God Smiled on We, the People

It was a beautiful Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. yesterday- brillant sun, 40’s with a gentle breeze. God’s Plan worked perfectly for the 2nd inauguration of Barack H. Obama. What a glorious tip of the Divine Hat to our president.

Sadly, commentator on Fox quipped that it was the ‘worst day.’ What can you expect from those ‘unbelievers?’

God had other plans.

“We…the People,” the President often began a paragraph, referring to the 315 million citizens of this nation as he spoke.  After all, he is our federal representative. Giving a nod to the wide diversity of plants and animals in God’s Creation, the President strove to acknowledge the equally diverse set of human characteristics in His Creation- the wide variety of skin tones, languages and ethnicity that is represented among We, the People.

More deeply, the President pointed out other points of diversity of God’s Wonder. President Obama referred to Stonewall, Selma and Seneca Falls, locations of historic importance in noting God’s Plan of human diversity. What a blessing to note the Creator’s blueprint and what a sanctification of the Lord’s work that the President pointed to this awesome Design.

Even more noteworthy was the President’s benediction of the outcast, the poor, the foreigner- the very people that His Son, Jesus Christ, similarly uplifted during His time on earth.

Throughout his Inaugural Address, one often could recall the Savior’s instructions while preaching on the mount: Blessed are the peacemakers, the poor, the meek, those who hunger for righteousness, the merciful and the persecuted. It was as if, as in those who authored the Holy Bible, the Lord God guided the pen of our President as he wrote the words. Miracles abound!

Yes, God smiled on We, the People yesterday. Praise to Him!

Amen and amen.



28 thoughts on “God Smiled on We, the People

  1. “What a glorious tip of the Divine Hat to our president.”

    You blaspheme! Are you saying that this man from Kenya, this non believer,
    or this Islamic believer and sympathizer is marked for goodness, by God showing his pleasue upon him by changing the weather at the last moment from threatening snow and cold and holding it at bay until today?

    And, with my minimal knowledge of the bible, didn’t God Smile and provide good weather to those he smiled upon? The story of Noah and the end of the Great Flood comes easily to mind.

    And, for Fox news to announce that this is the “‘worst day'”, wouldn’t that
    be an anathema?..He/she is cursing the day that God made! Wonder how the fundies deal with that…I guess they just don’t let that bother them.

    1. How do the fundies deal? You jest! ‘Dealing’ is a sin unto itself as it relates to the witchcraft of a deck of cards!! Get thee to a church and fall on your knees lest ye spend eternity burning in Hell!!!!

  2. BTW, speaking of Fox “News”, have you heard the Dennis Kucinich has sold himself out for the big contract to become a political commentator for the

  3. Dadgum, sorry M_R, for taking up space. And, former Bush Secretary of State, Rice, has been hired by CBS to be an analyst. Walter Cronkite ought
    to be turning over in his grave! The news network that Cronkite established as the predominate trusted newes outlet, now hires an analyst with dirty
    hands on communicating foreign affairs to the American public. One is a breakdown of person honor, as with Kucinich, and the other is a break down of corporate honor wih the hiring of Rice. It will be interesting if Dan Rather will have a comment on the hiring of Rice by his former network He ought to, because Rice is a sybol of everything he and Cronkit stood against.

  4. The thing that sticks out in my head after reading Obama’s address is the omission of any reference to the banking and investment industry and really not touching of the economic battle that is being fought in America. I cannot decide it this is a good thing or a bad thing.
    There was much to like in the address. He certainly gave Conservative America their marching orders,,,,because he was for almost everything they was agin’ and you know they’ze jestabut agin everthang….

    1. Oh yes, there is gloom and doom in Conservativeville these days. And anger, lots of anger.

      Seems the ‘life’ they remember is fading away fast- too fast for most of them. Gone are the ‘good ole days’ when white men ruled, when women were in the kitchen, and where the coloreds knew their place.

      Poof! Gone.

      And a black president, too!!

  5. NON, I admit to indulging in a bit of facebook abuse…and I have reconnected with a lot of my Toledo friends….scattered all over the country, but many still there in Mudville. I keep up with Toledo cultural events…I have a lot of friends from the Toledo Museum of Art…Thanks for the link to another portal into Toledo.

    No matter how much noise the perpetually angry men and women who define themselves as conservative and libertarians make, America did re elect Obama for another 4 years. It seems to me that the opposition just gets more shrill and incoherent and in the process self destructive. I certainly have come about 180 degrees on my views on gun rights and the second amendment and it wasn’t the arguments of reason that moved me as much as the sheer insanity of the positions of gun rights advocates. They are doing more to destroy themselves and their credibility. Perhaps having Ted Nugent as a outspoken NRA Board member is pretty good thing.
    It’s almost redundant now, but I ran across a clip of Alex Jones ranting about how dangerous brains were…I’ll have to find it. It’s deadly hilarious.

    1. I wonder, Microdot, if future psychiatric fellows at the university will use the comments of these far-right wingers as examples of generalized episodic-psychotic behavior.

  6. MD wrote, “The thing that sticks out in my head after reading Obama’s address is the omission of any reference to the banking and investment industry and really not touching of the economic battle that is being fought in America.”

    Elsewhere MD wrpte a salute to the “…Toledo Museum of Art….

    As to the first quote that also has me wondering.,escpeciall with the Bands loarger now than in 2008. And, connected to the “economic battle”, to me the glaring omission was the need of a JOBS program. He talked about world help, and immigration, and climate change. But, not a word about JOBS!
    Just how is he going to do all that and maintain social security, medicare,
    medicaid and education with no money? Where’s the JOBS? In my humble opinion, he sould have centered on the economic and financial crises and called for a massive JOBS program akin to Eisenhower. Government has
    to provide the incentive. Force the GOP to vote on a credible infrasturcture JOBS BILL. Let them dare vote against it, I say. There is probably more
    victory in the long run for Dems by doing a JOBS BILL than will ever be
    achieved with anti-gun legislation, which is already looking less and less

    Have you heard the new slogan for the G O P = Guns Over People

    1. G O P = Guns Over People Not surprising at all because most agenda items of today’s GOP are [name] over people. GOP members of the House don’t give a rat’s ass about The People; rather, they care about their next re-election. Some Dems too, of course, but not as much anti-People agenda as the GOPers.

      But, not a word about JOBS!

      True, not a word. However, with the House controlling the purse, what can he expect to get from this tight-wads?

      1. I thought some Republican legislators put the brakes on a jobs bill once already. They added a bunch of stuff that made the bill impassable.

          1. All bills automatically die at the end of a Congress session. Any such bill
            would have to be re-introduced in the next Congress.

            Just a question, M_R, how can the GOP pass a resolution to block any bill for one Year? And, if you are talking procedural wise, well Harry Reid in
            the Senate has blocked GOP House Bills cosistenly. Of course, the
            President can block any bill with a veto or even just a threat of a veto.
            It’s tit for tat, my friend; not a dimes worth of difference in the end, is it?

      2. Come now, M_R, do U really think the Senate is going to pass a Gay Rights
        Bill or Climate Change or Bills to fund Medicare and Medicaid, or an
        assault weapons ban? Would you please get in the real world and not this leftist venting world, lol? And, we know, of course, elections have results.
        The American people elected a GOP House, and that’s the way it is, to
        copy our friend Walter. It seems to me that you and NON ought to get busy in the Latta District Democratic Party and figure a way to get a Dem elected or we will “grin and bear” a GOP House in 2116! How many votes did Latta defeat the Dem by?

        1. Latta beat Angela Zimmann 186,473 [57.24%] to 128,579 [39.31%]. She was one of his best challengers but, due to gerrymandering, Latta will be in office until death.

          1. “Latta will be in office until death”. Now, you see what we face down here
            in the South. But, I’m not giving up, and neither should you! First, if
            she is a good candidate, then she must keep running. Latta is constantly running for office. He, Congress, works Tuesday noon to roughtly Thursday noon, and the rest of the time they are back in their Districts campaigning.
            So, you need a consistent candidate who is campaigning every day, and
            with citizen ground support. She needs her own money, sorry to say but
            this is a requirement, about $250,000 of her own money to invest every
            two years. If not, wrong candidate, my friend. Then, lets say Marcy has
            left over campaign funds since she has a “safe” seat, ugh lol, Marcy needs
            to transfer those funds to the candidate. Then, it seems to me, the base has to be increased by recruiting District people into the Party. One base is
            young people 18-24-6, whatever. In my opinion we need to focus on the 16-18 group in high schools. In two years they will be voters, and the only perosn really talking to them is Latta. You would be very good at organizing
            young dems in the senior high schools. The GOP does, ergo base of up and coming supporters at election time. While we criticize relgion, church goers are still the majority and need to be educated. Need to find that church person who can remind the churches that they are christ-centered institutions, and be focused on the Sermon on the Mount. Sure, the gray hairs will not accept that message, per se, but the youth will be much
            more receptive. Just wringing our hands and saying it can’t happen, just ensures that it wont. One other suggestion is to print up a District Democratic Plan to hand out. Again, your good at that, lol… .You wouldnt mention Gay Rights say, but something like “we believe all people are created equal, maybe even drop the word “created” and just all people are equal under the
            Federal Constitution. Just generic points. How about, a military that is consistent with our position in the world! Maybe a little more on point with something that is very well supported as in End Income Inequality. Retore fair solvency to our entitlement programs, work to pass legislation for popular election of President.(No Amendment needed just a state law calling for it. I believe 11 states have already passed the law.) The alternative is to do nothing and watch the Legislature pass the Districts law. It ends gerrymandering on the Federal level. Moderate GOPers and Independents might be receptive as in 2020, egads, the Ohio Legislature could be Democratic and will do its gerrymandering. An education point.. a support of making immigrants who graduate from Colleges have greecrds or citizenship so they don’t build their business in India which hires 2,000 pople there and not here where they came to get their education. Where something is extremly commonsense and supported then list it, where its not then a general statement. Finally, become a District Dem Party recruiting machine. Get a business size card with where and when the montly meeting is held, and pass them out. Build the Party up, lol!!

        2. Parts A & B of Medicare are funded by payroll deductions and employer paid payroll taxes. I believe you have said you privately pay for Part C and the cost of Part D is shared by the insured and Federal Taxes.

          Medicaid is an entirely separate and different thing. That cost is shared by Federal and State Taxes.

          Also, S.S.I. (Social Security Insurance) is separate and different, but paid out of the Social Security Fund. That’s how Paul Ryan managed to attend the most expensive state school in Ohio at out of state rates.

          And I was going to suggest Mr. Mud do a column about Gerrymandering because I think many people don’t understand it’s ramifications or why it’s so successful. Some Republicans actually believe what the party bosses push, but I think many more Republicans only think they know what they “believe*.”

          * The mix up with Issue 2 is a prime example of fooling the voters. But then, that’s a whole other column for Mr. Mud to write.

            1. Sorry. I just notice that these subjects have only been touched on lightly here, but it seems some people don’t fully understand the issue. I know many people of both Political Parties and most only know, and hence believe, just one side of the issue. I don’t know how many “lurkers” you get on this site, but from the occasional post by new monikers it appears there are at least some.

              I look at true facts like a tree. One person reads it here, then tells another three people, and so on and so on. Pretty soon true facts are being discussed on the fringe blogs everywhere (imagine the confusion). I mean, just look at some of the crap Sepp* throws out there. Many people will use that to interpret the sound bite they just saw on the nightly news.

              It’s somewhat funny you bring that up though because right next to my keyboard is a list of subjects being discussed in the news that I think need closer exposure (more explanation with more facts). I’m always afraid of “hijacking” someone else’s blog**. Opps, did it again.

              * It’s fun to play with the dummies for a while, but it gets old. Do you notice that the fringe blogs go “cold” when people like you aren’t there stating true facts?

              ** The morning news today was getting repetitious so I changed the channel to FOX AND FRIENDS. I was considering going over to Sepp’s blog and asking him to clarify what was being discussed by those three idiots on TV.

              1. I have lurkers, to be sure, but I don’t know how many. This blog gets on average 150 hits a day, but not all of those are ‘reads’ of the recent threads. Two days ago I saw that people were reading this link http://militarytimes.com/blogs/flightlines/2011/06/17/go-big-or-go-home-no-seriously-go-home/ that was posted in an article written by Laci.

                Yesterday I had 125 ‘visitors’ and 60 ‘views,’ according to WordPress Stats. According to the daily stats, some of the older, favorite posts that get viewed almost daily are these:







              2. I’m always afraid of “hijacking” someone else’s blog**

                Not to worry, NWO. I’d enjoy reading your comments.

                Regarding your statement, a list of subjects being discussed in the news that I think need closer exposure (more explanation with more
                , you assume that visitors regard this blog as generally accurate with the facts. While my posts present the ‘facts’ surely the readers know of my political bias and that I often spin-off in a left-of-center direction. The question arises as to whether ‘they’ read what I post as truth or political opinion. The more astute readers know that both are present in the threads that I write.

  7. As you know, M_R, I would post but can’t seem ever to make the connection, lol…BTW, it has been in the 70s for the previous 3days, and
    in the 60s today…clouding over now at 4:00 and rain scheduled later, so
    probably a little cooler again….But, its a hell of a lot better than the O crap
    you have been having. Time to visit the Bible Belt? I noticed the freezing
    cold extends in an arc from the Kakotas down to TN and then back up the coast. To the west of that line, Montana is in the 40s, and Denver in the 60s.
    But, I’m sure, M_R, you can verify that there is no climate change…I mean, it’s cold in Toledo as it should be…..

    1. I’m sure, M_R, you can verify that there is no climate change…I mean, it’s cold in Toledo as it should be…..

      What I see convinces me, too, UtF! Why I just heard on FoxNews that…

      Update: cold today, snowed last night. That does it! NO GLOBAL WARMING!!!

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