This is Why Israel is Hated

I opened my morning newspaper to find the following photograph:

Mideast Israel Palestinians

What the hell! Look at the anger and hurt on the face [and fist] of this young Palestinian boy. This photo appeared  this morning in newspapers and social media throughout the world.

Why the anger, the hate?  Our newspaper wrote this caption beneath the photo:

A Palestinian boy returning from school realizes that his family home has been razed by Jerusalem authorities in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. Authorities say that the building lacked proper permits and its structure was not sound. The 33-member family says it was waiting to receive permits. Arab residents say it is nearly impossible to get building permits.

Here is another photo that accompanied the story on FoxNews:

housepalestinianboySo the next time you hear someone ask, “Why do they hate the Israelis so much?” you can refer them to these two photos.



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  1. There is an American graphic artist named Joe Sacco. He is a master of the art form of the graphic novel…Bande Dessinee as it is referred to here in France…Comic Strip Art. But, here we take it seriously. Every year in Angouleme, there is a world festival of Comic Art. 2 years ago, the “president” of the Festival was Joe Sacco. Sacco is 2nd generation American of Serbian heritage and has published some of the best in depth human analysis of the ethnic divisions that tore apart what was once called Jugoslavia. In 1996, he published a graphic novel called Palestine, A Nation Occupied. He traveled to Israel and Palestine and lived with people on both sides of the issue. The novel is incredible. The art work, the story telling, the humor is brilliant. But he cuts to the heart of the issue and spares nothing in letting you know why Israel is hated. He gives his Israeli friends every chance to tell their side of the story.
    At one point, he tells a Palestinian “Joke”: Three secret agents, one a KGB, another CIA and an Israeli Shin Bet agent are walking in a forest. They see a rabbit and decide to make a bet to see how fast each of them could capture it. The CIA guy goes first and comes back with the rabbit with out firing a shot in 10 minutes. So they release the rabbit and the KGB guy takes off and returns with the rabbit, unharmed in only 5 minutes…so It’s the Shin Bet dudes turn, they release the rabbit, 5 minutes, 10 minutes…20 minutes go by…the Russian and the American get concerned and decide to see what’s going on, so they enter the forest and after a few minutes they hear noises, screaming and yelling and follow the sound to a clearing where the Shin Bet guy has a donkey in a harness who he is beating, screaming, “ADMIT YOU’RE THE RABBIT! ADMIT YOU’RE THE RABBIT!”
    If you ever get a chance to read this book, please do!

    1. Thanks, Microdot, for the info and the book. I will have to look it up.

      Some years ago ?15-20 there was a ‘study’ during which Israeli and Palestinian high school students were gathered together for about a week during the summer to share each point of view. It was very interesting to watch the ‘discussions’ proceed. The Israeli students were overtly aggressive in their points of view, often interrupting the Palestinian students mid-sentence. It was a remarkable experiment in sociology.

      book by Satto:

  2. The ZIonist State has been brutal to pretty much everyone who gets in its way. Of course, incidents such as the Bombing of the SS Patria, Assassinations such as that of Floke Bernadotte, and so forth. Israel is the real rogue nation in the Middle East, yet the US supports it.

    paraphrase…Obama’s use of drones that are killing scores of civilians in
    undeclared war zones.

    1. Yes we do and we seemingly fall all over ourselves so that our support is 100%. Not only ‘seemingly’ but actually, I’m afraid. One of the litmus tests of the GOP primary was to boast of unwavering support for the state of Israel. I believe that Obama did the same.


      What’s the difference between the state-sponsored terrorism of the Israeli government and that in Syria?

  4. I’m just going to post short comments as I remember them. First up:

    How come the ILLEGAL settlements being built by Israel on Palestine land manages to get the needed building permits?

    1. Recall that the term, illegal, is wholly and exclusively defined by those in power. Recall our own nation and the ‘illegal’ property of the Native Americans which led to he resettlement ‘camps.’

  5. How does our U.S. Congressman learn about the Middle East when he ONLY visits Israel on Israeli sponsored tours?

  6. Did you know that the United States caught an Israeli spy, but he managed to excape back to Israel? He is treated there as a hero and Israel will not even let U.S. officials talk to him (let alone return him to the U.S.).

    The spy’s handler was captured by the U.S. Last year the Israeli government said they would not even start peace talks until this person was returned to Israel.

    The information the spy was gathering pertained to the relations and military information the United States had with Arab countries in the Middle East. This included very private information that helped Israel, but hurt U.S. interests in the area.

  7. In the last census, Israel had only 7 million residents, 1 million of them Palestinians who don’t enjoy ANY benefits of citizenship. And Israel starts fights with the neighboring Arab countries with poplulations in the hundreds of millions.

  8. If an American journalists prints ANYTHING anti-Israel, they are immediately deported. Hard to hold a job reporting on the Middle East when you aren’t even allowed in Israel.

    (Remember the flotilla of humanitarian aid that Israel intercepted killing some of the aid workers? No American journalists were allowed anywhere close to the action.)

  9. Forgot to mention that the 7 million people of Israel are that largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. Add what we give to Egypt, to keep the Arabs away from Israel, and you have a full ONE THIRD of all U.S. foreign aid*.

    Did you know that Israel doesn’t have a financial problem with providing universal health care to all it’s “legal**” citizens? But the same politicians in the U.S. Congress who throw money at Israel are the very same ones who are fighting so hard to keep American citizens from universal health care. It’s because of the cost, don’t ya know!

    * And that doesn’t even begin to cover the military expense of protecting them.
    ** Legal citizen means non-Arab.

  10. I remember the number of Posts here denouncing George Bush and the use of torture….Well, with torture the person is still alive and can stand trial. Under Obama a person is presumed guilty with no charges and no trial, and he mets out the death sentence. How, you can be silent on this use of
    drones, M_R, is beside me. Especially when we recall how much you critiicized the killing of civilians by President Bush…So, a Democrat does it and it is ok?

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