Woman Priest Holds First Mass; Pope Resigns

Newly ordained woman-priest, Rev. Beverly Bingle, said her first mass last evening in Toledo.  This morning the Pope resigns.

Any synchronicity?


14 thoughts on “Woman Priest Holds First Mass; Pope Resigns

  1. Good Morning Muddy,
    I made at trip back to Maryland and this morning I heard on the news…..well I think you broke the Pope and it’s all your fault. :-)
    I was listening to the morning talking heads and they asked the question to someone in Rome if an American Cardinal could have a chance at being the new Pope. His reply was that American Catholics were considered “renegade” Catholics (example of Catholic women of child bearing age on birth control, Nuns On The Bus in Ohio campaigning for President Obama who favors keeping abortion safe and the medical aspect between a woman and her doctor, etc.) they view America as a good place for cash flow……but not producers of Popes.

  2. What I heard was that an American Pope would not happen because too much power would be coming from America.
    Why would the Pope resigning have anything to do with this woman becoming a priest? Should she be called Father, or Mother?
    And how is this even possible if it’s against the Vatican’s rules?

      1. The irony here is that I asked a retired educator a question. It’s a serious question, as I am not Catholic. If the Vatican says only men can be priests, how did this woman become a priest.

        The act of educating is often overlooked.

          1. Dammit, Now I’m completely tortured. Well don’t worry about going to hell Bud, because I think we all are. Except for a chosen 144,000 Jehovah’s witnesses. I think that’s the correct number. Save me a seat.

            1. OK, enuf fun.

              The Toledo woman priest was excommunicated (kicked out of the church ) in September when she became a deacon. Thus, in the eyes of “the church” she’s a persona non grata. As such, she and the Pope are in different ballparks.

              Therefore, the ‘irony’ I cited was bogus. Sorry.

              1. So a woman can’t be anything more than a Nun in the Catholic Church? So then she was ordained, but is not considered anything in the eyes of the church? I get it, I just seriously did not know. I’m Irish/Protestant, Catholic rules have always baffled me. But then again, so do most religions. Thanks Brother.

                1. Yes, JOB, in the ‘eyes’ of the church, she has a genetic defect which excludes her from offices higher than a nun. The defect? Y-chromosome.

  3. Some said the butler’s book has reviled too much such as allegedly exposing corruption within the Vatican. Of course let us not forget the Sexual Child Abuse aspect too. Granted this was also hidden and protected during Pope John Paul’s tenure too.

    1. I think the butler’s book was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

      1. You are on to something, NWO. Maybe there were so many cover-ups that he had to sit on, it drained all of his energy. I’m thinking that he may go down in history as one of several scandal-ridden popes.

  4. Since I am a “none” at this time, I could give a rat’s ass about doctrinal disputes within the Catholic Catholic that neither I nor you can change…

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