When Your Ignorant Bliss Becomes Society’s Bain

Does ignorance come in degrees like the word tall, for example? Can one categorize ignorance such as causal, self-imposed, accidental, willful? All of us have spent many years in classrooms and we thereby have come to observe ignorance in self and others. Yet I’d like to move beyond school years because the trials of learning in school are often rooted elsewhere.

What about adult ignorance? Ignorance: lack of knowledge about a thing in a being capable of knowing. Capable but not realized. Take a 2nd grader who is given this problem: x + 2y = 17. Most are “ignorant” of the answer[s] because they are not capable of knowing with their current level of mathematical achievement. Capable of knowing seems to be the operative phrase and therefore a necessary factor in assessing ignorance.

So what’s this got to do with society, as in the title of this post? Everything. The barbarian sacking of Rome is an example. Or lynchings by the KKK. The burning of witches. Holocausts. Ethnic cleansings.

Add to that list global-warming deniers, fossil fuel advocates and warmongers. Our  21st century ignoramuses. How about throwing in the religious believers who attempt to direct society through their biblical beliefs? Or have I already included this clutch already?

What to do about all of this? Sigh. How does one teach the unreachable? How do you catch a cloud?

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.


11 thoughts on “When Your Ignorant Bliss Becomes Society’s Bain

  1. (CNN) — Global warming has propelled Earth’s climate from one of its coldest decades since the last ice age to one of its hottest — in just one century.
    A heat spike like this has never happened before, at least not in the last 11,300 years, said climatologist Shaun Marcott, who worked on a new study on global temperatures going back that far.

    1. Latest statements I’ve heard is that the Earth has warmed up before. Well, that’s true; but never this fast and when it did before 90% of the living organisms on the planet died. When you hear the fringe claim that evolution is false because there’s are breaks in the fossil records, it’s because they’re actually taking about the periods when living things barely existed on Earth (there won’t be many fossils during any period when there weren’t many living things).

      I fear the if we haven’t reached the tipping point, we’re damn close. Any just for the record, some parts of the Earth actually turn much COLDER during periods of global warming. It has to do with changes in the ocean currents.

      1. I’d imagine that folks in northern Europe might be quite concerned with shifting ocean currents if one realizes that these nations lie at the same latitude as Polar Bear National Park in Canada.

        Then there are the barely-above sea level island nations facing extinction.

        But, what the hell do we care about them. I want cheap gas for my behemoth.

    1. Well, that’s enough to give me the hebee-gebees. But seriously, many (most?) readers would not understand. They’d see the part about “lower temperatures” and say that supports the myth of climate change.

  2. Speaking of “take home exam”, M-R, lol, here is one for the group:

    What do former Representative and House Dem Speaker Gephardt, Sens Robb of VA, Nunn of GA, Chiles of FL, Gore of TN, Lieberman of CT, and
    President Clinton have in common?

  3. Well, come on guys, what did all these Democrats do?

    Nah! No payback here, lol…Just trying to broaden the discussion….

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