Invest, Invest, Invest

Three seems to be a magical number for humans and especially for the religious.  But this is not about religion; it is about the idiocy in DC. Or is the idiocy there a religion?

The latest in a non-ending series of economic terrorism abetted by our nation’s witless leaders is strangely titled the sequester. Try to attach that word with something to do with finances. There is no connection, which clearly designates the term worthless.  And the idea as well.  Nonetheless, it it the big topic in DC and for that matter, all throughout this nation.  This week, at least.

Cut, Cut, Cut.  Another triad. Of course there were the Three Stooges.

The title of this post is from the 4th chapter of the ebook, Here’s the Deal by the Washington bureau chief of theNew York Times David Leonhardt. It was released this month.

2940016193106_p0_v1_s260x420 Note that the pig has 3 slits and the triad: taxes, spending cuts and investments. Oddly [not really] the word investments is not heard among the din raised by our so-called leaders. The first two seem to be the only two solutions offered.  Rather, Leonhardt suggests that the third option, investment, ought to rise to the top of the swill.   He writes:

“Perhaps the single most counterproductive deficit-reduction approach the country could adopt would be reducing money for high-return investments. It would save millions now at the expense of billions later. One of the most promising deficit-reduction strategies, strange as it may sound, involves spending more money on such investments.”

By ‘such investments,’ he refers to those invested by the government, often during times of crisis. He lists investments in synthetic rubber, penicillin, radar, the radio, the jet engine, the semiconductor and the technology behind oil and gas extraction, the Internet and modern biotechnology; the construction of the Erie Canal, the transcontinental railroad and the interstate highway system.

These were funded by the government through both military,scientific and medical research projects. Investments in ‘products’ such as these by private investors would never result in profits worth the investment capital. The author further notes the importance of investment in education. He writes:

There really is no secret about why education would be the lifeblood of economic growth. On the most basic level, education helps people figure out how to make objects and accomplish tasks more efficiently. It allows companies to make complex products that the rest of the world wants to buy and thus creates high-wage jobs. Education helps a society leverage every other investment it makes, be it in medicine, transportation or alternative energy.

Yet those on the political right are determined to eliminate the Department of Education. And the Christian Right has science on its hit-list. Of course, both of these groups find a home in the wing of the Republican Party that calls the shots today. Leonhard notes that we have been consuming rather than investing. He says, “We’re suffering from investment-deficit disorder.”

But we will not hear any of this in the next 72 hours. Nada.  Rather, the blame game will ensue and We, the People will end up where we always are: collateral damage.








10 thoughts on “Invest, Invest, Invest

  1. And just whose idea was the stupid policy of sequester? President Obama’s.
    This guy is supposed to be smart?

    How can Congress solve the probem that both sides are bemoaning?

    Simple, a one law congressional bill that says, “we reject sequester.” Wonder why no one on either side has proposed such a simple remedy?

  2. “Neither President Obama nor House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) promoted sequestration as a constructive means of tackling the nation’s fiscal problems. Neither advocated its inclusion in the debt ceiling necessary to avoid default on our nation’s debt. Neither saw sequestration as Plan A or Plan B or even Plan C. It was Plan H or I — yet the only one that the Tea Party faction of the House Republican Conference would accept in return for allowing an 11th hour deal to avoid default.’

    Huffington Post, February 13, 2013

  3. S. 47: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

    Latta voted no, but the bill passed anyway.

      1. I’ve been watching this bill. Yesterday in the U.S. House, the Teabaggers put up an alternate bill watered down bill that eliminated same-sex couples and native Indians among other things. It pre-passed right down party lines. Today that bill failed, but the good version passed with support from both parties.

        What pisses me off is they wasted yesterday’s time in the United States House of Representatives working on a bill that was dead on arrival, when they knew the Senate passed version would be the one that would be passed.

        Hmmmmm……I wonder if there’s any time sensitive legislation they could have been working on instead.

  4. Well the White House is angry at Bob Woodward, star reporter of the
    Washington Post as he recently reported that it was, in fact, President
    Obama that came up with this stupid sequester plan of cuts across the
    board. The White House has even called and told him that he could
    expect reprisals. Huh? From an Administration that championed openness and transparency. What a joike, M_R. I can imagine the hue and cry that would be all over these pages if Nixon had threatened Peter Lisagore or if Woodware was threatened by President Bush II over Iraq and nuclear weapons. Your silence on these matters is defening…

    1. Morning news shows have Woodward backpedaling after actual emails come to light.

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