The Impact of Lincoln Film


I would be curious to know how well Lincoln played in Dixie last year. Would southerners flock in droves to watch a reenactment of a war and a political reality which changed the ‘way of life’ of their great-great-grandparents? Are the ‘Confederate apologists’ in an uproar that, having spent 150 years trying to place the Confederate ’cause’ on a positive spin, their efforts might be dashed through a single Hollywood film?  Surely these apologists are unhappy that their spin- the emphasis of  states rights and Northern aggression- may have become unwound in a single 2-hour film.

But then, how easy is it for rural southerners to get to a movie theater? The north, on the other hand, is dotted with small cities where movie-going is easy. As a result, I suspect that more Yankees saw Lincoln than Rebs.

As the North and the South continue to move in opposite directions politically, socially and religiously, the notion of ‘unity’ appears to be fading as quickly now as it was before the Civil War. The Lincoln film may have agitated the fault line.The recent remark by Justice Scalia during the proceedings on the Civil Rights Voting Law angered people in the Blue States, and may have peeled back that old 50-year-old scab initiated by the pen stroke of Lyndon Johnson.

The states-rights issue apparently has never been put to bed- as far as the South is concerned. Within the past few years words that were common during the Lincoln Presidency were once again raised up.  Words like nullification and interposition.  Words that were heard  from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia whose state legislators opposed the desegregation rulings and refused to enforce the desegregation of public schools. Actions that were captured in Martin Luther King’s famous speech, “I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.”

Have Americans forgotten their history?  Their recent history?

Why is it that here, in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, these same two words are heard ‘dripping’ off the lips of southern politicians?

The war, the legislation and the attitude of The People are viewed much differently as one crosses the Mason-Dixon line. Politics, culture and religion make a rapid change on the other side. I fear that it will remain this way far into the lives of my great-grandchildren. Or great-great-grandchildren.



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  1. Hello Muddy,
    Like I have stated before, these backwards thinking Southern States such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia, Kentucky, etc, if left to their own governances would never progress past mid-evil superstitions and mindsets.

    Gains with the Working Middle Classes throughout the years are back under attack by the Corporate paid stooges within the Republican Party such as:

    In January 2012 Eric Cantor proposed to end over-time pay. (A foundation of Worker’s Rights first started with the Molly Maguires in 1876 – 1978. All started with the Coal Companies abuses towards their Irish coal miner workers.)

    In November, 2011 Newt Gingrich states that the “Child Labor Laws” are “Stupid.” (The National Child Labor Committee organized and dedicated to the abolition of all child labor, was formed in 1904. By publishing information on the lives and working conditions of young workers, it helped to mobilize popular support for state-level child labor laws. These laws were often paired with compulsory education laws which were designed to keep children in school and out of the paid labor market until a specified age.)

    In October 2012 Jon Hubbard claims that slavery was a good thing. (OK in whose dulesional world is this Ass Hole Tard living in?)

    Yes Let’s Turn The Middle Working Classes’ Clock To Go Back To The Good O’l Days!!

    Even Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia is quoted as saying, “The voting rights act represents the perpetuation of racial entitlements. (I guess because voting apparently is now an “Entitlement” and not a right originally set forth by our Founding Fathers?)

    Scalia then went onto explain and justify his previous statement on why it would be fine to scrap the voting rights act with, “They’re not trying to keep black people from voting because they’re “Black”….They’re keeping them from voting because they’re Democrats…..and I can’t argue with that! (Well so much for fair elections, one person – one vote, democracy thing.)

    The truly sad aspect is this is one of those whose appointment is to uphold the laws of this Democracy….and he is this blatant with his distain.

    There is a motivational poster that sums it up quite well, “Try to be informed, not just opinionated.” I have found this to be the pit fall of the extreme conservative right. “Opinions empowered by Ignorance.”

    1. As we know, slavery was embetted in the constitution. Moreover, a black person was only 3/5 of a human(remember M_R that the bible calls them “the beasts of the field)With. And, then we have two opposite examples of
      Founding Fathers concerning freeing of their slaves. Washington willed the freedom of his, but Jefferson willed that they be NOT set conditions free..Lincoln said that “the South is what the North would be if it developed along the samea state way.” He would only end slavery in new territories petitioning to come in as a state. Linciln said he would not end it where slavery was legal. And he didn’t untilBritain threatened to recognize the South as a new nation

      .. .

  2. M_R asks, “I would be curious to know how well Lincoln played in Dixie last year.” I really don’t know! However, we went on senior discount night, a
    sunday, and the theatre was about half full as we recall. That was two weeks into the showing, and it was there another two weeks. What we notgiced and
    remarked about was that instead of a bunch of seniors, the majority was
    easily people under 40. There was some high school students sitting close to us, and I asked them why they were attending. It was for a class in history.

    Have you seen the movie, M_R?

    1. Our theater was quite full even though it was also the senior show. Good that a history teacher brought the class to the film. It would have been very interesting to sit in on the discussion back in the classroom.

      Question for you: if you were their teacher, what 3 questions would you have prepared to ask them upon their return?

      1. Name three “liberties” the screenwriter took with actual history.

      2. 1. Why was there a need for the 13th Amendment;
        2. Why did Lincoln prolong the Civil War by ignoring the
        Southern delegates requesting peace;
        3. How did Lincoln win votes for the Amendment?

  3. Continuing, M_R then asks, ” how easy is it for rural southerners to get to a movie theater?” Probably as difficult as it is for rural Ohioans. With the cost
    of gasoline and taking time to come to where a theatre is presenting the movie would be, it seems to me, a constant. Moreover, “Lincoln” is not
    the type of movie that would be expected to bring in large numbers because of the subject matter. Americans, North, South, East, and West are not interested per se in a historical narrative. It was more of an historical documentary. It seems to be a specious argument to say only the South has a rural population.

    1. Not ‘specious’ at all, my friend. My ‘argument’ concerned whether rural southerners would be able to see it. And of course, you are correct in noting that many in the former Confederacy would not wish to attend.

      Note the irony, though, that the GOP has a choke-hold on The South and Lincoln is the icon of the GOP [supposedly!].

  4. I was directed to a conservative website through a link from CNN regarding the specious claims against Sen Menendez of NJ. The website, The Daily Caller, is attempting to defend its ‘claim’ that the senator had a sexual relationship with a prostitute. Funny stuff!

    To the point of this thread: while on that site [using latex gloves for the keyboard] I came across this headline:

    Hannity foresees states leaving union if federal government continues ‘radicalized, abusive’ pattern

    Read more:

    1. Two problems Mr. Hannity has:
      1. He parrots easily disprovable (Fox News) falsehoods*
      2. He acts like there are a lot more people thinking like him than there actually are.

      * Biggest falsehood is the disparity between taxes paid in different states. The loudest complaints about Federal taxes are from states that are really Federal Tax importers.

      Having lived in California I have to say that the taxes there are higher than other states. But their social programs are also more extensive. Unfortunately, many people are migrating to states like California because of these more generous programs.

  5. NON writes, “Unfortunately, many people are migrating to states like California because of these more generous programs.”

    And for how much longer. From what I have read and heard, while more
    takers are coming to CA, more and more givers are leaving for other low
    tgax states. Less tax revenue coming in, and Jerry Brown has to cut programs. to balance his state budget

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