The Fercockt Bible

I heard the Yiddish word fercockt during my work on the Obama campaign used by some Jewish volunteers.  It means screwed-up. It’s a good adjective to describe that ancient set of tribal writings that somehow came to be honored as ‘the word of God.’ Bupkes! Think of all of those people appearing in court who placed their hand on the Bible, swearing to tell the truth. The irony is amazing in that the Bible tells myths- myths that were stolen and twisted. Yes twisted. Twisted and untrue.

Thousands of years before the Jewish scribes put words onto parchment, the Sumerians wrote the epic of Gilgamesh, written on 12 cuneiform clay tablets. The events of the story may have been told 5500 years ago, a time that seriously predates the first book of the Bible thought to have been written 3000 years ago. Thus, any similarities in the two works means that the later edition was a copy of the earlier one. It is plagiarism because the Hebrews do not source their tales to the Sumerians.

Worse yet, they edit the story to suit their culture.  And far worse, they pin it all on to God!


Two Genesis stories were taken directly from Gilgamesh: the Great Flood and the Garden.  Strangely, these stolen stories appear back to back in Gilgamesh, but the Hebrew scribes split them into two distinct and unrelated events. Further, all female Goddesses were edited out. Not only were god-like women expunged, women themselves became evil, dirty and unworthy through the writings of the misogynistic scribes. Lastly, the Sumerian custom of snake-worship was perverted into something cursed by ‘God’ and pinned on Eve. She and the snake get blamed for the downfall of mankind.

So much for women.  In fact, the Hebrew scribes created and nurtured a vicious misogyny in our Bible-based civilization, one that patriarchal versions of Christianity still implicitly endorse with their male-only clergy. The fall-out from this scriptural distortion today denies women a place in the functioning of many churches and in all Roman Catholic churches.

This week, interestingly, with the resignation of the Pope, an all-male group of clergy will select the next Pontiff.  Bets are that the new one will continue to perpetrate this millennial hoax- the fercockt version of the Sumerian myths.

William Sierichs, Jr. in his book, Constitution – Loving, Anti-Fascist, Patriotic, * Anti-superstition, Really-Angry, Secular Humanist, writes:

All Christian theology boils down to a simple statement: a talking snake made me do it.

It’s fundamental to Christianity that because the snake misled Adam and Eve, the human race became inherently corrupt, and all of our crimes and “sins” followed, which is why the loving, merciful Christian god is going to torture the human race in the most agonizing way possible forever and ever, amen.

Our only chance of escape, Christians tell us, is to believe without reservation that the vast intellect that created and controls a universe stretching at least 12 billion light years in every direction came to earth as a mortal, allowed himself to be killed, spent three days in hell, and thereby redeemed those of us who believe in Jesus Christ… or who are baptized in his name… or who do good deeds… or who are “born again”… or who were predestined by god from before all creation… or….

Well, exactly how we are to be saved from endless, excruciating torture is not quite clear, considering how important it’s supposed to be. Different biblical passages give different versions of “the only way to salvation.” Let’s hope god comes back in time to clear up for us just exactly how to make the right bet in the great Casino of Religious Fates so that we can sit and eat popcorn in the heavenly bleachers while watching everyone who bet wrong writhing in agony far below in God’s Gulag.

Sierichs concludes this passage: “It’s long overdue for civilized people to tell Bible-worshipers to hiss off and take that talking-snake fable with them.”

It was when when the Jews left their Babylonian captivity that the corruption of the Sumerian myths began in earnest. Most everything that their captors believed became debased, women especially. Take that rib scene in Creation Story II. By the way, do bible-thumping Christians ever wonder why there are 2 creation stories in that thumped book? Or Adam’s first wife, Lilith? Huh?

Yes Liluth who ‘displeased’ Adam.  Could she have been taken from the epic of Gilgamesh, too? According to the tale, Lilith (Belit-ili) was the screech owl goddess, a sort of winged demon associated with the night. She made her nest in the huluppa tree that grew along the bank of the Euphrates. It was uprooted by wind and flood, and found and planted by Inanna in her holy garden. It was cut down by Gilgamesh to make a throne for Inanna, causing Lilith to fly away to the wild lands.

Quite the twist as one reads the ‘holy’ Bible.

to be continued…



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  1. You do realize that all this “history” you purport as fact was only written recently by people possessed by Satan.

      1. I can’t wait to point that out to my mother, sisters and sisters-in-law. After that, it’s on to the female cousins. This could be one of the few times being born into a Roman Catholic family is a fun thing.

  2. Speaking of lies by the “Church”, I’ve been thinking about auxiliary bishops. All the usual sources claim the position was created to assist an over-worked sitting bishop. What a load of crap.

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s I seem to recall forward thinking sitting bishops in Detroit, Toledo and Louisville being reassigned to an auxiliary bishop position with no authority.

    1. Some of the most liberal-minded bishops were assigned to that ‘role.’ Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit and Bishop Al Ottenweller of Toledo were two such men. Their ‘crimes’ were that they wanted the church to help the poor more vigorously, were anti-war, and they believed that people with no y-chromosomes ought to take part in leadership roles within the church.

  3. Since only a catholic bishop can ordain a priest, the recent farce of championing a female priest in a non-catholic ritual is mute. Just what
    practicing catholic would attend her “mass” or have her in for last
    rites? Talk about pandering to low intelligent believers!

  4. but not the one in Toledo…and not familiar with what was done on the Danube, should tell us something right there lol, so it could be either a
    defrocked bishop or an excommunicated bishop, but more importantly it probably is against canonical law…

  5. Wikepedia’s report on the “Danube Seven”, lol, how appropriate…Title gives it away as heretical, it seems to me. Moreover, by stretching to find some
    thing in support, don’t you think your compromisiing your jesuitical
    philosophy of not putting one’s self out on the branches of the tree which have no support from the trunk?

    Wikepedia says, “The canon law which governs the administration of the sacraments limits the matter for ordination to males alone. Canon 1024 states, The canon law which governs the administration of the sacraments limits the matter for ordination to males alone. Canon 1024 states, “Only a baptised man can validly receive sacred ordination.”[5]

    “Only a baptised man can validly receive sacred ordination.”[5] The term used is “illicit”. Why even go here? For what purpose?

  6. Church Law: M_R, you will recall our conversation about horse meat. Yep, lol! Well, as we know from the news Britain is in the midst of a horse meat scandal. Seems like horse meat has been mixed in with pork and beef products, and in some places included in frozen meatballs. This is just too
    juicy, ROFL.

    Why is horse meat verbotten in Great Britain…Would you beleve, yes you
    would lol, that the Papoacy issued a papal edict back in Anglo-Saxon England forbidding the eating of horse meat. Probably as a way to increasse horses for the knights in the numerous fiefdom wars. Of course, the church had to have a religious reason and so the papacy came up with that pagans ate horsemeat and to continue eating horse meat would be to support paganism, and of course we know the penalty for disobeying a papal edict.
    This also explains why horse meat is forbidden to be consumed in the
    United States in part. The tradition came over withthe founding of the
    colonies. Therefore, my friend, if we cannot reject a stupid edict as this,
    how will we ever reject an article of faith and canon law concerning women priests?

    1. For those of us not up on the history of the Roman Catholic Church:

      “Although Leviticus is silent on the specific issue of horse, in 723 Pope Gregory III indicated that the eating of horses was a ‘filthy and abominable custom’ in his instructions to Boniface, Bishop to the Germans.”

      This would have been in the 8th Century, 800 years before King James re-wrote the Bible things.

  7. how will we ever reject an article of faith and canon law concerning women priests?

    How? Oh, when church pews become even more empty than they currently are.

    1. And, we will be six feet on the other side of the grass if that ever occurs. I would expect christianity to evolve first into a minority sect within the United Sates before the church changes it position on male priests. You have given results recently from the Pew poll on religion that shows religion is declining in the United States.

      So, why should we get all in an uproar about women becoming priests? This is not one of the pressing problems in society today, is it? Our biggest problem is United States government, it seems to me. Just yesterday the Supreme Court on a 5 to 4 vote refused to hear a case on our declining freedoms and liberties over surveillance of our computer uses and e-mails.
      Obama rfecently signed legislation that gave the Government the right to look at any citizens emails going overseas. M-R, that is invasion of our house and our personal property and our thoughts.

      1. Of course we will be dead, but does that mean that we ought not raise the question for the sake of our grandchildren?

        The women-priest issue is the tip of that female iceberg- the one about disrespecting women in our society. Did you watch the PBS special on the history of the feminine movement in America last evening, MAKERS: Women Who Make America? It was fascinating as well as depressing.

        Do you know which group in the U.S. defeated the ERA? Yes, the Christian Right. Ane which group is currently eroding abortion rights? And even contraceptive rights for women?

        Why is this group so powerful in our culture? Think: Bible Belt. Thus my recent spate of Bible postings exposing the fraud contained in those pages- especially the misogynistic edicts written by the Jewish scribes.

        Religion- the bane of civilization.

        BREAKING: House set to vote on the Violence Against Women Act tomorrow!

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