Happy Birthday


Let’s give a special birthday wish to UpTheFlag.  Happy Birthday Brother.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I’m back in the land of the living after prematurely congratulating myself for surviving the winter with out a cold or the FLU! Krikey…remember, always wash your hands well when ever you have any contact with civilization. I couldn’t even look at my computer without getting seasick! I’m better now, ready to face the world again. And to top it all off, It’s UpTheFlag’s birthday! Happy Birthday, my friend! It would seem that all the really great people were born in April….(hint, hint, nudge, wink!)

  2. A day late and more than a dollar short– Happy Birthday, my friend. He and I met in 1st grade when he bummed a pencil off of me. I don’t think he ever gave it back. We went to high school (groan!) together as well, then split as we headed for college. After that, he and his wife saddled-up and rode westward. Afterwards he headed to Dixie.

    Best Wishes, my friend.

  3. What a nice surprise everyone…Thanks for bringing some cheer in my life
    at this time…And, still in Dixie, M_R, but don’t know for how much longer!

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