Game Change and General Idiocy

The HBO special, Game Change, finally arrived in our mailbox after a lengthy stay in our Netflix queue. The film, based upon the book of the same name by political journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, expose [to those who hadn’t yet figured it out] the incompetency of Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Just a week ago the film won Golden Globe awards for casting, writing and directing as well as for Julianne Moore’s performance as Palin and best miniseries or TV movie. Wow!

Not surprisingly, hisses and boos rose up from the right-edge of the political universe condemning the portrait of their beloved living saint as a nincompoop. Of course, she was. Yet, millions of Americans were enamored by the performance of the real Sarah Palin and these were the very ones who dissed the portrayal of her in the film. Apparently they quite enjoyed the thought that ‘one of their own kind’ was fit for the Oval Office should McCain die or become incapacitated.

One of their own. Dumbed-down and proud of it. “Sarah! Sarah!” could be heard in the final minutes of the film as her supporters listened to the consolation speech of John McCain. How terribly embarrassing for this nation.

I recall many of the same bonded with GW Bush because they ‘could have a beer with him.’ A mile wide and an inch deep.

Sadly for the Republican Party many have set up permanent residence in the party. They will be there quite a long time due to gerrymandering. Here in my district there is quite the ‘accidental’ congressman representing me.  He’s there because of his father’s name, nothing more. He’ll be here till he dies, too.  None-too bright, always willing to accept political donations to do the bidding of the Corporate World, his devoted supporters are hoodwinked into ‘believing’ he is working for their best interest.

“Sarah! Sarah!”


13 thoughts on “Game Change and General Idiocy

  1. He’s the one who brought Michele Bachmann to Northwest Ohio for the annual Lincoln Day Banquet. His father at least brought in sitting Presidents. And after Mrs. Bachmann dropped out, his charges turned to Rick Santorum.

    I don’t know if I could watch that movie. It would just remind me that I voted for McCain, a mistake I’m still suffering through.

    And is there a better example of Gerrymandering than Ohio’s Fifth Congressional District where a whole bunch of democrats are now not represented?

  2. Now, gentlemen, did Ohio just pass an amendment to the State Constitution to remove the drawing of election boundaries from the Legislature and give it to a non-partisan group? How is that to work? What happebs in 2020?
    Will it be a meaningful change? Will the urban areas receive more representation? What is the urban/rural population of Ohio? 80/20?

    1. It was a typical issue put to a vote in Ohio. Lots of lies and confusion. The issue went down to defeat. And everyone in Ohio lost.

      Ohio has the second most “urban” centers, second only to California. If you look at the 2012 county by county election map you’ll see a whole lotta red. Obama carried the state, but won in only 16 out of 88 counties.

      1. What NWO suggests is that on a county map of the election, Ohio “appeared” starkly red. Luckily, we do not vote by congressional districts, although the GOP hopes to move in that direction in order to win Ohio ‘through the back door.’

        Remember the new motto of the GOP: win elections by hook or crook!

        1. Did you see how now they want to change the electoral college so that votes are distributed “proportionately”? Sounds good on paper until you realize that every state gets an additional two votes for their senators. This gives MANY rural states an advantage; And since almost all rural states go Republican, do the math!

          And you may joke about voting by congressional districts, but how long do you think it will take some Teabaggers to suggest that? (My guess is they have already submitted that idea.)

          I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but “beep-beep”. On my college entrance exam I scored a perfect on the math section. My spouse is a math teacher. One of our favorite games* is to see who can come up with the “mathematical” scam of the latest fringe voter scheme the fastest.

          * Sometimes we watch Fox News for fun to see how far fetched they are now.

          1. NOTE: The Republicans are heavily in favor because of recent gerrymandering of U.S. Congressional Districts by Republican controlled state governments.

            i.e. In the last election, Democrat candidates received more votes nationally than Republican candidates for EVERY branch of the U.S. Government. However, because of gerrymandering the U.S. House remains firmly controlled by the Republicans.

            SIDE NOTE: The Democrat controlled Senate has not passed a budget in over three years because of filibuster threats by REPUBLICAN Senators. And the President, a Democrat, does not pass laws; the Executive Branch in charged with enforcing laws passed by the Congress and Constitutionally approved by the Judicial Branch.

          1. Sorry, it did NOT. The ‘clever’ Sec of State attached a lengthy (2 full screens) and complicated description of the issue. Even more clever, it was assigned as the 2nd issue- the same place as the “vote no on two!” Of the 2011 election.

            Clever, that GOP!

            1. Getting the two issues mixed up was what sank it. And when I tried to explain the difference to people, I was accused of being anti-union. Huh?

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