National Cathedral to Host Same-Sex Weddings

No doubt the oh-so righteous Christian fundamentalists are as angry as ‘heck’ to read CNN’s headline this AM: Washington National Cathedral to wed same-sex couples. ‘Darn it!’ said the most Holy Heaviness of Maumee.

Times are changing but not of course for the fundamentalists who remain mired in the 2nd millennium BCE. Who can imagine how this decision is affecting those most-righteous folks?  Surely everyone else is damned to Hell, but luckily,  not god’s chosen.



13 thoughts on “National Cathedral to Host Same-Sex Weddings

  1. Better check out your ark:

    “We need to remember that in the time leading up to the Flood what the rabbis teach about the last straw for God before He brought the Flood was when they started writing wedding songs to homosexual marriage and Jesus said that you’ll know the End Times because it will be like the days of Noah. There’s never been a time in the history of the world since before the Flood when homosexual marriage has been open and celebrated, and that’s another sign that I believe that we’re close to the end.” – Hate group leader Scott Lively, speaking yesterday on national Christian radio.

    1. I truly wish that those “end times” get here fast so that that character and the people who ‘believe’ him can get on that Jesus Spaceship and get the hell off of this planet.

    1. I’m at a loss trying to come up with something where religion is not the problem.

  2. At the same time, you wonder what exactly Obama is doing here. He picks Richard Bianco, a Cuban American openly gay poet to be the inaugural poet, which is a very interesting and bold choice and then to give the invocation, he chooses Pastor Louie Giglio, who is more incoherently anti gay than Rick Warren. Louie by the way is the son of the man who was the graphic artist who designed the Chick-fil-A logo….Talk about making peoples heads spin!

    1. Just googled Giglio. He makes Rev. Wright seem vanilla. It’s one thing to hold beliefs that are different, but to encourage violent action against those holding different beliefs is unacceptable.

  3. I just read that Giglio was cancelled…I mean after the flack they caught from Warren…twice burned? As far as I can figure out, he was chosen before he was actually “vetted’ on the basis of his stance and publicity he has received combatting child prostitution…It seems it was after the fact, and based on a piece in ThinkProgress that exposed Giglio’s extreme homophobic stance and quoted him extensively that rallied the LGBT Community to action. The administration acted in just a few hours to cancel Giglio. Now what?
    Next week, finally, Marriage for All, as it is referred to here will become the law of the land. There is a bog difference between enforcing religious belief and upholding the intent and letter of the constitution. Here, the conservative activist Catholic population is a minority and they are getting lambasted in the mainstream press for their opposition. One of the most popular satirical nightly news programs has been running a sketch of a group of militant catholics going to Paris for their last big protest this weekend….things have gone seriously awry….they two male members of the group seem to have “found” true love….but we have to see tonights episode to find out if they licve happily ever after….

  4. Okay in tonights episode the happy group of conservative provincial catholics are in a restaurant in paris, one gets up and goes into the restroom and sees two men embracing…he freaks out and the rest of the group comes in and one of the women has some kind of episode and has to be taken to the priest for a great take on The Exorcist…complete with head spinning….to be continued….this is prime time French TV…things degenerated with a video of an Australian performance artist with a “talking penis”. I guess we French are all as damned as damned can be…if this is so destructive, then why does this country have the highest birth rate in the western world?

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