Anti-government extremist groups increasing, say experts

(CNN) — The number of American “patriot” extremist groups has reached a record level, according to a new study, and experts are warning of a wave of anti-government violence.

A report released Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Centercounted 1,360 “patriot” extremist groups in 2012 — up by 7% from 2011. The study defines patriot groups as anti-government militias driven by their fear that authorities will strip them of their guns and liberties.

“They believe the Constitution is being raped. With hate groups, things are going to get worse because they feel like they’re in battle,” said David Gletty a former FBI informant who spent time undercover with various militia and extremist groups. “It’s not surprising with their hatred of President (Barack) Obama that there are even more hate groups out there.


This news follows our recent discussion of nullification and interposition in the previous thread.  And Hannity’s blurb.

The most striking line from the CNN article is this: “They believe the Constitution is being raped.”

I’m imagining that the vast majority of ‘them’ not only have an extremely primitive view of what the Constitution says, but also of how the U.S. Government is structured.

Ignorance is bliss unless you are on the other end of their AR15.


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  1. “I say we should just go back to the basic Constitution and delete all the amendments. That oughta protect my right to bear arms.”

    What is so ironic is that the vast majority complaining about the Constitution don’t have a clue. I was “discussing” the Constitution with someone and they obviously did not understand the document. When I tried to point out the flaws in their argument, they claimed they couldn’t be wrong because they carried a copy of it in their pocket. Remember that ole blowhard CommonSense who used to validate his outrageous claims by stating he not only carried a copy in his pocket, but he passed out copies.

    I lay the blame squarely at the feet of voters who reduce money for education and/or think teaching U.S. Government in schools should be an elective course. When I went to high school I took all college bound courses. Then in college I took U.S. Government to fulfill a core course requirement. But most of the other college kids opted to take ancient and/or foreign government to fulfill that requirement.

  2. Wasn’t I reading some place about how Progressive Mississippi had become? I saw this news article about progress in Southern States:

    “The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) has learned that a “gay panic” defense might be used by the suspect in the homicide of Mississippi Mayoral Candidate, Marco McMillian. McMillian was found dead on Wednesday, February 27th near the bank of the Mississippi River just west of Clarksdale, Mississippi, the town where he had been a mayoral hopeful. Lawrence Reed was arrested for the homicide, and it is being reported that the two men may have had an intimate relationship during the approximately two weeks that they knew one another. It is also being reported that Reed, who identifies as straight, may have “snapped” as a result of sexual advances on the part of McMillian. Police have ruled out a hate crime in this case so far, something that some of McMillian’s friends and family members want reconsidered due to the brutal nature of the homicide. “

    1. How kinds of sarcastic jokes come to mind, but I’m still suffering from images of Emmett Till.

        1. BREAKING FOX NEWS: One Mississippi’s “GOP congressman voted aye on the violence act last week”, showing once again the liberal leanings of Mississippi’s Congressmen!

          IN OTHER NEWS FROM THE U.S. HOUSE VOTING RECORD: All three Mississippi GOP congressmen voted for the watered down Republican version of the bill. When it was obvious the Senate version of the bill would be the one that passed, ONLY one Mississippi Congressman voted for the bill, while the other two voted against it.

          IN OTHER NEWS: Due to recent gerrymandering of Ohio Congressional Districts, a large group of forward thinking voters in the western half of Lucas County were put in with the existing solidly uber-conservation 5th Congressional District represented by the Teabagger Bob Latta.

  3. The rise of militias is a historical phenomena we stupid humans seem to be doomed to repeat over and over again. What is occurring now is the same ignorant self righteous reaction that created the Ku Klux Klan…it is nationalism masquerading as religion. In all time and places the principle attraction of religion has lain in it’s licence to do evil. This seems to demonstrated by the fact that as soon as a faith loses it’s militant aggressiveness, the numbers of it followers diminish. A man who does evil in gods name and by his “command’ relayed to him personally by his messengers becomes instantly justified and the greater evil he perpetrates, the more holy he seems to himself.
    The crusades, the inquisitions were fueled by manipulative leaders who inspired the masses to commit attrocities…a five fold great delusion.
    Delusion #1: There are solutions to all problems.
    Delusion #2: Only a strong center can solve these problems.
    Delusion #3: The strong center must embody only your views exclusively…and of course, your views are the simplistic fodder you have been fed instead of learning to think for yourself.
    Delusion #4 Heroic Surgery is required.
    Delusion #5: The Heroic Surgeon must oneself and ons cronies armed with scalpels like machetes and amputation saws that run on gasoline and can fell sequoias.

    In this case the manipulative priests are the biovating gas bags like Limbaugh or just this week, a good example, Roger Ailes, who in his asinine defense of Ann (Marie Antionette) Romney said that Barack Obama never worked a day in his life and lived his entire life off of public money and likes to play basketball….
    Manipulative? Inflammatory? Racist? Lies?

    1. Wow! How does one reply to this? I believe that you nailed down all corners. MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews said it all boiled down to a black man in the White House.

  4. Sorry, I write sometimes before coffee in the morning and then read what I wrote later and realize I should have edited my self.
    Delusion# 5: The Heroic Surgeon must be oneself ones cronies…..
    I’m trying to write fiction again and I seem to wandering into a kind of surreal world with militias…it’s trying to be satire, but it doesn’t seem to really work unless I can scare myself…It’s an experiment.

    1. a kind of surreal world with militias

      Yet, aren’t the members of militias themselves in a surreal world- a fantasy tale in which they are the defenders of the ‘good’ against the conceived ‘bad’ of the world? I’m sure that the story would make a great avantgard comic strip.

  5. Speaking of the modern State of Mississippi, who in the hell do they think they’re kidding? Public prayer has ALWAYS disenfranchised one group or another, and if you complain, they scream bloody murder about their First Amendment Rights.

    1. What is the purpose of praying at public events, anyway? Is it to distinguish one group from another? Is it to make oneself appear to be better than another? Whatever it is, it’s offensive.

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