Condensed Hate in a Single BLog

It was either a terribly hateful person or a deranged person who set off the bombs at the Boston Marathon on Monday. We’ll know the answer in a few days.  Until then, we mourn for the dead and those severely injured in that act of madness.

A short while ago I surfed over to JOB’s blog to see what he was writing about and I looked at the links posted there. One caught my eye and turned my stomach when I went there. The person who operates the blog has a serious mental issue and I’m betting that he is not receiving mental health counselling. The symptoms are overt and the thoughts are deranged. I hope that he lives alone and thereby has no power over family members. I’m also betting that he’s heavily armed. I fear for his neighbors. I wonder if the local police have him on their radar.

Was the bomber[s] at the marathon driven to this act of violence through propaganda?  Was he so-filled with vile that he decided to act out on his accumulated hate? Where did he get his hateful propaganda?

If an angry, unstable person would happen to find the blog to which I refer, he would be able to absorb quite a lot of overt vile; he would not have to even read the posts there- the photos and the drawings along with the thread topics say it all.  At the front page of the blog are 4 WANTED posters- the President, the Vice-President, the Attorney General and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The President is dressed in a Nazi uniform.  They are ‘wanted’ for treason.

A post three days ago by the operator of the blog is titled, “This is the Criminal Known as Barack Hussein Obama.”

The question arises as to when the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech turns into dangerous rhetoric which could have a serious and deadly effect on unstable minds. We cannot yell, ‘Fire!’ in a theater. Can we scream HATE! at the top of our lungs without any consequences?


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  1. Signs point to a home grown crazy as most likely being behind this. The hate which has been stirred up by the right is corrosive and detrimental to society. Even if it is not censored, it needs to be severely criticised as being inappropriate for a civil society.

  2. I only have disgust for the idiots spewing their hate and prejudice and releasing their brain farts on twitter in their knee jerk responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing. I am trying hard to keep up with the facts as they are released. I could say that I am traumatized by this as a survivor/victim of 3 separate incidents. I’ve been shot at in riots, stabbed by a person I was trying to help and clubbed and arrested by cops in demonstrations…I was a few blocks from the WTC when the first tower collapsed and lost friends due to the log term effects of the cancerous debris of the bombing. I worked a few blocks from the WTC when the parking garage bombing happened in 1993.
    My most urgent message is to anyone who wants to blame someone and take revenge…stop. think, try to understand what is happening. When you let the panic and fear take control, you only become a victim and the maniacs who perpetrated this horror win. Please, instead of closing your heart, use this opportunity to open your mind.
    The facts will come out. I have said this before, and I will say it again, The World Trade Center bombing was a life changing experience for me. I resolved to try to become a force for understanding. I try, I may not succeed, I fail miserably at times, and often I forget what I am supposed to be doing, but it has driven me to try to understand people, and understand the destructive force of hate even with in my own human heart.
    The first step to understanding is to admit that you don’t understand.

  3. I want to continue here, before 9/11, I had a few acquaintances who were muslims. It was a wall I had never really looked over. The year after 9/11, I found myself in a situation where I was working with Algerians and Moroccans as an equal. I met a few, one in particular, who instantly hated me because I was an American. But since we were forced to work together 8 hours a day…I made it my mission to talk to them. The fellow Achmed, who would spit at my feet when I turned my back on him became my particular “victim”. I made it a point to sit next to him at lunch everyday and try to talk to him in my very bad French. After 3 days, the other people at the table got the hint and made sure I had my reserved seat next to Achmed…After a week, he began to smile at me. Then one day he started to ask me about the WTC bombing. He seemed totally shocked when I related my experience to him. Two days later, we were working together and began to speak to him in French and he looked at me and said carefully in English, “You know, I speak very good English” I started to laugh, he started to laugh and after that, we were buddies! He spoke much better English than French and I found him to be a very interesting guy with a great sense of humor. We are still friends, over 10 years later. Now, when I am in Libourne, I always visit my Moroccan friends, Xeneb, Mohammed and Achmed. Their in laws in Neac, are like family to me. I have a lot of stories about the rivalry between the sister in laws, Xeneb and Havida. It is a fact, once you break down the barriers, once you show your self and open your heart and mind, you can make lifetime friendships a reality.

  4. One more thing…I read the last line of your post, Mudrake about screaming HATE at the top of our lungs and not expecting consequences…I would think it would be much more interesting to scream LOVE at the top of my lungs and await the consequences…it could be very interesting.

    1. Here in Toledo we read that the man who set fire to the Muslim mosque last year was sentenced to 20 years. He drove here from Indiana (ostensively drunk!) after ‘listening to Fox,’ he said.

      Hate and the hatemongers!

      At the sentencing he said he was sorry, but his former wife told the press that she doubts it.

      Propaganda works.

  5. Ahhhhh, Gunny. The only thing I can tell you about him is that he is a former Marine who resides in Alaska. Him and I have always gotten along in a friendly manner. Not sure what that says about me :-). But we’ve always been able to disagree and remain respectful of each other. I don’t know how “Crazy” he is. But he is definitely colorful. He has a no holds barred approach to blogging, and expressing how he feels about Liberals.

    I don’t know what radars he may or may not be on. But he had some trouble over at Blogspot and had to purchase his own domain. As for hate and free speech. It reminds me of a local case in the early 80’s involving the town of Skokie (Big jewish population) and the KKK. The ACLU fought in defense of the KKK’s right to protest and free speech. The hardest thing with freedom is that we have to tolerate other peoples’ freedom as well.

    But there is one very good reason I feel grateful to the Gunny, besides for his service. I started blogging almost two years now. I remember setting mine up. Afterwards I started surfing other blogs and found Gunny’s. From there I met Tenth. And through his I found this one. Since then, I have made some lifelong friendships. And for that, I will always be grateful.

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