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How is this for a lovely world. I received an invitation from Muddy about a week ago to become an author on his blog and I laughed a little and ended with a big smile. To think that six months ago or so I was Banned from this blog. Differing personalities and a short “Irish” temper on my part reared it’s head. But cooler heads prevailed, apologies made and accepted, and here I am. Makes me wonder how wonderful our country could be if our members of Congress were able to take part in the same practices. So with that said I would like to say thank you to Man With the Muckrake for the invite. I would also like to add that it is quite an honor to be an author on the same site at Muddy, Dottie, Laci, and my good buddy EOK.

Muddy recently asked me if I could help his friend Up the Flag with his invite problems. Sorry UTF but my first post is dedicated to you. I don’t think I can do copy and pastes from my e-mail onto the comment sections. So sorry everyone. This post will have no substance besides for helping a fellow blogger.

This is the invite e-mail Muddy sent me. The first thing I had to do was set up a WordPress account. I clicked on the link and it gave me the exact directions. After I set up my account I received a confirmation e-mail. From that point all I had to do was click on accept invitation. I did that and received another confirmation e-mail. So my question UTF is are you sure you have a WordPress account?

mudrake invited you to become an author on Man With the Muckrake

mudrake has invited you to author Man With the Muckrake. As an author you will be able to publish and edit your own posts as well as upload media.

Here you go. I hope the link works for you, JOB. UptheFlag tells me that it doesn’t work for him.

To accept this invitation you will need to:

1. Signup for a WordPress.com account. You can also sign in with your existing WordPress.com account if you already have one.

2. Accept Invitation

I hope this helps UTF. We can continue in the comment section and hopefully get you up and running.


13 thoughts on “A helping hand

    1. I’ve found if you hit the back button or enter before you’re ready, a counter will mark that “entry” as used. Get a new invite and try again.

      (When the computer does something unintended, we call it “PFM” or Pure-F****in-Magic.)

    2. Sorry UTF. The post was not an invite. It was copy and pasted from my e-mail. The e-mail you get from Muddy should look similar. That’s the one with the invitation. Keep me posted on how it works out for you.

  1. Hi JOB. Glad that you are posting here. Yes, we differ in political philosophy but that does not mean that we cannot be civil. I look forward to your next post.

    UTF- do you have a WordPress account as JOB suggested? I’ll send you another invite to your MSN email address. Let me know.

    1. It’s like you stated when we first started communications. We agree on about 65% of the issues. ;-)
      We’ll stick with what we have in common over here I’m sure. Thank you again for the invite. I am very honored. Now I have to get back to work on a more meaningful post.

  2. I’ve been out enjoying real spring here. By enjoying, I’m shoveling a few tons of horse manure in the garden before we plow. This somehow makes me very happy. I’ve had my share of disasters with WordPress…I almost have to figure out again each time I use it. I have a Tumblr account and I would like to switch to their format, but sometimes, the hassle of changing everything is more than you bargain for. I am going to switch my fiction blog to Tumblr though….
    Welcome aboard, JOB!

    1. UM, HELLOOOOO. You have a fiction blog Dottie? Why do I not know about this? Link please.

      1. It’s called Life During Wartime…I am going to publish the little piece I just wrote bout being Kid Rocks real daddy on it. It’s on blogger now, but I want to move it to Tumblr very soon. I haven’t published very much on it lately, but I suppose you could call it alternate reality speculative fiction. Dick Cheney has a near death paranormal experienced and meets his own personal demon.

  3. Hey Muddy, can you please send another invitation to me. I have an idea of what UTF is having trouble with.

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