The Porous GOP Brain

A recent poll found that 64 percent of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama might be hiding something. It’s the conspiracy theory movement that has become mainline ‘truth’ in the right-leaning Republican Party. Thirty-six percent of Republicans think that President Obama’s supporters committed significant voter fraud in the 2012 elections.

Dan Cassino of Fairleigh Dickenson University conducted this poll released one week ago. “These beliefs in election fraud pop up after every election,” said Cassino. “Americans tend to be politically isolated, and some can’t fathom that there are people who actually voted for the other guy, so the only way he could have won is through cheating.”

Such is the closed mind and propaganda-filled skulls of the Low Information Voter.

In the poll, respondents were asked a series of four questions about current events, and respondents who were able to answer more questions correctly were less likely to endorse the conspiracy theories. Fifteen percent of people who got none of the questions right thought that three or four of the conspiracies were likely, compared to three percent of those who answered three or four correctly. Education also tended to reduce belief in the conspiracy theory.

Education, they said.

The pollsters reported that among Democrats, each question answered correctly reduces the likelihood of endorsing at least one of the conspiracy theories by 7 points. Among independents, each additional question reduces it by 2 points. For Republicans,though, each additional question answered correctly tends to increase belief in at least one of the theories by 2 points.

Did that say, increase?

“There are several possible explanations for this,” said Cassino. “It could be that more conspiracy-minded Republicans seek out more information, or that the information some Republicans seek out just tends to reinforce these myths.

Could right-wing radio and/or FoxNews be culpable in this scenario? You know, feeding the low information voters with pap and propaganda?

Do ya think?



13 thoughts on “The Porous GOP Brain

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I just did a posting on Sarah Palin getting fired at Fox News. Even Blow Hard conservative Fox has realized her 15 minutes of religous conservative monkey bull shit act has run its course.

    Yes Sarah is gone but the show (Bull Shit Act) must go on.

      1. Maybe “God” isn’t a good multitasker. But I don’t know….does “God” punish the mother for the sins of the children? I mean, two of her kids conceived a child without benefit of clergy.

        1. does “God” punish the mother for the sins of the children?

          Somewhere in that collection of moral idiocy I am sure that such a statement exists.

  2. Well, the anthropoligist I am not, you know….However, it does seem that most cultures do have a form of discipline, not connected to a religion per se. Where is my Margaret Meade book when I need it….

  3. “Sixty-three percent of registered voters in the U.S. buy into at least one politicalconspiracy theory, according to results from a recent Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMindPoll. The nationwide survey of registered voters asked Americans to evaluate four different political conspiracy theories: 56 percent of Democrats and 75 percent of Republicans say that atleast one is likely true.”

    Lets not keep saying that only one Party has conspiratoral members. Many Democrats still believe that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy involving more than Oswald. Indeed, RFK’s son just said that Oswald was
    not a lone assassinator.

    As Hillary says, “What’s the point?” Seems to me we just have to work
    through it.

    In that regard, M_R, let me ask this. What are we to make of all the talk and writing about the enormous debt of the United States, and that the only way
    to bring it down is to “reform” the entitlement programs. Is it simply a conspiracy of those, right and left, to make it appear that the debt is caused by the three mean entitlement programs? Is it but a smoke screen to obscure the fact that it is massive unemployment and lack of tax revenue which is impacting the debt. None of these programs today are in
    debt. When you hear people talk about the debt of these 3 programs they talk about the “outlying years”, right? Yet, we have massavie unemployment right now, and doing nothing really about it. Where are
    the jobs?

      1. So, do you think that the debt talk is a smoke screen to “reform”, which means to me, cut the three major entitlements?

        1. Yes, smoke screen perpetrated by those who would most benefit financially by cutting these programs. Do you know who these ‘beneficiaries’ are, my friend?

  4. Meanwhile, back to religion, lol, your favorite topic of late.

    The American Bible Society recently did a survey on the most bible minded
    cities. Naturally, they are all in the South for the most part, if we consider West Virginia and Missouri Southern states.

    Jackson, Ms residents read the bible and believe in its accuracy more than other cities in the U.S. Jackson is a bible-minded city and ranks fifth over others for accepting the bible has thw word of their god. Some of the other
    cities were Knoxville, Shreveport, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Springfield MO , Charlotte, and Charleston W.Va.

    However, there are changes. Not a lot, but some. For Example, adult sunday school attendance is down 10% ; mega churches rose from 10%
    to 17%, unchurched or regular attending people increased from 20% to
    31%, and, perhaps most importantly, there was a drop of 10%, to 50%, of
    those who believe in the total accuracy of the bible. The Catholic Dean of the Cathedral here says, ” Jackson is the buckle of the bible belt….and that tends to be a more conservative, orthodox, literal, fundamental apporach
    to Holy Scripture.” It is also shown that there is less questioning of pastors in the South on what they say are the fundamental principles; they don’t
    question their pastors. Bible minded for the survey meant that you read
    the bible in the last seven days and agreed strongly with the accuracy of the

    A professor of religioous studies at Millsaps College in Jackson, which is a
    Methodist College of liberal persuasion somewhat says teaching religion in Jackson is a “challenge”. He finds that students and the populace refuse to accept or are ignorant of biblical scholarship of the last 200+ years. He says
    that in Jackson and the South in general people “still read the bible with the
    same assumptions that ancient and medieval readers brought to the text.”
    He continued, “the tools developed by modern biblical scholars haven’t
    begun to be explored or exploited by Bible reders in Jackson.” Millsaps, unlike the public university Jackson State University and the private bible based colleges of Mississippi College and Belhaven, provides their students
    with the modern recent biblical scholarship which is critical of the older
    scholarship which establishes a conflict with the bible thumpers of Jackson and central Mississippi. Good for Millsaps, who makes the list of the best small colleges in the U.S. in the former U.S. News and Report special issues on the best higher education colleges in the U.S. But, the task is daunting
    and the results are before us politically, socially, economically, and culturally. It is a significant reason why Mississippi is usually last in most
    categories for income, health, education, etc.

    1. …in Jackson and the South in general people “still read the bible with the same assumptions that ancient and medieval readers brought to the text.”

      My friend, you have given our readers some excellent information about what we, as a nation, must face if we are to fully move ourselves into the 21st century! The information is stunning! Is it no wonder that the GOP is facing extinction [my latest post] considering that the party is filled with these ‘Medieval readers.’

      The link to the article:

      Stick in the Middle Ages and not even aware of it- that’s a sad and frightening reality for me. Not only are they unaware, but their ‘unawareness’ is enhanced every week by their equally dumbed-down pastors.

      The word pathetic does not even come close.

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