Jimmy Lee Dykes: Just One More Survivalist Nut

The ‘survivalist’ is dead, six days after he kidnapped and held a boy in his survivalist bunker. Dead survivalist; odd combination of words. Nonetheless these neurotic men ‘believe’ that the fortress they construct and their arsenal of weapons will allow them to fend off ‘the enemy.’ Lately, arguments for the possession of assault-style weapons have suggested that the enemy is their own government. Yes, our own government. That’s what many on the far-right wing have actually said. I believe that Ronald Reagan said this, too.

The ‘government’ shot Jimmy Lee Dykes dead- dead in his own survivalist bunker. He had bombs, too.  Bombs are always effective against the government. What goes on inside of the heads of this odd group of people? How deep is their neurosis? What is their daily life like? How do heir wives cope with all of this irrational behavior? Beats me.

So, in this case, the lone survivalist ‘thought’ that he could out-fox the sheriff, the state police and the FBI. Or did that never enter his mind?  The reports state that the ‘government’ used FBI SWAT teams “trained in military tactics and outfitted with combat-style gear and weapons.” And drones circling silently overhead.

“As an elite counter-terrorism tactical team for law enforcement, the HRT is one of the best, if not the best, in the United States,” Sean Joyce, deputy FBI director, said in a statement. Further, about a dozen active-duty Navy Seabees — sailors who belong to special naval construction units — helped authorities build a mock-up of the bunker to plan the FBI assault.

A bunker, a few weapons and 2 homemade bombs.

Survivalist indeed.


4 thoughts on “Jimmy Lee Dykes: Just One More Survivalist Nut

  1. the scariest words in you Post, M_R, are “…drones circling silently overhead.” Yep, throw the Constitution aside and let King Obama use his new play toy on U.S. citizens. How scary!

    1. My understanding was that a mentally deranged person was holding a five year old boy hostage and they were afraid that if they upset him, he’d kill the child. He had already killed one person while kidnapping the child. And if the person who was killed had not put up a fight, there might have been many more casualties.

      I assumed the drones were used so as not to be detected for surveillance in helping rescue the child. Do you know something we don’t?

      If it were your child, would you want the police to use technology of the 50’s?

  2. I am beginning to believe that one of the most dangerous men in America is the ego maniacal, extremely ambitious self promoting pseudo psychiatrist in residence on FOX NEWS, Dr. Keith Ablow. He twists any reality into a bizarre 1984 type of double talk, which he douses with professional sounding terms way above the level of understanding of his audience, which only reinforces the presupposed opinions that the TeaBrained Sponge headed FOXOIDS want to believe. Ablow is now conceitedly testing the waters for the upcoming US Senate run in Massachusetts. He pompously and totally unprofessionally deigns to diagnose and slur anyone who he wants to with out any responsible or ethical considerations. In this case, he has used his double talk to justify Dykes actions, and diagnose the 5 year old kid with out ever having a scintilla of real information about either of them. This guy is a real monster and must be stopped NOW! and yes, this is an unprofessional opinion, but though I not a real psychiatrist, I do play one on TV.


    1. “The sounds of conservative talk radio filled his home and fed his anti-government attitudes, locals said.” Gee, I wonder who Mr Dykes was listening to on the radio.

      Those radio nutjobs (i.e. Beck, Limbaugh, etc.) are just as dangerous at those preachers spewing hate from their pulpits. Words can kill!

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