The Neo-Nazi Next Door


It’s a ‘cute’ house located in a ‘nice’ neighborhood in the city of Toledo.  Even has a Toledo-made Jeep in the driveway.  Could be anywhere USA.

Do the neighbors left and right know that the man between is a suspected neo-Nazi with a stash of 18 firearms, body armor, and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition?  Probably not. And a felon? Doubt it.

According to the FBI, they found a video of a white supremist group gathering, National Socialist Movement, in his home. Additionally the agents confiscated a notebook that contained ‘targets’ of the Jewish Federation and NAACP locations in Detroit.

Last year another man firebombed an Islamic Mosque about 15 miles south of Toledo.  In his ranting, the perpetrator  had recently made anti-Muslim comments. Specifically, he had complained about the international Muslim community’s reaction to the anti-Muslim video on Youtube; recent attacks on United States’ embassies and the deaths of U.S. military personnel in the Middle East. He also complained that Muslims in this country get a “free pass,” according to the affidavit.

At his initial hearing was this:

When Judge Zouhary asked Linn if knew any Muslims personally, he replied, “No, I only know what I hear on the radio and see on Fox News.”

Here’s the question: who feeds men like these?  Where do they get their propaganda?  Who is responsible for filling men like these with hateful ideas?

Who? You know.  Right-wing media, that’s who.

Multi-millionaire radio and TV personalities sit behind their studio microphones and blast out the hateful venom day after day. Poor schleps like the two above become so enraged that they act it out.  Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the propaganda count their money.

Sick. And it’s not going to bet any better. White men now realize that they are a quickly disappearing majority in the United States, replaced by people with more melanin in their skin. And they are well-armed.  That’s a dangerous combination. White privilege, learned throughout their formative years, no longer abides and these men won’t give up their status easily.

Look out America! The future is looking dim.


8 thoughts on “The Neo-Nazi Next Door

  1. I did read the article about how Obama was forming a secret black army to kill white Americans and white people need to arm themselves. Which brings me to my brother (the one who says he needs guns for the day the welfare checks bounce).

    Was talking to what I consider my “smartest” brother yesterday. Lately he’s been blathering on about stuff that is so obviously false, it’s hard to argue with him. Now he’s come to the point he won’t even consider looking at other views on a subject. He told me about a movie about Planned Parenthood he had watched at church (Roman Catholic). When I got home I researched this movie and most of the reviews said it contained “edited” and “out-take” segments that twisted the original content of the source videos.

    The movie was produced by The American Life League, a anti-choice Catholic organization. And now for your viewing pleasure:

    YouTube has been removing the video, so if it’s gone again here’s a link:–Exposes-Planned-Parenthood%E2%80%98s-Childrens-Sex-Agenda

  2. This example provides a “reason” for the Right opposing any gun sense
    measures. The Right is maintaining that if one anti-gun bill is passed, it will
    lead to a second, and a third, and pretty soon all guns will be seized. This is what they say, not me. I grew up with a shot gun and live ammo unlocked in
    the house and never touched it. I went hunting with my father two times, and
    we came home empty handed each time and that was enough, lol..Dad gave the gun to another relative. Of course, Biden this wekk championed every home having a shot gun!.

    My question is what led the FBI to this house, was it membership in this group or illegal fire arms? What was the monitoring
    that led to this home invasion? Was there invasion of privacy? Were the items bought honestly or fraudulently? How did he accumulate all these

    Maybe there should have been a drone attack? Was he an imminent threat?

  3. “…. And it’s not going to bet any better…. The future is looking dim.”

    Prior to the State of the Union Speech, MSNBC was asking a fill in the blank
    space of The State of the Union is:

    Mine would have been: BLEAK

    I choose the work “bleak” bcause it offers a glimmer of hope that meaningful
    change can happen. At what point, it is impossible to know..

  4. “The FBI says store owner, Richard Schmidt is suspected in trafficking counterfeit goods. Agents from the FBI’s Cleveland bureau along with various local police agencies executed search warrants at Schmidt’s Bowling Green store and his Toledo home Friday afternoon.”

  5. Nice quotes, but I know that you don’t believe everything that you read or you be a cnristian neo-con, lol. In the United States a person is poresumed innocent until proven guilty with the full protection of law and the Admendments tin the Bill Of rights.

    Engineer and I have written often about the growing government attacks on our personal and civil liberties as found in the first 10 Amendments. DEMS and REPS have been consistently chipping away at them.

    A perfect example is the National Defense Authorization Act, signed into
    law by Pres. Obama just this past December, 2012. Since this is a Bill forthe Pentagon, most of the liv would have no problem with it, probably assuming it is money to fight wars and buy necessary equipment and tools to fight present wars or future ones.

    However, it is much more than that. “Defense” in our growing militaristic and corporate government means our thoughts, our protests our freedoms, our privileges, our immunities, and out liberties.

    Here is part of that NDAA which Pres. Obama signed into law. The Act clearly states that the ARMED FORCES of the United Sttates can engage in civilian law enforcement and can suspend due process and haveas corpus. This is a direct threat to our civil liberties and freedoms found in the First, Fifth, and Sixth and perhaps the 14th Amendment.

    How do you think your former congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and your present congressman,Latta voted? If they both voted for the ACT, just goes to show that there “is not a dimes worth of difference.”

  6. ADDENDUM TO ABOVE: yep tweedle dee and dum voted “yea” for the
    NDAA as I suspected. Kucinich, the true progressive, voted “nay”

    Let me put it another way, M_R: Neo-Nazi = Neo-Leftist. They both end up in authoritarian governments.

    When will you join the protests, M_R?

    1. When will you join the protests, M_R?

      I’ve already ‘joined,’ my friend. Been protesting most of my adult life. You?

      1. Been there and still doing it. You may be protesting, but what are you
        gaining?…If you were really protesting and want change, then you would
        call a spade a spade and not continue with the fiction that there is a dimes
        worth of difference really between Kaptur and Latta when they vote aye
        on the same bill that takes our rights away, or not criticizing Pres. Obama when he signs such legislation and carries on illegal wars with drones.

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