told him to so that he could check on who his mom was shacking up with.

  12. So, where does the “blame” fall? Societal as in breakdown of the nuclear
    family, the school systems, or the teachers?

    In many instances, my friend, if you would study who are the inmates in
    our jails and prisons, it would seem to indicate that they are not “ignorant
    or unable to lean individuals. Many are above average in intelligence.

    We did not grow up in a permissive environment. We knew our place and didn’t cross the line, but when we did, we knew we would get it. I am witnessing this is two generations removed from us, M_R, with my daughter and grandson living here. He has no respect really for his mother or his
    grandparents at the age of 13. If I even make an attempt to say something as
    “that is inappropriate”, grandmother immediately rants and raves that I am
    being unreasonable. Some how in school he is making A and B grades, but
    never ever brings a bood home or a paper to do. Go figure! There is no
    homework period…The “homework” is all done at school. He has A’s in
    math and science! His attitude, however, is like “so what?” He is on
    his cell phone either texting, talking, or on face book from before he gets
    out of bed in the morning, which itself is a morning fiasco, until 11 at night.
    This is probably being repeated in homes across the country. To be sure, they are not “ignorant”, or dumb, or stupid. They are not responsible, because they have not been taught to be responsible for their life. That’s the difference, M_R, that I see when comparing the 1950’s to the 2000’s

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