3-D Printing and the Pope

I read the phrase robust disobedience in an article on the Pope by NYT columnist Frank Bruni.  Bruni referred to the American Catholic who, he discerns, is not at all interested in papal edicts.  American Catholics have been in the ‘state of sin’ for decades due to their use of birth control. Ho-hum. And many disagree with the Holy See on other issues such as abortion, acceptance of gays and lesbians, women priests as well as same-sex marriage. They expect another Ratzinger and will summarily ignore him too.


The 3-D crystallized pope at left will warm the hearts of conservative Catholics who adore him. Yours for $29 plus shipping and handling.

Three-D printing has come of age. You, too, can make your own 3-D pope at home.  Yes, at home.

For about $700 the home 3-D printer can be yours. That and a CAD or AMS software package along with a little practice.



Imagine 3-D printing! The ‘subject’ matter is boundless. Few people would want to waste their  Natural PLA filament on the Pope, I’d imagine.  Here are some of the objects produced from 3-D printers:

3D printer

A shoe, a toy. A hand! Yes, body parts.  In fact, recently medical technicians at Cornell produced a 3-D ear which they subsequently converted to human tissue. The new ear- a replica of the single ear that some children are born with- will be attached to the skull and function as a living outer ear.


The photo above is of an ear which was initially produced from  the 3-D printer.  Over a three-month period, the flexible ears grew cartilage to replace the collagen that was used to mold them. This Cornell-developed, high-density gel is similar to the consistency of Jell-o when the mold is removed. The collagen served as a scaffold upon which cartilage could grow.

Just imagine the medical possibilities that await these med-techs.

Or for that matter, imagine the creativity of kids with their new 3-D printer.  Or teenagers!

In fact, teens may not have to ‘imagine’ anything. They could reproduce ‘it’ right there in the printer room.

Returning to the Pope [momentarily] it is easy to see the disconnect- the disconnect of today’s youth who have 3-D printers at their disposal- between them and a pope bedecked in medieval costumes living in a palace in Italy.  A new pope whose arrival will not be signaled by telegraph cables or telephone lines. Neither by the Internet or the I-Phone. Rather, it will be signaled by smoke from a chimney.

Smoke signals like we 50’s kids tried to reproduce in our backyards just like those seen on our 14″ black and white Raytheon TV’s during the Lone Ranger.

White smoke, not gray or black.  And clearly not pink!