The 4 G’s and the GOP

Guns, God and Gays are the three topics that, for the past several decades, have enabled the Republican Party to prosper. They have won over the gun owners by standing firmly with the NRA.  They have enticed Christians to the party by pretending to protect life and demanding prayers in public school.  They have drawn the homophobic by pretending to be a ‘family values’ party that respects traditional marriage.  Of course, things are not always what they seem to be.

In the past two presidential election cycles, the GOP has lost terribly, although, through gerrymandering, they have control of one body of Congress. Their current role is to disrupt and delay meaningful legislation put forth by others in our government. Odd ‘role’ for an equally odd political party.

Yet there is a 4th G that is overwhelming the Republican Party. By ‘overwhelming’ I mean tethering it to the past and causing it to fester and rot, like a half-sunk old rowboat. That ‘G’ is genetics. Genetics like XX chromosomes as well as the genetics of race and ethnicity. The old white buzzards squatting as party regulars dislike women, blacks and immigrants.  Genetically different. And a threat to their territory.

The demographic evidence of the shifting face of America only makes these old white farts more angry. Viz: Rush and his cadre of followers.  By excluding blacks, minorities, immigrants and the young, the GOP is signing its death certificate.  So be it!  In order to become relevant and viable as a political party, it needs a colonic cleansing. But where to deposit the fetid feces?


One thought on “The 4 G’s and the GOP

  1. If I hadn’t actually heard this with my own ears from a clip of her on Sean Hannity, I would have refused to believe she said it out loud.

    Ann Coulter:
    “If You Compare White Populations, We Have The Same Murder Rate As Belgium”
    “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem. It is a demographic problem.”

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